I Love You, Niall Horan.

Elise is a outcast. She never had a good thing happen in her life. She was abandoned, and left on the cold streets of England. One day, she was adopted by the Tomlinson family. Yes, Louis Tomlinson's family. This summer, for the first time, Louis takes the boys home to meet his family again, and the new addition, Elise. There's one boy who catches her eye.

In this story, from being an outcast, Elise turns into a very popular, and envious girl, now that her family status has been heard about. Elise wished for that day, but never like this.


1. Falling For Louis's Best Mate

"Come on, seriously?" I complain to my mum, Johannah. "Don't you miss Louis? And it'd be nice if you could meet some boys too, Elise." she nudges me. I look at my mum in disbelief. "I know a LOT of boys.. And of course I miss Lou!" I cry. "Then you wouldn't mind meeting four handsome lads." she nudges me.

"Louis doesn't want any of the boys dating us, babe." Lottie informs me. "It sucks for Louis, cause I want Elise to have a boyfriend." my mum purses her lips, trying to kiss me. I move my lips to my left side, as she kisses my cheek. "Well.." Lottie starts. Johannah laughs. "What?" Lottie asks. "Your being funny." she smiles. "How?" Lottie shrieks. "Your like Louis's little, rule inforcer." she smiles. "Haha." Lottie sarcastically laughs, walking into the other room. "I've gotta finish my work." I smile.

I sit down at the kitchen table, with Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe, and Daisy, as we do our homework. "I'm doone!" Daisy cheers with her little voice. "Shh! We're not done though!" I say. "Sorry!" she cries. 

Everyone finishes their work, and we all go to do our own thing. I go up into my room, and fly onto my bed. "Mmmm.." I moan into my pillow. "I don't want to meet boys." I whine into my pillow again. I lay back on my back, looking up at my Bieber poster. I look over at my window. I get up grabbing my black, fluffy jacket off of the computer chair. I put it on, wraping one side around the other, like a robe. I walk over to the window, opening it, climbing onto the roof.

I sit down on the cold material. Looking at the snow shining at the ground because of the moon light. Watching the cars lights race by. I love these kinds of nights. I breath the air in, feeling the cold of the air overwhelm my nostrils. "Ahhh.." I breath out. The air smelt like, crisp, and clean. Just how I remember Winter. And how I remember my worst memory.

This is what my mum told me. I was left on the streets of London, thrown of the blankets on me. I was picked up by a Orphanage worker, who bought me into the Doncaster Orphanage. After Louis left, she wanted another kid. So she found me, and adopted me. But my biological mum, she was a drug addict, and apparently just left me. I've always wanted to meet my real mum, so I could ask why she left me. I wasn't adopted until 3 years ago. After Louis decided to become famous. We've met, and we had a strong bond. He really treated me like I was Johannah's own.

But, as for school, they made fun of me, everything I've went through. I had to almost go through surgery, because my foot was frostbitten. I've been going to a doctor ever since then to get my foot reshapen back to normal. I have only two friends, Georgia and Thomas. They actually stick up for me.

I'm snapped back into it, when I see a black van pull up, and five boys pile out. I see Louis. "LOUIS!" I shout from the roof, waving my arms. He looks up. "Elise?! What are you doing up there!" he laughs in his shout, the other four look up as well. "Ehm, breathing the winter air? You should know!" I laugh. "Right, I'll see you inside." he laughs. I smile, as the blonde looks up at me, walking into the house. He's very fit..

I climb slowly out of on top of the roof, climbing back into my room, getting snow on the rug. Oops. I throw my boots off, and run downstairs with my jacket still on. I don't see Lottie down stairs, so I run back up, knocking on her door. "Lottie the boys are here!" I tell her. No answer. I walk into her room seeing her sleeping. I don't think she remembered that they were coming tonight. I walk over to her bed. "Lottie, Louis and the boys are here." I say in her ear. She shoots up. "Really? Damn I forgot. Come on!" she pulls my arm.

She drags me downstairs. "Lottie! Elise!!" Louis cheers opening his arms. We run into them, knocking him down. "Ow?" he laughs. "Sorry, forgot we weren't supposed to touch the superstar." I joke. "Watch the hair too." he smiles. "Missed you sassmaster." Lottie hugs him. Lottie hugs the other four, as she does, I just shake hands, it'd be awkward to hug them since I don't know them that well. I hold my hand out to who I know as Zayn. "Really? Handshake? Come here." he pulls me into a tight hug. "Nice impression." I smile. "I know right?" he smirks. I smile and go over to Liam. "Hug?" he holds his arms out. He smiles and hugs me. "You look like a Tomlinson." he smiles. "I'm Elise." I say. "Beautifuul." he geniunely smiles. 

I walk over to Harry. "Hey girl." he smirks. "Hi Harry." I smile, before he pulls me into a hug. "You boys like hugging, don't you?" I laugh. "Love it." he winks. I roll my eyes and smile. 

I walk up to Niall. Oh god, he's beautiful. "Hi, how's the roof?" he laughs. "Cold." I smile. "Haha, that sucks." he smiles. He brings it in for a hug. "What's your name now?" he asks. "Elise." I smile. "Pretty." he smiles. I feel my heart melting in the ambiance of everyone talking. Louis is gonna be a bit pissed.. since I'm falling for his best mate..

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