Meet Me in the Meadow

Dreams are like fireflies. You have to catch them in order to see the beauty, but once they stop lighting up, they die. That sums up my life. An eighteen year old girl, who sits alone everyday in the same spot wondering what to do with her life. If anyone wants to save me from ending it, tell them to meet me in the meadow. I bet you no one will show up.
*One Direction Story* Please read! :) xxx


7. Staying with Styles

 His flat was beautiful. The cream coloured walls with a spacious living area. The carpet was a soft blue and the kitchen was fairly large, with a island counter to eat at. There were three bedrooms and a full sized bathroom, with a Jacuzzi.

 "This place is...awesome!" I gasped, causing him to chuckle.

 He put me down on his bed in his bedroom. The walls were a light baby blue, and his bed spread was a light chocolate brown. I looked in Harry's direction, and stopped dead in my tracks. There he stood, without his shirt on. Okay, Amelia, stop staring! You look like a creep! But he is just so perfect inside and out! STOP IT AMELIA! TURN AWAY! 

 "Like what you see, eh?" Harry teased, me throwing a pillow at him.

 "Whatever you say, Styles." I snickered, laying down on my back.

 He walked over to me, carrying a wet cloth and some bandages. 

 "Let's clean you up, okay?" He smiled.

 He carefully wiped the blood from my nose, causing me to grimace in slight pain. I quickly took his hand, and squeezed it as hard as I could. He then slid his fingers in between mine, interlocking them. I blushed like crazy, but he didn't notice. Thank God. 

 "There, all done. It wasn't that bad was it?" He asked, putting the cloth in the sink to wash it.

 "No." I whimpered, causing him to laugh a little.

He led me out into the living area, and plopped us down on the couch. He got a big, fuzzy blanket, and covered us both with it. I snuggled to his side, him putting his arm around me. He turned on the TV, hoping to find a movie we could watch. We ended up watching Toy Story, as it was the only movie that was on.

 "My band mate, Liam, this is his favourite movie." Harry smiled at me.

 "Really? That's kind of funny." I giggled.

 Throughout the middle of the movie, my eyes started to get real heavy. I closed my eyes, and lied my head on his shoulder. I was just about to fall asleep, when I heard the bang of the front door opening, which startled me half to death.

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