I won't stop. I just won't. Not until I find her.


2. Don't Lose Hope.


Its been six long months since the attack of the outsiders. That's what we call them, Outsiders, because that's what they are. They destroy anything, anyone in their path and without mercy.

I wonder tiredly about in the forest, having not had a good nights sleep since Della was captured. Oh how I missed those nights, the way that her soothing voice would lull me to sleep and how she would tuck me in on those cold stormy nights. Now I have nothing.

Kicking the ground, I looked for pieces of metal, which I could sell at the market on Thursdays. I had two pieces in my bag, which is enough for a bowl of water to last a few hours.

A dagger was another prized possession, which was stained with blood from the last man I killed. I had to kill him, as he was a danger to not only me, to the whole city.

Another hour is spent digging for gold, then I silently creep to the town, I had to watch where I tread, the Outsiders could be hiding anywhere, behind trees, in bushes.

"Oranges, lovely oranges!" Shouted a man at a stall as I entered the busy market.

Of course, I didn't have enough money for a proper meal, so I always snuck to the back of the pub, and see what they had in their bins. This time, they had stale bread, half a apple and salted meat. I reached down, and grabbed the food and put it in leather bag.

Running past the fruit stalls, I saw a wooden sign for a inn. I stopped and went inside, "How much for a night?" I asked earnestly.

"Four gold pieces." Said the young woman at the desk. I handed them over, and she handed me a key on a string. "Thanks."

I walked to my room and unlocked the rusty door. The smell was musty, but at least there was a clean bed. The view overlooked a small part of the town, I smiled down at the children playing.

"You're not from here are you?" Asked the girl at the desk as I walked downstairs.

"No." I answered.

"So where are you from?"

"Can't say."

"Fine then, what are you doing here?"

"None of your business" I said, then going back to my room.

"I know you've run away, love." She said, but I kept on walking to my room. I got funny looks from the other people, looking at me like I'm a dirty farm animal.

My hair was messy and I had dirt marks over my face. The bathroom was a small, cold broom cupboard. The water was cold, but I didn't care. I splashed the water over my face and body and then dried off with a old dress at the bottom of my bag.

Eating the stale bread, I started cleaning my dagger at the edge of the bed.


Soon later, I fell asleep on the cold bedsheets. "Suria! Suria!" I dreamt of someone calling me. It was Della, I tried to reply, but I couldn't speak or run, so I sat there, crying until she was gone...

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