Arrows to the heart

My name is Bailey.

I love music.

I blog.

But the thing is, i'm not just some fictional character somebody made up.

I'm a real person.


1. 1

"Am I good?"

"Yeah sure..." Jess replied; obviously not paying attention. 

 I quickly piled books on to my chest, and fixed my hair one last time. Off to living hell... I quickly pulled my sleeves to my hands, and sat down; trying to look somewhat pretty. I turned around. Zach. No, he's not a typical jock. He's shy. He has blonde hair, and the most perfect blue-green eyes. He looks at me. My face turns bright red. I start to tense up. He quickly looks away. As soon as he does, my senses come about me. 

          "Bailey! What are you doing," I whisper to myself; "You're over him. O-V-E-R over him."

Somebody across the room looks at me. Great. Now another person thinks i'm insane. 

I sit through english class, trying to keep my eyes away from his. After 72 grueling minutes, class is over. As we leave, I go to say hi to him. He shys away and quickly runs to his next class. I hate this.

As I walk into math, it hits me. Thomas. Fantastic. Fan. Fucking. Tastic. He sits right by me. I look at him, smile, and look at the board. Good. About 20 minutes through, my math teacher makes us work in groups. I was lucky enough that my partner and I were sitting right by him and Matt. Matt starts to talk to me, and I can see him watching. I make eye contact. Don't get red, don't get red, don't get red. I get red. To my luck, Thomas walks over. 

We talk. I can tell he's interested in me. He looks at me with those perfect blue eyes, and that adorable face. Not to mention his hair is the most perfect shade of brown. 

Thomas is different from Zach. They only similarity they have is that they are both on the football team. He is very outgoing, and he flirts with a lot of girls. He's more cute than hot, and I can name more than 2 people who like him. 

After math is over, I head to my locker. I feel something tap my shoulder. It's Thomas. I give him an "I'm mad at you but I still love you" look. He walks away. I then see Zach. He's at the edge of the hallway, staying as close as he can to the wall. I say hi. He cowers away. I hear somebody say "rejected." behind me. This school is just great. 

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