Isla’s back.
Join Isla as she struggles through life at the local “orphanage” and as she tries to uncover the truth about what’s really going on there.


2. Chapter 2.

I get to the invisible bridge. I look around to see if anyone is looking. No one is, so I cross over to the island. I knock on the door to our hut.

“Password.” Brian says.

“I have something cool to tell you.” I reply.

“Close enough.” The door opens and closes once I’m in. “So, news?”

“I’ll tell in a minute. Since when have we had a password, Brian?”

“Umm... Umm.. Never I guess... Tell the gossip.”

“Right, I took Jake to the cupboard and he went in. He came out five minutes after and he looked a bit shocked, but he told me it was empty. Then I hid in the alcove and waited for him to pass. And he said “A cupboard full of dead bodies.” Then my foot slipped and I jumped down, said “Boo!” and came here.”

“Woah, slow down. Dead bodies? In a cupboard? Cool!” Brian shouts.

“Guys we have movement!” Chrissie is over by our tech area. We set up cameras throughout the whole building for when we prank someone. “Mrs Savvy is moving towards her car. She’s in the car.” We gather round the screen.

“It’s live in the building.” Mae says. We also hooked up three screens to turn on and broadcast our pranks live from an undetectable source.

“The engines on. And three... two... one...” The balloon fills with exhaust fumes then it bursts. Mrs Savvy falls out of the car door. She’s screaming.

“Brilliant.” Brian says. “Best prank of the year.”

“What about that one you pulled on Mrs Cliket? That was pretty funny.” Mae says.

“True, true.”

“What we gonna do about the cupboard?” Says Chrissie.

“I dunno, what is a bunch of kids supposed to do about a bunch of dead guys in a cupboard? Hmm, let me think about that whilst looking at my crystal ball to predict tomorrow’s weather.” Chrissie slaps him across the back of his head.

“I’m being serious you idiot. What do we do! Call the cops?” Chrissie starts getting mad.

“Chill pill woman. I think we should just investigate it ourselves. After all, Jake might’ve said that to make us want to look.” I slap him this time. “Ouch. What is it with woman and sticking up for “cute” police officers?” Chrissie, Mae and I exchange looks.

“We’ve never said he’s cute...” Mae says. “But he’s not! Not one bit.” She goes red.

“Yeah, Brian. We’ve never said he is cute.” Chrissie replies.

“I... Uhh... Well... Umm... Well this is awkward...” Brian walks away.

“So, the cupboard full of bodies? Anyone up for a look?” I say, trying to defuse the tension. Then the bell goes off. “Darn!”

“Midnight walk-about anyone?” Chrissie says.  

“Yeah, meet outside the cupboard at midnight. Bring food!” Chrissie, once again, slaps Brian. “Ouch! Jeesh, honestly woman.” I laugh. “You laughing at me? That’s so... So... so...” He starts to fake cry. He’s imitating Chrissie, when she gets upset about something like when her mascara fell on the floor. Terrible days.

“Shut up you dumbo.” Chrissie says.

“That’s it. You’re so joining the bunch of people in the cupboard tonight.”

“Ooo I’m so scared.”

“You will be.” He walks to her and pecks her on the cheek then runs off.

“Ah, boys, so stupid yet so... Nah, I can’t think of anything good to balance this sentence.” I laugh.

“We should go. I have “cleaning” to do.” I say.

“Cleaning? Or is that just a cover?” Mae says.

“Cover duh. Let’s go.” We walk out of our “hut” and back over the invisible bridge. Down the road back to the school it starts raining. Cursing under her breathe Chrissie starts to run towards the building. Mae and I exchange looks for a minute then run with her. We get into the entrance hall. There’s loads of single people and couples sat waiting to start the interviews. We run to our room and dry off. I pull off my soaking hoodie and pull on a white cardigan. We walk downstairs together until we are separated into an interview room. A middle aged couple enter the room and sit down. She’s really pretty and he looks like the business type.

“I’m Mr Clark, this is my wife, Mrs Clark.” He holds out his hand. I reluctantly shake it. A handshaker? Darn. “Tell us a bit about your self.”

“My name is Isla. I’m 12 today. I’ve been here a year. My best friend and her 8 month old brother came here four months after me and yeah, that’s pretty much it.” I say. Mrs Clark smiles and Mr Clark frowns.

“I love your name, Isla.” Mrs Clark says.

“I like your dress.” I say. She can adopt me. But he can’t. He’s way too serious. A buzz signals our time is up. You don’t get long for an adoption interview. They walk out. Another couple enter.

“Hi, I’m Mr Parks and this is my wife, Sarah Parks.” He holds up his hand. High-five? I high-five him and he smiles. Sarah smiles too. “You, know, you’re one of the only children to have known that was a high-five.” Brian and Chrissie would’ve got that. “I, well we, were thinking of adopting two or three of you.” Darn, why did he not say four! “And I definitely think you’re one of them, any special requests of who you would like? You’re the first one we’ve seen today.”

“Chrissie.” I say without thinking. Now who? Brian or Mae.

“Anyone else?” Sarah says. “Unfortunately we aren’t looking for any boys.” Brian.


“Chrissie and Mae? Lovely, oh and tell us a bit about yourself.” I had my regular speech ready, but I like these people.

“I’m Isla, my family was Italian, I like animals and I love high-fives.” They smile.

“We’ll go and meet Mae and Chrissie then fill out the paperwork. We’ll be back soon.” They leave. It’s so annoying that we finally find a great couple and they’re not interested in having a son. Poor Brian. I turn around and look outside the window. Brian is waving at me as a man takes his suitcase. Brian must’ve been adopted. That’s great; I don’t feel so guilty about leaving him now. Chrissie’s going to be so upset though. Oh well, at least we’re going to be adopted. Mae and Chrissie start banging on the window. They’re jumping up and down and hugging each other. I stand up and walk out of the room to them.

“Oh my gosh! We’re finally getting adopted!” Mae says. Mr and Mrs Park walk back in.  

“The paperwork is done.” They smile. “Come on then girls, let’s get you home.” We walked out of the building and into the car park. “This is going to sound weird but we own the white van over there.” Chrissie, Mae and I exchange looks. “I’m just kidding! Don’t worry, we own a nice little car. Well it’s a seven seater.” He says as we round a corner.

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