Hypocrite Series

Mature Content. Threesome Situations. One Direction. M/F/M


1. Part 1

I waited to hear the water for the shower turn on in the bathroom and the glass door slide open and shut before I picked his iPhone off the bedside table. It had already beeped twice since he’d been in there.  It couldn’t be one of the guys, he just spent all damn day with them. It beeped again while facedown in my hands. I didn’t want to flip it over, it just happened. 

 Xx why arent you responding to me ni?  - Cassie

Cassie? Who’s Cassie? 

I should have just left it alone right there, but I went back and looked at the others. Biggest mistake I could have ever made, besides deciding to date Niall Horan from One Direction of course. Again? He’s doing this to me again? How did I get here? We’ve been together for 2 years. 2 years.  He thinks I don’t know about the late night phone calls, texts, staying at the studio until all hours of the morning. I caught him a year ago messing around with a girl who’s brother was on stage crew for the American Tour with Big Time Rush. He swore it would never happen again, that he just missed me so much and he was lonely. I believed him. And now he was in the shower in the flat that we shared together while I sat on our bed reading text messages from another woman telling him how much she missed his cock.  I was fucking done. 

I grabbed my suitcase from the double closet we shared and started ripping everything off the hangers and just throwing things into it. I was trying to get as much done before he finished his bathroom routine.  I was crying and packing when I heard him clear his throat. I turned around to see him standing in the doorway with his arms across his chest. 

“What are you doing?” he asked almost laughing.

“I’m done Niall, I’m out. I can’t do this anymore. I know about Cassie, I know about the others, I just can’t allow myself to be a part of this anymore. “

“Are you fucking kidding me right now Ang? You’re serious? “ His tone turned from playful to angry as he walked over to me grabbing my suitcase out of my hand.

It fell to the hardwood floor with a crash and I just stared at him in disbelief. 

“ I’m done Niall, I’m done. I/m not in love with you anymore. I haven’t been  for a while. I’ve been making myself  try to but I cant. I will always love you but I can’t do this anymore. I can’t pretend. Pretend you’re faithful to me when I know you’re not.” I said slumping down in the closet doorway. 

“Angie don’t do this please.” His tone now soft and pleading. 

He leaned down and picked my crumpled body off of the floor and carried me to the bed, laying me down softly on the bedspread we picked out together last fall. He crawled onto the bed beside me stroking my hair as I cried into his chest.

“You love me, I know you do. I love you too. You know they don’t mean anything compared to you. I’m just stupid and lonely when you aren’t with me. Please. Let me love you, let me make it better.” he spoke softly as he ran his hand up my stomach to my breasts. I moaned beneath him, partly out of annoyance but partly because I needed him to touch me. I needed him to make this ok, to make me feel better, wanted, needed, loved.

He kissed me softly, waiting for my reaction. When I opened my mouth to kiss him back, he took it as an invitation to make this real. He pulled me closer to him and crawled on top of me, sitting me up slightly so he could pull my dress over my head.  He unclasped my bra in  one swift motion throwing it onto the floor. 

He attacked my breasts with his mouth, nipping and kissing at the exposed flesh. He always knew what to do. My body ached for him.  

My phone went off on the table “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s belted out. HARRY, SHIT. I reached to silence it but Niall got it first.  A very confused look on his face. He accepted the call but didn’t speak.

“Ang? Are you there? It’s me, Hello? Have you left yet? I’m in the parking deck waiting. Check in at the hotel is at 10, hurry. I miss you.” 

“She’ll be out in a minute mate, Don’t fucking worry.”  Niall growled low into the phone hanging up and placing it softly back on the bedside table.

“Don’t love me anymore aye Ang? Upset with me talking to other girls ininit? Trying to make ME feel like I’m the cheating asshole, letting me fuck you one last time…Tell me, were you going to tell Harry if I fucked you tonight before he did? Would you let him taste me on your fucking cunt? Get the fuck out. I cant believe I was going to try to make you stay. Fuck you. I’ll deal with him later. He’s waiting for you in the deck. I’ll send your stuff over to the Parks hotel. Stay there. Do not come back here. Ever.”

I just stared at him. I didn’t know what to say. I had been sleeping with Harry for as long as Niall had been cheating on me. I couldn’t even apologize. I wasn’t sorry. I got off the bed and put my bra on along with my dress.  He came over to me in two quick strides pinning me back down to the bed.  He put his hand in between my legs and touched my slit. 

“Fucking wet are you? Because I’m touching you or because you’re thinking of fucking him in an hour?” 

He pushed my underwear aside and thrust two fingers deep into me causing me to cry out. 

“Fuck Niall” I breathed. Why was I so tuned on?  I should be feeling awful right now, but I was so hot for him I didn’t know what to do. He fucked me ferociously with his right hand, staring me in the eyes the whole time. I was going to cum. I knew it.

“I’m going to come Niall, really…shit” As my walls clamped down around his fingers, He just smirked at me.

“Remember that I made you come first tonight, not him.”  He got off the bed and stalked back into the bathroom slamming the door.

My phone rang again.

“Hello?” I barely breathed into the phone.

“It was him who answered wasn’t it?” Harry sighed into the receiver.

“Yes, I’m on my way out.”

“See you in five, and you better not smell like him.”

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