Words Cant Explain (Liam Payne)

Claira was more of a loner well she had friends but she seemed to keep things to her self
Claira was going through alot she wanted to share her thoughts but was afraid people might thing she's weird and she really didnt trust any one
She worked in starbucks, one day she was taking orders for a boy band she didnt really knew about when Liam step to take his order, he saw im her eyes that she was hurting and Claira saw in Liam faith
Is Liam able to break her lose ?! Will Claira Learn How To Trust ?!


6. Concert Night

*Liam's POV*
"Liam! You Ready?!" Paul yelled as I stood there in the toilet staring at my self in the mirrow .
Was I really Nervous? I mean I had done 23 show before this one .
But I was nervous over Claira , what if she didnt come? I was dying to see her again .
"Daddy Directioner! Pull your self together now! You can do this" I said to my reflection in the mirrow .
I took a deep breath , I finally answered Paul and got out the toilet .
"Paul , if that girl comes please let her in she has a pass" I said hoping she comes .
"Yes Liam I will now go every one is waiting for you!" Paul said as he playfully pushed me .
I took another deep breath and walked towards the boys .
"Ready?!" Louis asked as he patted my back .
"Its On Like Donkey Kong!" I said as we all put our hands in the center .
"3...2....1 DIRECTION!" We all yelled as we waved our hands in the air .
About a few minutes we started off .
Around our 4th song I spotted Claira standing on the side .
She gave me a small wave and a beautiful smile .
When it was time for Josh's drum solo and the boys to change .
I went straight to Claira and hugged her .
"Thought you wouldnt come" I said as we let go of the warm hug .
"Wouldnt miss it especially when I get a free backstage pass from a really attractive lad" Claira said as the perfect curve of her lips from .
She was so beautiful .
"Liam! Time to go back up there lad!" Zayn yelled as he walked to his elevator .
"Well I'll talk to you in a few , Enjoy the shoe love" I said as I jogged towards my elevator .
I was glad she made it .
For what seemed like hours .
We finally finished the concert .
We went backstage and I looking for Claira .
Who was playing with Lux .
"I see you to already met" I said as I sat down next to Claira .
"Yeah she just so cute! You know my sister would have been her age..." Suddenly it got quite .
Was she hidding something? I felt it .
She was full of secrets and was trap on them .
I had the urge to protect her , to be there for her , what ever she was hidding .
I was going to find out and take care of her .
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