Cry Me A River

Life has always been easy for 18 year old, Sami Brown. She's a straight A student and graduated from Richard Montgomery Highschool at the top of her class. She is offered to study abroad in england with her best friend Mitchi Grant. Sami thought she was just an ordinary girl,........ until she met Liam Payne.


5. Welcome

The car ride to the university was pretty long. We had about 5 minutes left until we got there. "That was the craziest plane ride ever. Don't ya think?" Mitchie said while elbowing my arm. I smiled remembering the feeling of Liam's kiss. "Why are you smiling? Are you thinking about you know who?" "Yeah, I am. Got a problem with it?" I said jokingly. "It's just so weird, but exactly how I imagined meeeting him. It was perfect." I said.  "Wow Sami. You're so cheesy." "So! Don't act so innocent! I saw you flirting with Harry!" I saw Mitchie's cheek's turn reddish. "No I wasn't, and were just friends. Why would he like me?" "The same reason that you said was the reason that Liam likes me. 'Cause were different." "Still, I don't like him." "Okay, Mrs. Styles." Mitchie punched me playfully in the arm.

The car finally turned and we stared up at the massive building that I guessed was their main hall. We kept our luggage in the car because the driver was supposed to take us to the dorms we were staying in afterward. We walked over to a group of other students that were also here for the tour. The tour guides said their welcome and moved us on so that we weren't blocking the enterance. We walked around for a while. They were showing us the different wings of the building and where everything was. We'd been walking for a long time and my feet were starting to hurt. A little while after, we got a small break, so Mitchie and I went to the bathroom. Luckily, the group had stopped next to one or it would have taken us hours to find one. I checked my phone. It was almost 10 pm here. I was super tired and couldn't wait to get to the dorm room and sleep. We had about 10 more minutes in the tour and we still had to set up our beds. It was gonna be a long night. I fixed my hair because it was a little messy from the plane ride. Mitchie did the same. When we were finished, we walked out and back torward the group. The tour started again in a couple of minutes. We saw the rest of the university and my feet were now killing me. The tour guide was finally giving her closing speech and I felt my phone vibrate. I ignored it so I could listen to what was being said. "Thanks for coming and enjoy your experience at the University of Manchester." After saying this, the tour guide escorted the group back to the enterance. Mitchie saw the car that was for us and pulled me over to it.

We got to the dorm within a couple of minutes. We got our stuff out of the back and thanked the driver. Mitchie and I gave him a tip and went into the dorm. Mitchie had stopped by the main office and had gotten the keys to the room during the tour.Our room was on the top floor. We got on the elevator and I couldn't wait to finally go to bed.  Once the elevator door opened, we sorta ran to the room trying to get the best bed. I didn't really care; I just wanted to win. I got there first, but I let her pick. It turned out that we had no other roomates, which we both loved. I set up my bed quickly, trying to go to bed, but we ended up talking."I can't believe were going to be living here in England! Just like sisters!" Mitchie squealed. "Yeah, I know right?" Just then I remembered about the text I had gotten and checked my phone. It was Liam. From: Liam's HOT- Hey beautiful. Just wanted to say good night and hope you love it here as much as I do. I laughed at what he put as his name in my phone. He would something like that. But the message self was super sweet and I loved it. I showed Mitchie and we started fan-girling together. she saw who the message was from. "Did you put that as his name? Sami! You're so naughty!!" "No! I didn't write that! Liam did, honestly!" "Oh! Okay!" Mitchie said sarcastically "Whatever. I'm going to sleep." I turned off the light and closed my eyes, but I couldn't wipe the huge smile off my face.

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