St.Cloud Academy (One Direction Fanfic)

Isabel Evens is a girl excepted in an all boys school. Why? Because it is one of the highest ranking schools in singing dancing and academics. She is the only girl and the guys all try after her but she is there for education not relationships. Will that change when she meets the five biggest jerks in school plus a sweet boy who is all but popular.


1. St.Cloud Academy -Chapter 1

"OMG BRADY SHE GOT IN"we're my mum's words before I started packing my bags. I'm Isabel but my friends call me Izzy or Belle. And now I am in the car heading to the rural of England to St. Cloud Academy oh also known as Charles St.Cloud's Academy for BOYS. I was accepted because I am good at academics and also dancing and I sing for fun and that's it. So here I am trying to figure out why they don't allow girls but they let me in. The building was split into three and this old castle looking thing was the dorms. I got out and grabbed my bags. I walked in my supra's making noise against the the hard wood floor. A man about 45 walked in and I got scared "sorry I am Charles the third,owner of this school pleasure to meet you"I nodded "Isabel Evens"I said and he nodded and took me to my room. "This is your dorm you will share with Brice who is a quiet boy so he won't bother you I hope you will like it here at SCA"he said before closing the door shut. I felt scared since our room was in the attic. I plugged in my phone to the stereo. The brochure said the rooms were sound proof so I put it to the test. I turned the music up to a lowish loudish volume and started to dance.

There was a knock on the door so I stopped the music, "sorry I thought I was quiet"I said to a boy who had black hair that hung below his ears and dazzling hazel eyes. "Huh oh no you weren't loud I just knew you were in the same dorm as me it is just that I had to knock to make sure you weren't like undressed or anything I think I will just shut up"he babbled. "I'm Isabel but you can call me izzy or belle anything unannoying"I said and he walked in. "You must be Brice"I said and he smiled. "Well dinner will be done in fifteen minutes"he said and I nodded going back to my routine.

A weird bell rang and he went into the bathroom to wash his hands so did I. "So umm do you wanna sit by me during dinner"he asked and I nodded. We got to the big building with the cafeteria and got our food,which was spaghetti and garlic bread, and sat down. A boy came up to us and said "why are you sitting with Brice he is smelly and gay"I sat up and said "because I am his friend and friends don't ditch each other"I said and sat back down. He walked away and then a group of five boys came up and smiled at me "hi I'm Harry this is Liam Louis Niall and Zayn"a curly haired boy said. "Oh well curly top, muscular guy,stripes, bleach blonde, and mysterious one we gotta go he has to help me with figuring out my classes and all so yep bye"I said standing up and dumping my tray and Brice came with me. "Who are they"I asked and he looked at his hands. "We'll they are One Direction one of the A Capella groups in the school"he said "well I want to be in an A Capella group called Dynamite"I said and he laughed "TICK TICK BOOM BOOM POW"he shouted and we fell to the floor in a heap of laughter. St.Cloud Academy might not be so horrible


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