Meet Me in the Meadow

Dreams are like fireflies. You have to catch them in order to see the beauty, but once they stop lighting up, they die. That sums up my life. An eighteen year old girl, who sits alone everyday in the same spot wondering what to do with her life. If anyone wants to save me from ending it, tell them to meet me in the meadow. I bet you no one will show up.
*One Direction Story* Please read! :) xxx




   Hey guys! As you might know, Amelia just graduated high school. Sadly, the next chapter will be the last chapter of the story! I'd like to thank all of the people who read and love this story just as much as I do! I loved taking everyone's advice and reading all of the really sweet comments! 

  Now, I understand there are some who are asking if there will be a sequel. I am unsure at the moment, but if you can give me a reason as to why I should, then maybe I will think of something! Thank you all so much, and I love you all so much! Thank you for making my writing come alive, because right now, I feel like a true author(:


   Yours truly,

                       Courtnie Miller xx

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