Words Cant Explain (Liam Payne)

Claira was more of a loner well she had friends but she seemed to keep things to her self
Claira was going through alot she wanted to share her thoughts but was afraid people might thing she's weird and she really didnt trust any one
She worked in starbucks, one day she was taking orders for a boy band she didnt really knew about when Liam step to take his order, he saw im her eyes that she was hurting and Claira saw in Liam faith
Is Liam able to break her lose ?! Will Claira Learn How To Trust ?!


3. That Same Day

So I Came in the morning a bit tired I didnt really sleep, mainly because I cried my self to sleep I was thinking about everything! I really needed someone to talk to I could hold everything in any longer
"Claira? Stay Focus!" The manager Giselle Called
"Focused!" I Yelled back
"Hi Welcome To Starbucks How can I take your order?" I said not even looking at the customer waiting for His order
"Uh Can I Get A mediun Chocolate Mocha ?!" He Said
"Anything Else?!" I said still Looking down
"Uh yeah thats All" he said
"Okay That Will Be 2.50" I Said turning around getting his order ready
As soon as I finished his order I Turned back around and when I finally
Looked at him I felt something I never felt before I saw him looking at me
"Uh here you uh go" I said, we couldnt keep our eyes off each other
What was this feeling I was feeling
"Uh Thanks" he said handing me the money Just staring at me and me staring at him
What was I feeling ?! What was he thinking ?! Who is this guy ?!
"Liam Lets go we have to rehearse!" A cute guy with curly hair said
"Uhhhh Coming" he said still staring at me
"Hurry Liam!" Another Cute Blonde boy said
"Uhh Byee" he said staring at me
"Buh Uh Buh Uh.." I was stuttering I never stutter liked that
WHO WAS THAT GUY ?! So tall and handsome and wonderful eyes
What am I saying?! I cant think of a guy I dont know , I just know his name is Liam
"Oh My Gosh !" A girl yelled
"Can We Take a picture with you guys?!" She asked
"Yes you can" the one with curly hair said
"Oh my gosh" the girls said
They took the picture and they said there goodbyes
"I cant wait for the concert tonight!" The other girl said
"Um Im Sorry theres a concert tonight?!" I asked
They looked at me like if I was dumb or something
"Yeah?!" The first girl said
"Um Are they famous ?! Or just a boy band?" I asked
"You dont know about One Direction?!?!" The second girl asked
"Oh One Direction ?!" I Said
"Uh Yes?!" they said and I took there order
I Had to find a way to that concert!
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