Hypocrite Series

Mature Content. Threesome Situations. One Direction. M/F/M


2. Part 2

I don’t know how things got here. I looked down at my right hand, intertwined with Harry’s on the knob of his Range Rover’s gear shift. It almost made me sad. No, it did make me sad. How could I have done this to Niall? I mean I know we weren’t perfect, and he wasn’t exactly playing the faithful card right now either but I loved him. I really did. This thing with Harry, it was, reckless, and stupid and most definitely going to ruin he and Naill’s friendship. He didn’t care. There was no way I was going to let him throw away that friendship because I wanted them both. That’s it. Both. This will make it all better. I pulled out my phone,pulled up Niall’s number and quickly began to type.

X I know you’re really mad right now but I need you to meet me at The Bailey … please X

I put my phone back in my lap and realized we were stopped. Harry was staring at me wide eyed.

“What?” I asked.

“Why did you just text him to meet us at the hotel?” So he had been looking over my shoulder I assume.

“What are you up to?” he half smirked.

” I want you both, and this is going to be the only way to reconcile the situation I’ve created.” I stated flatly watching his mouth fall open. My phone vibrated.

X You know the only way I’m coming there is if Harry and I both get to fuck you, and then you leave and come home with me. No questions asked. Deal? - N X

My nipples instantly hardened.


“Well what did he say?” Harry asked quietly.

Harry’s POV

My phone vibrated.

X Deal’s on mate, fake break up plan worked, you’re smooth, how’d you talk her into it? I don’t like being mad at either one of you ya know. See ya in 10. - N X

“He’ll be here in 10.” Harry said in almost a whisper. I wasn’t sure if this was a great idea after all, I felt bad for lying to her, for setting her up like this. It was all a set up. From day one. Niall approached me about sleeping with her so he could sleep with other girls, but ultimately for me to talk her into a threesome. Well, now it was happening and I wasn’t so sure I was ready for this. I’m in too deep. I actually have feelings for her now. 


The room was beautiful. The walls were a gorgeous shade of burgundy with chrome fixtures everywhere. The bed was canopy style with black and burgundy silk sheets adorned with mounds and mounds of pillows. It was too beautiful to be destroyed with what we were about to do to it. 

Harry put our bags down by the door and walked slowly to the balcony running his fingers through his long curls. He looked out over the city and sighed. I checked my phone to see if Niall had texted me to let us know if he was here yet. My palms were sweating in anticipation. I hope I’m ready for this. It’s a big deal. 

Harry walked over to me and placed one of his huge, soft hands on my lower back.

“Are you ok? Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes, I’m going to fix this, we’re all going to be ok after tonight.” I said quietly. I leaned in to kiss him and he pulled away.

“We should wait for Niall, I don’t want to make him angrier.” he sulked.

There was a short knock on the door and Harry made two quick strides and opened it swiftly. Niall was standing there in tan chinos tucked in to his white supras, a white polo with a grey jumper over top and a grey flatbill hiding his almost now brown locks. 

“You gonna let me in yeah?” his strong Irish accent breaking the silence.

He walked in, quickly slamming the door behind him and making his way over to me. Looking back and forth between Harry and I he spoke again.

“This is how its going to work. I call the shots. I tell you both what to do. You either listen to me or I’m gone. Forever. I’ll quit the band and never speak to either one of you again. Get me?” he snarled. 

Harry and I both nodded in agreement.

“Take your dress off. Slowly” he said to me as he sat in the arm chair close to the telly, peeling his jumper over his head.

I pulled each strap down slowly and slid the dress from my body leaving me only in my black underwear and heels. I started to take them off when I heard a voice from behind me.

“No, keep the heels on.” Harry’s voice was low and full of lust.

“Shut up Harry.” Niall growled. “I call the shots, not you. Keep them on though, I like it.” he finally agreed. “Harry, take your clothes off too, and kiss her.”

Harry stripped out of his jeans, t-shirt and underwear leaving him naked next to me. He leaned in and softly placed a kiss on my lips, not knowing if he should use his tongue yet.

“This isn’t grade eight Harry, I said KISS her.” he sounded amused.

Harry deepened the kiss, parting my mouth with his tongue, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth. He placed one hand in my hair and the other on the small of my back right above the band of my underwear. 

I heard Niall unzip his pants and when I opened my eyes and looked past Harry’s shoulder I saw Niall stroking his already rock hard cock.  We locked eyes and all I saw was hunger. 

“Lay her on the bed and eat her pussy. I want to see why she came to you.”

Harry didn’t protest and pushed me backwards until the back of my knees hit the edge of the bed. I sat down and leaned back on my elbows watching Harry take my underwear off painfully slow. He never broke eye contact with me. He looked a little scared. Not that we haven’t done this a thousand times, but now Niall was watching. Analyzing. Getting off on how awkward this was for us. 

Harry got on his knees between my legs and hooked each one of them over his shoulder. I could feel his hot breath on my thighs. He kissed up each of them getting closer and closer to my wet opening. 

“Is she wet for you Harry?” Niall asked from the chair in the corner. “Touch her and let me taste it.” 

Harry ran two fingers along my slit getting his fingers soaked with my sex and sluggishly walked over to Niall. He didn’t know what to do really. Niall grabbed Harry’s hand and put both of his slick fingers in his mouth. 

“Just how I like it. I’m glad you’re so wet for him Ang.”

“It’s not just him Ni, you watching us is making me so hot.”

Harry walked back over to me and put my legs back over his shoulders. This time he didn’t even take his time but went straight for my clit. He looked almost feral. I cried out as his teeth grazed across the small bud and he quickly slipped his two fingers into me, curling them as he pushed upwards. Before I even had a chance to get used to his fingers, Niall was at my side with his hard cock next to me. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me closer to him. I licked my lips and opened my mouth for him. He wasted no time and slid all the way to the back of my throat causing me to gag. He pulled out and looked down at me. 

“This is what you wanted isn’t it? Now, suck my dick while Harry makes you come.”

Harry kept lapping and pushing and sucking causing me to moan while Niall was in my mouth. The vibrations alone should have sent him over the edge.

“Harry, stop. I want to fuck my girlfriend. Get up here so she can suck you off.” Niall breathed.

Harry got up slowly leaning up to kiss me so I could taste myself on his lips. As soon as he moved, Niall leaned down to kiss me too. He always wanted to taste me. He said I was his favourite flavour.  Harry brushed my cheek with his hand before pushing into my mouth and letting his head fall back on his neck.

Niall licked his hand and rubbed it over the tip of his cock before lining up with my entrance. He lifted my left leg up to his shoulder and pushed into me slowly, letting Harry see him enter me. I moaned onto Harry’s dick as Niall filled me all the way. Harry’s eyes got wide from the sensation along with watching Niall fuck me. 

“Oh shit Ang, you’re so good.” Harry whispered.

“She is right?” Niall grunted.

Niall picked up his pace. 

“Harry, fuck her mouth at the same pace as I’m fucking her. I want her to remember this.”

Harry picked up speed as well gripping my hair tighter and thrusting into my mouth with the same urgency as Niall while he was fucking me. 

I could feel my insides start to bubble, I was going to come and Niall knew it. He looked me in the eyes and I knew he was close too. Harry’s breathing was starting to get rapid and I knew he was ready. 

My orgasm ripped through me like a fucking freight train as i groaned onto Harry’s dick. As soon as he felt my throat’s vibration he came too, spilling down the back of my throat pumping fast into my mouth while swearing obscenities. Niall looked over at Harry coming in my mouth and felt my walls pulsing around him, he came hard and fast, spilling everything he had into me. 

Harry pulled out of my mouth and sank to his knees on the floor, placing his forehead on the bed next to mine. “I’m sorry” he whispered low enough for Niall not to hear him.

Naill pulled out of me and lay his head on my stomach kissing it softly. 

“I’m sorry Ang. I’m sorry I’m such a twat. I love you ok? No more of this. No more Harry, no more Cassie or anyone else. Just me and you. That’s it. Ok?” he murmured into my skin. 

Harry looked at me with hurt in his eyes as I said Ok back to Niall. I felt bad, but I had to stay with Niall. It was how it was supposed to be. I wasn’t going to give up everything we had even though it was bound to fall apart again sometime.

Niall got up and started getting dressed, Harry made his way to the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on.

“Get dressed Ang, we’re going home.” Niall spoke as he was slipping his jumper back over his head.

We walked out of the hotel room hand in hand, leaving Harry alone in the shower to mull over the nights events.

As Niall was putting my bag into the trunk I pulled my phone out and quickly texted  Harry.

X I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad, I had to leave with him. It was part of the deal. You’re amazing, don’t forget that. <3 X

I put my phone in my lap as Niall started the car and put it into drive.

X I knew what the deal was the first time I fucked you Ang. It was ALL part of this deal. Everything that has happened up until right now. It was all part of the deal. He knew what he was doing from the get go. Call me later, I don’t want to be done with you. - H X


I looked over at Niall as he slipped his hand into mine watching a smirk spread across his face.  He did it. He got everything he wanted. He won. Harry was just the pawn.

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