Cry Me A River

Life has always been easy for 18 year old, Sami Brown. She's a straight A student and graduated from Richard Montgomery Highschool at the top of her class. She is offered to study abroad in england with her best friend Mitchi Grant. Sami thought she was just an ordinary girl,........ until she met Liam Payne.


4. Thoughts

Liams POV

I couldn't that all this had believe all this had happened in one day. Sami is such an Amazing girl. She's just so different from other girls, yet the same. She was funny, charasmatic, sensible, and a little bit shy and secretive, which had made me want to know her more. She was like Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and I wrapped in one and I.

Sami was still asleep on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her even tighter being careful not to wake her. We had about an hour left in the flight. I really didn't want this to end. I haven't even known her for a day but I could tell I was falling for her...... hard.

Mitchie's POV

I awoke from the sound of Harry getting up to go to the bathroom. I looked back at Sami and Liam. They looked like such a cute couple. I could tell that they both had feelings for each other. It's so weird to think that someone as famous as Liam would like an ordinary girl like Sami, but I loved it. Sami had actually found someone that got her and made her smile which was something that was really hard to do. I knew Sami was happy with him and that was all that mattered.

Sami's POV

I woke up, but I didn't want to stop cuddling with Liam so I pretended to be asleep. I could hear Harry and Niall talking to him. "Hey, Harry, can you go and get me a cup of water from one of the flight attendants?" asked Liam, his voice low trying not to wake me, even though I was already awake. "Why can't you get it?" Said Harry. Liam pointed to me. Niall understood fiirst and I could tell he was gonna make a big deal out of it."Oh! So you want us to get you water, just so you don't wake up you're little girlfriend! Attention! Everybody, Liam has a crush on Sa-" Liam reached over carefully, trying not to wake me and put his hand over Niall's mouth trying to keep him quiet. I almost bursted out laughing when Niall licked his hand and he whiped it on Niall like a little kid. I couldn't take sitting there with my eyes closed, pretending to sleep anymore. I played it off by acting like they had woken me up.

We now had about 15 minutes left on the flight. I really didn't want it to end. This was the happiest I've felt in ages. I couldn't let it slip through my grasp. Liam and I talked a bit more about our future and little funfacts about ourselves. The time seemed to move really fast. The plane was already desending into the airport. On the bright side, we are in England!! I can't believe it! I shaked Mitchie awake and pointed out the window. It was beautiful with only a few clouds in the sky. The plane landed on the runway and we were allowed to get off. There was someone waiting for us to take us to tour the university. Liam and I exchanged numbers as I did with the rest of the boys. Mitchie also exchanged numbers with them. The driver that was taking us to the university was waiting so we had to hurry up our good byes. "Bye Liam. I had the best time on the plane." I said. "Yeah me too. We should hang out again.", He said, giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. My cheeks turned bright red. Liam smiled at that. I said a final goodbye at moved torward the driver. Mitchie said good bye to all the boys and moved toward the car along side me. We got in the car and waved bye through the window of the vehicle. I saw someone, who looked like one of their managers, come up to them directing them to a limo. The car turned the corner and I lost my view of the boys. It was weird because it felt like that was gonna be the last time I ever saw him. And I really hope it isn't.

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