Finding You Again

I'm Gem. Not Gemma. Don't ask, okay?
You can think I'm the big bitch, slut and attention seeker.
That's who I am to everyone. As well as Harry Styles sister.
Sounds great huh?
Not when I'm a bitch to them as well.
But they don't know the whole story. No one does. Apart from Horan.
He's back and everything's suddenly changing.


2. Same Mistakes


I smiled on the inside when my eyes met hers. None of us sad anything, I guess I wasn't the only one speechless.

Her presence had me weak at the knees and everything about her made me feel warm and tingly on the inside. 

I had figured out I was in love with her the second I stepped off the Irish soil and I arrived in the U.K for the auditions.

No matter what, I would always think that. To me, she would still be that bright eyed girl from way back. With that gorgeous smile of hers. 

I could see she had lost hope in herself whereas I hadn't. I was determined more than ever to get her to smile again. I wanted my Gemma so badly.

Because nobody compares to her. 

She's unique and she's going to be mine. 

Gemma finally broke into a smile and whispered,

"Hi Nialler."


After our re-encounter, Niall went inside and the other boys came to the doorstep with their suitcases.

None of them had heard my greeting towards Niall because they were busy getting their luggage out of the trunk of their car.

After being introduced to them by Harry, he left me and the boys alone as he went off to find Anne and dad. 

Liam said," So tell us about yourself, Gem." 

I didn't want to open up about my life story but the poor was trying to get a conversation going to avoid a awkward silence.

"You've probably read enough stories about me by the paparazzi," I replied.

"We don't always believe what they say," he shrugged. 

Niall butted in," Yeah I mean you don't look or act the way they write about you." 

I knew Niall wasn't trying to get the story out and he was just being the Irish gentleman he is but all the same I was slightly annoyed by his comment. Like I said, I didn't want to open up.

Yet I ended up muttering, "Yeah well, Harry doesn't think that."

I sighed. 

This was going to be a long day. 


It broke my heart to see her eyes hurt for that a second or so before she covered it up. How could Harry not know, that a bit of Gem was hurt, because he didn't give the love and affection of a brother? 

As the guys filed away, one by one, they gave her sad smiles. When it finally got to me, she looked up. This time she didn't look away and I stared into her beautiful, green eyes.  

"I want to help," 

I couldn't stop the words escaping my mouth as they came out pleadingly but her reply was more surprising than what I said. Man, she's full of surprises, isn't she? 

"You can try," she answered. 

The second those words came out of her mouth, she attempted at a smile and walked away, into the living room. 

As I stood there, shocked, realization hit me. This was a excuse for a invite. 


Just as I sat on the sofa, I fell deep into thought and mentally slapped myself.

I keep on making all the same mistakes.  

What is wrong with me today? 

Why do I keep on blurting my thoughts out? 

Is it because of Niall? 

As long as he keeps his mouth shut I have nothing to worry about, right? 

On queue, the news came on and I went numb. The last thing on my mind just made my day worse. There were knots in my stomach and I felt like I couldn't breathe. My ears were drumming and I couldn't make sense of happening.

Then, before I knew it, I was falling through a black hole.

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