Cry Me A River

Life has always been easy for 18 year old, Sami Brown. She's a straight A student and graduated from Richard Montgomery Highschool at the top of her class. She is offered to study abroad in england with her best friend Mitchi Grant. Sami thought she was just an ordinary girl,........ until she met Liam Payne.


1. Big News

         "Sami, Pay attention! This is going to be on the test." My teacher yelled at me waking me up from my day dream. "Sorry Mrs. Walker. It wont happen again." I replied, feeling my face turn bright red from all the eyes staring at me. I quickly turned my head back to the worksheet on my desk.

         Finally, the bell rang saving me from waiting any longer. I practically ran down the hall and out the door of the school. I skipped over to the tree that I was supposed to meet my bestie at, Mitchie. I couldn't wait to get home because i had finally got my letter of acceptance to study abroad in London at the University of Manchester! Once she came over and was ready to go, we ran back to my house, not even waiting for the bus. Mitchie and I were going to bring our letters to school so we could open them together, but of course, being the forgetful person that I am, i left it at home.

        When we got to the house, we almost ripped it off it's hinges, trying to get it open, startling my mother in the process. "Sami! Mitchie! Be careful, you're going to hurt someone!" said my worried mom. "Oh, sorry Mrs. Brown it won't happen again." Mitchie replied preoccupied with looking for the letter in her backpack while I was running around looking for mine. My mom saw what saw what I was looking for and a sly smile creeped across her face. "Looking for this?" she said while waving the letter in her hand, like it was a flag. I lunged across the table for it, but missed since she pulled it away from me at the last second. "Nope. You can't have this until you finish your chores.""But, Mom!! I've been waiting all day!!" I whined, giving her the best pouty face I could possibly make.

      Seeing that it wasn't working, I grabbed the list of chores off the table and hurried to finish them. Mitchie said she help me since she wanted to open hers as much as I did mine. We decided that I would take out the trash and feed the dog and Mitchie would bring in the groceries. I ran while taking the trash out and almost dumped it all over the floor. That would've have been "great". After feeding the dog I helped Mitchie with the other groceries. Finally, we were finished. We were both out of breathe. "Well done." my mom said, looking amused. I didn't care. I snatched the letter from her hand. I waited until Mitchie got hers.

       We were literally holding our future in our hands. This was everything. So many things flashed through my head at once. If our Letters said no, we would go our seperate ways and attend our back-up schools, which was something that no 2 bestfriends should have to go through and was the part of the plan that we both dreaded the most. If our letters said yes, we would fly out to London ASAP and begin to start our careers and maybe even meet ONE DIRECTION!! Those boys have been my life for two years. Even though I loved all the boys, I've always had a soft spot for Liam. I dont know why though, I guess it was because I felt like we were so much alike which gave us a connection. Possibly meeting the boys was one of the reasons I had applied. Just then, my mom and Mitchie interupted me from my thoughts.

       "Hey, who knows, you might even meet one direction. Which one do you like? It's like Lewis, right?" My mom said trying to break the silence. "His name is pronounced Louis, mom, and no, I like Liam." I said, the annoyance in my voice clearly noticable. "Oh, right. Sorry......, Well open your letter!"

      Turning to Mitchie I said,"Okay, on the count of three, we both open ours together." "Okay. I ready." taking a deep breathe, we started counting together. " 1................2.........................3!!" We both ripped the envelopes off trying not to rip what was inside. We read the letters in our head simultaniously. She showed me hers. I had the biggest smile on my face........... WE WERE GOING TO ENGLAND!!!

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