Arrows to the heart

My name is Bailey.

I love music.

I blog.

But the thing is, i'm not just some fictional character somebody made up.

I'm a real person.


4. 4


It was finally time to head back to school. I excitedly hopped in to my clothes, and ran out the door. When I got to the bus stop, Brooke wasn’t there. I wonder where she is.

When I got to school, the first person I saw was Zach. He looked tired. In homeroom, half the people weren’t there. Mr. Shaw, when you announce we are having school, next time don’t say it’s optional.

The whole school day was a joke. All we talked about was the hurricane. I saw Thomas a couple times. He didn’t seem to have any interest in me. Even at gym class, he only looked at me like twice. I saw him lean his head on Val. I hate when he does that. Maybe he is out of my league.

When Gissel and I were walking to the buses, Gissel told me that Amber asked Thomas if he liked me.


I wanted to break down and cry. 

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