Words Cant Explain (Liam Payne)

Claira was more of a loner well she had friends but she seemed to keep things to her self
Claira was going through alot she wanted to share her thoughts but was afraid people might thing she's weird and she really didnt trust any one
She worked in starbucks, one day she was taking orders for a boy band she didnt really knew about when Liam step to take his order, he saw im her eyes that she was hurting and Claira saw in Liam faith
Is Liam able to break her lose ?! Will Claira Learn How To Trust ?!


4. At Rehearsals

All I Kept thinking about was that girl! Who was she? so beautiful , so cute , so gosh there isnt really much words that cant explain how I saw her! But Beauty isnt the only thing I saw in her, I saw darkness Secrets, She was keeping alots of them, I had to go back, I cant let her get away, She had something in her that spoke to me

"Liam! Pay attention!" Niall Yelled waving his hands on my face "Oh sorry mate just a little nerves" I said focusing on what we had to do, "Nerves? bro you cant be nerves we had done this lots of times!" Zayn Said looking confused, "Ah wait I Know its that girl back in startbucks right? Awhh Liam I Saw the way you admired her" Lous said with a smirk on his face "No, Well maybe, I dont know" I said turning red they kept staring at me "Awh Liam its okay buddy" Niall said patting me on the back "Whats Her name?" Harry asked "I dont know I didnt ask" I said looking down feeling shame "Claira I think" Zayn said "How you know mate? Were you admiring her too?" Louis said with a shocking voice "No it was on her name tag didnt you see her name tag Liam?" Harry said "No I blanked out staring into her eyes" I said "Awhh Liam!!" Lou Screamed, "So did you talk to her or anything?" Harry asked "No and maybe I wouldnt even get a chance" I said looking down again "Awhh Lad well rehearsal is almost over and we can head out as soon as we finish and we can go back to starbucks and give her a ticket and a backstage pass so you can get to know her after" Niall said

He was right I thought about it and I agreed to his request, we went back to rehearsal and an hour later we were of to starbucks

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