I am confused ~ Demi Lovato

Imaging your self: One day you're an angel sent from heaven, and the next day, when you are trying to tell what you are thinking about something, so you are still an angel, just sent from Hell. That had I been through, for about 8 years ago. And see me now, I'm a pop star. But my life isn't better or easier then yours. My life isn't perfect, but you have a great life, where you just can be yourself, and you know be ... FREE!
But I can't. Do you want to know why? OK, listen here ...
Dansk: Dette er min første movella på engelsk, og vil rigtig gerne bede jer om ikke at dømme mig for hårdt.
English: This is my first movella on english, so it would be great, if you don't judge me to bad! Have a great day! <3


1. Here we go again

Here we go again - Demi Lovato


How shall I start my history?

With 'Once open a time'?



Oh.. Yeah, that wakes sense.

But how shall I so do it?

OK, I know it now.


The past in present! SHORT:

It's my 15 birthday.

My parents sucks, and I leave.


The past in present! LONG:

“Uhm.. Mom, dad? I have to tell you something.” I looking at them, and I can see that they are waiting for me to continue.

“You must to sit down.” I say it slowly.

They go over to the couch, and I'm gonna sit down in the chair.

I look at them again, and now the are looking nervous.

“I had just talked with my boyfriend, and he had just asked me out. You know, on a real date. And I would just ask about, that uhm..” I couldn't be done, because of my dad, who is standing up now.

He looks really angry.

His nose looks really weird, it pushed up and down, up and down.

I want to laugh at my own miss understanding, but I can't, it would be bad timing if I did.

And you know exactly why.

Or is it just me?


Good, it's nice to have just some people, on my side, for just ones.

I really hate myself right now.

Or no.

I hate my dad.

Or shall I say Jail.

Haha. Yeah, his name is Jail.

And yeah, he must be in there.

And he must to be there forever.

He isn't a good person.

He is really mean, and I mean REALLY mean.

You don't know what he had done to me.

But I can say, that I isn't virgin any more, and it is his foul.

Yeah, you heard me, it is him who my freedom, and my first time, with a boy I really like, and I don't like him.

I don't want to say his name again in my whole life.

Mind me on it, if there is anyone who's asking. Please, will you do that to me?

Thanks sweeties.

You are the only one, I can trust.

And you are the only one who gets to know what there had been between me and him.


Great, thanks.


Before I could say something, he has already yelled “You're not going on that date!”.

Here we go again, he is pissing me of.

He can't talk to me like that.

I'm his daughter, what is he thinking about,

Oh, sorry I forgotten.

He never think.

Yay, not at all.

Ha ha.

And I mean it.

Maybe you are confused, but don't worry, I am too.

I am tired.

I am going up to my room, and punching the door, so my “parents” can hear it.

Yay, I don't like them, so that's why I'm doing this “!!


I am so confused!

I want to call someone, but I don't know who!

I can't call someone from my family!

Or can I?

No, that will not be good.

Can I call my boyfriend?


OK, so I'll do that!

I find him under my contacts, and here he stands.

Yeah, so you maybe know what there is coming.

Do you not?


You are really not smart.

OK, so I shall tell you.

I am calling him and he takes his phone and starts with a hallo.


The Talk:

Me: Hello!

Boyfriend: Why are you calling?

Me: Because I want to ask you about something.

Boyfriend: What do you want to ask me about?

Me: I want to ask you about, I can live with you?

Boyfriend: Sure. How long time?

Me: Thanks sweetie. I don't know how long time, but I think that is gonna be long time.

Boyfriend: If you say so. But I have one condition.

Me: What?

Boyfriend: I want to hear why.

Me: Sure sweetheart. I shall tell you it all.

Boyfriend: Great. Where shall we meet?

Me: Can we meet with London eye?

Boyfriend: Sure we can.

Me: See you soon sweetie.

Boyfriend: Yes we do babe.


I have sneaked me out, so my parents do not know that I am waiting here with London eye right now.

But something is saying me, that they soon will know.

Not that I am here, but that I am gone.

He shall be here soon, I am freezing.

Oh... There he is.

I am running over to him, and I am locked to his arms.

I am feeling like I never will let him go.

He is mine.

And he is helping me.

And if there is one thing I know about us, is it that we are loving each other so much, that we shall do what we can, to make each other happy.

If it so mean that we must to go from each other, so it is that.

I really love him, and I know that he loves me back, I can see it in his eyes.

He can probably also see it in mine, but that is because we know each other.

I love to be with him, he is so perfect.

He is mine.

And I have never said it before now.

Because it have never been like this before.

It is also a bit different this time.

Now I have problems, and Jake can help me.




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