Words Cant Explain (Liam Payne)

Claira was more of a loner well she had friends but she seemed to keep things to her self
Claira was going through alot she wanted to share her thoughts but was afraid people might thing she's weird and she really didnt trust any one
She worked in starbucks, one day she was taking orders for a boy band she didnt really knew about when Liam step to take his order, he saw im her eyes that she was hurting and Claira saw in Liam faith
Is Liam able to break her lose ?! Will Claira Learn How To Trust ?!


1. Dear Dairy

Have you ever felt Trapped ?!
Locked In Your Shadow ?!
Trying To Ask For Help ?!
But you cant find a way to break lose and move on with life
I Have so much going at home, so much in life
So much with guys, so many things going on I want to share my problems
But I dont seem to find the right person to share , you can never trust any one.
But Anyways I Have To Get Back To Work My Shift Is Almost Over So Bye .

"Where Were You?!" My Friend Lisa asked
"Eating Lunch?!" I Told Her
"I Was Waiting For You To eat Lunch!" She Said
"Oh Sorry" I Said Going Back To My Station
"Lets Hang After Work?!" She Asked
"Uh Yeah Sure" I Said As I Started Taking Orders
I really didnt want to hang out with her all she can do is talk and talk about her personal life and make a deal about everything and how her boyfriend is a jerk
But I guess having a friend around my house will be okay....
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