Cry Me A River

Life has always been easy for 18 year old, Sami Brown. She's a straight A student and graduated from Richard Montgomery Highschool at the top of her class. She is offered to study abroad in england with her best friend Mitchi Grant. Sami thought she was just an ordinary girl,........ until she met Liam Payne.


6. Invitations

I woke up to my alarm which was set for 8 am. I was always an early riser so this is the usual time I'm up. I still had a little bit of jet lag, but  I didn't mind being a little sleepy. Mitchie was still sleeping heavily, so I let her be instead of torturing her by waking her up. I started to unpack all my suitcases. I took the left part of the closet leaving Mitchie the right half. It didn't matter though, because we shared our clothes with each other all the time. Sometimes I felt like she wore my clothes more than me.

After putting away most of my stuff, I realized  I was still in my pj's so I got my stuff and headed to the bathrooms to get ready for the day. The bathroom was co-ed and rather small. There were 3 other bathrooms on the floor that were much bigger. This one was the closest to our room and was basically empty the whole time I was in there. I checked the weather on my phone to see how cold it was gonna be. Though, of course it was gonna be cold; we were in england and it was almost winter. I put on my aqua blue, long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of grey jeans that I had ripped at the knee by falling on accident. I was playing American football with a couple of my friends a few months ago and I tripped, being the clumsy person I am.

I put on a little bit of eye liner and a little bit of greyish-blue colored eye shadow. I play alot of sports so I don't really wear a whole lot of make-up. I usually just borrow Mitchie's. I brushed my hair and left it down the way it was, without curling it or straightening it. I left the bathroom and went back to the room. I forgot to bring a key so I was hoping that Mitchie was awake. For what felt like half an hour, I was banging loudly on the door.


I heard a loud banging on the door. I tried to ignore it, but it wouldn't shut up. I put a pillow over my head blocking the noise. "Come on Mitchie! I know you're awake. I left my key! Come on, open the door!!" Sami said, pleadingly. I sluggishily got out of bed and moved towards the door. I unlocked it and jumped back into bed. "You do realize that you're gonna have to learn how to get up sooner or later, right?"Sami teased." "Yeah, I know, but I'm not going to do that until I have to. And next time, bring your key!!!!" I whined. "Okay I will. Calm down!!" "Hey, you look pretty. Are you going to meet Liam?!"I teased her; making kissy faces. "No, I'm not, but I'm in a new place and I can be any person I want. Why can't I look and fell pretty for once?" Sami said. "Very true, but if you're gonna look that 'smoking', we gotta go and show you off."I said sarcastically. "Wow, Mitchie......... just wow." Sami laughed and continued, "If we're gonna go out, you need to look just as 'smoking' so I don't take all the attention away from you." Sami said playing along with the stupid idea. "Okay. Just let me get dressed." I grabbed my stuff and practically ran to the bathroom.


While I waited for Mitchie to get ready, I finished the rest of my unpacking and started on Mitchie's stuff. I figured that sooner or later her stuff was gonna get out of hand with all the mess. She had to be the most disorganized person I knew, but I had to admit that she was getting better. After a while I remembered that I had brang my posters with me and got up to take` them out of my suitcase. I saw that Mitchie had brang all of her posters too, so I put hers up along with mine. By the time Mitchie had came back, you could barely see the walls. "Wow. Was I gone that long?" Mitchie said, still staring at all the posters. Just then, my phone buzzed. I picked it up off my dresser. It was Liam. From: Liam's HOT- Hey Sami<3 <3 Can I call u?? To: Liam's HOT- Sure and I like the name u put in my phone<3 XD From: Liam's HOT- I knew u would :) My phone started ringing and I just smiled at it like an idiot. I was just happy to hear his actual voice again, instead of one of the many recordings on my ipod. I answered the phone, my mood instantly lightening up. "Hey. How are you?" I heard him say with his cute british accent. "I'm fine. How about you?" "I'm good" "So, What was it you want to talk to me about?" I said trying to stop the awkward silence. "Oh, yeah. Well,.... we,...... me and the guys, if you and Mitchie wanted to go out and we .... show you around manchester?" Liam asked sounding super nervous. I could hear the boys laughing at him about how stupid he sounded. I liked him like this though; it made him seem more..... normal, like me. "Yeah sure. We'd love that!" I said excitingly not even asking Mitchie. "Cool! Let's meet at the park across the street in 10 minutes." "Yeah, Okay. We'll see you there. Bye." I hung up the phone. "Who was that?" Asked Mitchie. "Oh. that was Liam and the guys. They wanted to know if we wanted to hang out together . I already said yes." "Okay. Then we better get going!"

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