Words Cant Explain (Liam Payne)

Claira was more of a loner well she had friends but she seemed to keep things to her self
Claira was going through alot she wanted to share her thoughts but was afraid people might thing she's weird and she really didnt trust any one
She worked in starbucks, one day she was taking orders for a boy band she didnt really knew about when Liam step to take his order, he saw im her eyes that she was hurting and Claira saw in Liam faith
Is Liam able to break her lose ?! Will Claira Learn How To Trust ?!


5. He's Back

*Claira's POV*
About Another few hours of work I couldnt really focus .
That guy was in my head .
I was dying to see him again , I felt something I never felt before .
"Claira your time is up , you can go home , you dont work tomorrow" Nancy the manager said .
"Okay , thanks" I said as I went to the back amd got my things .
When I was settle I walked out , I decided to walk .
As soon as I walked out , I came across a guy taller then me .
"Oh my bad , im so sorry" He said , his accent sounded familiar .
I looked up and it was him the boy .
"Erm...Hi...Erm...You Are?" He asked me , he was nervous .
"Erm....Claira" I said , I was lost in his eyes and his smile .
"Cute Name...Erm...I Really dont have much Time...Erm I actually came her to see you" He said , he was really nervous , it was cute .
"Me? Erm....Why?" I asked , I.felt my self blushing .
"Erm...Well..." , "Liam Hurry! We have to get ready!" This Buff guy said as he interrupted .
"Here , a backstage pass , if you go we can talk okay?" He said handing the pass at me , I took it and looked at and I looked back at him .
He smiled and left .
I was smiling like and Idiot .
What Was so special about him ?
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