Finding You Again

I'm Gem. Not Gemma. Don't ask, okay?
You can think I'm the big bitch, slut and attention seeker.
That's who I am to everyone. As well as Harry Styles sister.
Sounds great huh?
Not when I'm a bitch to them as well.
But they don't know the whole story. No one does. Apart from Horan.
He's back and everything's suddenly changing.


3. One Thing


I watched her as she sat there. I could see Harry doing the same from a distance. He cared about her, I could tell. I didn't know how much but I knew that he wasn't going to stand by and watch her get hurt, even though thats what he'd been doing for a year and a half. He might not know what was going on but he was still determined to keep her safe without anyone knowing.

I turned my attention back to Gem just as she, coincidentally, stood up. She had seen something. Judging by her facial expression, what she saw wasn't pretty. Probably the opposite.

I don't think she even noticed.

And out of the blue, she collapsed.


Where was I?

Didn't know didn't care.


Was I dead?

Hopfully, except I thought the afterlife would be a little more...Wow.


Or maybe I'm in hell.

Half of me was jumping with questions while the other hoped it was over.

You see, when Harry got famous, everyone around him suddenly got more interesting. Which meant me as well. I wasn't complaining. At first.

When they started asking personal questions about my social and love life. Things got complicating. The press found me curious so they started to followed me around and I freaked out. 

Some were so sweet that I thought I could tell them. So I did and what an idiot I was to do that. And guess what?

They put it in the papers, on the web and news. It was completely different from the story that I told. It made me look like a big whore and I was a international disaster. A joke for months. Even my own family thought that. I was someone for the world to pick on.

So what did I have to live for from then?

Luckily, Niall was there for me and he helped me out even though he hated me. I could rely on him so by the time he left he knew almost everything and we were pratically best friends. Almost. There was just one thing I kept from him.That I could tell no one...

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