Finding You Again

I'm Gem. Not Gemma. Don't ask, okay?
You can think I'm the big bitch, slut and attention seeker.
That's who I am to everyone. As well as Harry Styles sister.
Sounds great huh?
Not when I'm a bitch to them as well.
But they don't know the whole story. No one does. Apart from Horan.
He's back and everything's suddenly changing.


4. Irresistible



The tension and grief was getting to me and I felt a sour taste in my mouth.

Before Harry could see me, I rushed to the toilet and heaved. After I finished, I let my feelings get the better of me as I sunk down the wall to the ground in defeat.

I hated myself for acting so scared, especially when she needed all the help she could get. A tear slid down my cheek but I wiped it away, thinking of Gemma's pretty, terrified face. 

I unlocked the toilet door and went back into the living room. Harry wasn't where he'd been before. In fact, he was nowhere to be seen so it was just me and her. She was lying on the couch now. Curly probably moved her. 

I walked over to her and touched her soft cheeks. This was probably the closest I would ever get to her again.

She stirred ever so slightly before she slowly started to wake up. She fluttered her eyes open in a adorable way and, once again, I lost myself in her wonderful orbs. They were a mixture of green and blue. Irresistible.

Her eyes . Now, her eyes only carried sadness and a terrible story. That's what I saw.

Suddenly realizing I had been staring at her, the whole time, I looked away in embarrassment. There was a awkward silence.

Way to go for being so stupid, Niall. You did a good job at embarrassing yourself, how clever. 

Gemma interrupted the awkward silence. 

"Where is everyone?" She asked, puzzled. She got into a sitting position while she was talking. 

I shrugged as I took the seat next to her. 

"Dunno." I was a fat lot of help. Wasn't I? 

But, hey, she wasn't the only one confused. 

"What happened?"

This time I didn't have to act dumb as I explained softly to her. 

"You saw something that frightened you and you stood up. I don't think you noticed but all of a sudden you collapsed after. It must have frightened you a lot if you reacted that way.  Harry was watching you the whole time and saw you faint, don't you remember?" 

She shook her head but froze instantly, muttering something. 

"What?" I asked and Gemma looked me straight in the eye. 

"They're back."

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