Meet Me in the Meadow

Dreams are like fireflies. You have to catch them in order to see the beauty, but once they stop lighting up, they die. That sums up my life. An eighteen year old girl, who sits alone everyday in the same spot wondering what to do with her life. If anyone wants to save me from ending it, tell them to meet me in the meadow. I bet you no one will show up.
*One Direction Story* Please read! :) xxx


5. The Death Of Me

I crept around on the creaking floorboards, until I saw him. An angry scowl on his burden of a face. A beer in one hand, and a balled up fist in the other. I swallowed my tears though, as the only way I will get through this, is if I stay strong.

 "Where were you?" He growled, getting closer to me.

 "I was out." I said bluntly, taking a step back.

 "I thought we had an agreement that you come home right after school." He hissed, as his cold hand slapped me on my pale cheek.

 "I'm sorry, it wont happen again!" I shrieked, before I fell to the ground from him kicking me behind the leg.

 I finally let the tears spill from my eyes, as he smirked evilly at me.

 "You are such a coward, just like your mother." He chuckled, anger boiling inside of me.

 "She was not a coward! YOU are the coward! Taking your problems out on your own freaking daughter!" I yelled, getting back up to my feet.

 He grabbed my neck, his breath smelling of beer and smoke.

 "Don't you dare, EVER, talk to me like that! Do you hear me!?!" He screams, slamming me against the wall.

 I yelp, ferociously shaking my head up and down. I slide to the ground slowly, before he kicks me right in the head, making it throb in pain. Blood comes dripping out of my nose, as he angrily walks away up into his room. I look carefully at myself, a bruise on my leg and side of head, blood dried on my face and shirt, and a few small cuts on the side of my forehead. Tears were spilling down my cheeks and into my hands as I caught them freely. I reached into my pocket, pulling out the phone number that I so desperately wanted to call. I am scared though. What if he gets mad at me for lying to him? What if he doesn't want to deal with an emotional wreck like me.

 I quietly open the front door of the house, and carefully slip out into the night. I ran, as fast as I could, until I reached a bus stop bench by a gas station. I took deep breaths, before I decided then to call Harry. The phone rang, until a groggy voice answered. 


"Hi. It's Amelia." I whispered, the cold causing me to shiver.

"Oh, hi! What's wrong? You seem startled, and upset." He asks me, concern showing in his voice.

"Could you come to me? I'm at the gas station by Caldwell street." I shivered, rubbing my legs together to create friction.

"Sweetie, why are you at a gas station?"

"My father...he..." I stuttered, which caused me to start to cry.

"I'm on my way." He says, hanging up the phone almost instantly.

 I curled myself up on the bench, my breath showing in the air. This was very much the death of me.

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