I won't stop. I just won't. Not until I find her.


1. Prologue

"Life will knock us down, but we can choose to get back up." Jackie Chan as Mr Han in Karate Kid.

Suria's POV

" Della, come back!"" I cried as they took her away. They just took her away, without any consent, without reason.

"I will suria!" She shouted, before the masked men dropped her in the back of the truck. I buried my head on my hands, she was gone. Della was not only a sister, but a mother, a father, a best friend, a aunt, a uncle, what ever you can think of. But now she was gone. I began to pull on one of the dresses mother left us, I slowly inhaled the scent of Della she left behind on her shirt. I had a leather bag father left me, with a dagger at the bottom. 

Running around the house, I pulled out from my wardrobe another dress, shorts, a t-shirt and hiking boots. I wore a woollen brown dress, torn at the bottom. I pulled on a extra pair of woollen tights, the sturdy hiking boots. Grabbing a orange and 2 pieces of dry bread, I slung the leather bag over my shoulder, not forgetting the dagger. I ran out the broken door deep into the forest, but I had to watch where I stepped, there was a war going on, between our kingdom, and the neighbouring one. That's why everyone keeps disappearing. Like Della. Tears running down my face, I run deeper into the forest, one hand clutching my bag, one hand wiping my sore eyes. Then I thought of what Della was going through. That was the day I vowed never to give up finding her. A\N Sorry it's a bit short. I'm writing this on my IPad.

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