I Love You, Niall Horan.

Elise is a outcast. She never had a good thing happen in her life. She was abandoned, and left on the cold streets of England. One day, she was adopted by the Tomlinson family. Yes, Louis Tomlinson's family. This summer, for the first time, Louis takes the boys home to meet his family again, and the new addition, Elise. There's one boy who catches her eye.

In this story, from being an outcast, Elise turns into a very popular, and envious girl, now that her family status has been heard about. Elise wished for that day, but never like this.


2. Playing Hooky

"Mum! We should be able to stay home.." I start, she rolls her eyes. "Family is here." I lift my arm and pretend to scan the room with it, directing at the boys who are laughing. "Elise, when you get back from school you can chill with your family." she kneels down to my height, making fun of my height. "Oh, your going to make fun of my height now? I see, I see how it is mum." I smirk at her as she walks away.

"Your not good at convincing my dear." Niall makes fun of me. "I'm not intimidating." I pout. "Your just like me, as terrifying as a baby penguin." Niall kids. "Elise, anything else you can think of?" Louis ask. "Playing hooky?" I whisper. "I love it." Louis raises his hand for a high five. I hit his hand making a little stingy. "Elise, your going to get in trouble.." Liam warns. "Liam, shut up. You told a fan to skip school to get Take Me Home." Harry reminds him.

"Right.. So, what are we going to all day then? And is Lottie and Fizzy coming?" Liam asks. "I'm sure Pheobe won't, but maybe Lottie." Louis says. "Lottie's changed my dear brother." I look at him. "Oh.. Well, I'm here, she's gonna have to not change." he says. "You made absolutely no sense at all." Zayn says. Making us chuckle a bit. "You know what I mean?" Louis nudges Harry. "No, not really." he laughs. I giggle. "Right, well, I'm going to bed. I'm tired." I say, getting up from the couch, fixing my gym shorts. "Night my little Rebby." Louis says. "What.. Rebby?" I look back. "Oh shut up." he waves his hand at me. "Night boys," I chuckle breathy and look at the stairs and start to climb up the stairs.

"Night!" is the last thing I hear.

-Six in Morning-

"Get up Ms.Slacker" my mum shakes me awake. "Mhmmhnn." I moan. "Elise, I will get that damn bucket.. " she warns me for the 3rd time. I stay still. "Fine," I hear her footsteps leaving the room. I snuggle back up in my bed. I fall back asleep. Soon to be awaken by freezing cold water. "GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!" I scream. The boys and the girls laugh hard downstairs. "I told you.. now get dressed." she smirks at me. "Ugh." I moan.

I pick the towel up off the chair, and drying my body, and close the door. I take off my pajamas and put on a marroon and pink coloured sweater, along with a pair of black skinny jeans. I slip on my pink toms. I put my hair up, and put on mascara. I walk downstairs, yawning.

"How'd that water taste?" Zayn kids me. "Shut up.. It was cold though." I laugh. "She's done that to me plenty of times." Louis and Lottie repeat at the same time. "Let's go to school." Lottie winks. "Your actually going?" I whisper suprised. "Yeah." she moves her head forward. "Mummy I'm taking the girls to schooool!" Louis sings, making us chuckle.

"Come on Daisy and Phobs." Niall takes the girls by the back. "I'm going to laugh when you guys get in trouble." Fizzy remarks. "Well, Fizzy, you know what we're doing?" I start. "What babe?" she sighs. "Living while we're young." I kid. "HAHAAHAHAH. no.." she says.. but then ends up laughing.

"Let's play hooky!!" Louis shouts running back to the car with the rest of the boys, and me and Lottie. This is going to be fun..

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