Meet Me in the Meadow

Dreams are like fireflies. You have to catch them in order to see the beauty, but once they stop lighting up, they die. That sums up my life. An eighteen year old girl, who sits alone everyday in the same spot wondering what to do with her life. If anyone wants to save me from ending it, tell them to meet me in the meadow. I bet you no one will show up.
*One Direction Story* Please read! :) xxx


49. Graduation Day


  Today is the day I have been waiting for. Today is the day that I graduate. I walked down the school hallways, passing the other seniors in their cap and gowns. I got to my spot in line to cross the stage to get their diplomas. Personally, I am nervous. After this, I am an adult and I have so much more responsibility. At the same time, I cannot wait to get out of here. I remember when Senior year started, I was an emotional wreck. I couldn't function. I thought I was worthless, and that I had nothing else to live for. Things changed ever since Harry arrived. He was the sunlight to the shadow that constantly hovered over me. He is beautiful, and I am so happy he found me in the meadow that November day. 

  I snapped out of my thoughts, when I felt a warm hand touch my shoulder. 

  "Amelia, I'm sorry for hurting you. I really wanted to let you know before we graduate, since you were the first one to reach out and talk to me. I was a jerk, and I should have respected your wishes. I am so sorry." The boy cried, wiping the lone tear from his eyes.

 I finally looked up to see Mason, his eyes a light pink from the crying, and his shaggy brown hair was sticking to his forehead. He looked like a mess. I reached my hand up to his forehead, and shook up his hair a little, which caused a small chuckle to escape his mouth.

  "You are my only friend here, Mason. Of course I forgive you." I replied, wrapping the tall boy in my arms, him returning the hug. 

  " ready to graduate?" Mason asked, as we walked closer and closer to the stage.

  "More than ever, but at the same time, I am so scared." I smiled weakly, shuffling forward an inch.

  "Why are you scared?"

  "Because, High school was basically a living hell for me. I don't even want to know what the real world is like." I gulped, as we were basically next to walk on stage.

  "Don't be scared, you will do just fine!" He yelled back, as he was being led out on stage.

   I could hear the applause and the little whistles coming from the audience, Mason's face lit up like a Christmas tree. Seeing a smile on my friend's face made me smile. 

  "You're next." An old lady said, guiding me backstage.

   A small bead of sweat formed on my forehead, but I quickly wiped it off. I can do this, I know I can. I took three deep breaths, as I walked out on stage. The audience was completely silent. I was so nervous I could practically pass out. The Principal announced my name, and handed me my diploma. Suddenly, a roar of applause erupted throughout the auditorium. I pointed out Harry and the boys as well as Katie screaming in the audience. I noticed a sign in the back too, but it wasn't from any of the boys. It was from a group of freshman. It said, "Never lose hope, Amelia. We look up to you". Tears streamed down my face, as I quietly ran off the stage. Katie was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, but I shoved right past her.


  "Where are you going?" Katie yelled, waving her hands at me.

  "Tell Harry I will be back soon. He will know where I am!" I yelled, as I ran out the school doors.


   The wind hit my face, as I ran through the trees, my mind completely free of all thought.

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