sunset bullivard

My name is alaina im 17 years old, i live in London, England. My life turns upside down when i meet five lovely lads, you may know them from... one direction. Im trying to make my big break in the music industry.With the help of the boys i should make it through, but what happens if i fall in love with one of them....


1. The Curly Head Stranger

The cool air hit me like a wave as i walked into the crowded Starbucks. I waited in line till it was my turn, i gave the man my order, i sat at a table by the window and pulled my book out of my bag. " Is this seat taken?" i heard an accent say. I looked up to see a boy about my age maybe a little older, looking down at me. I smiled politely and replied " No, you can sit down if you'd like." He smiled and sat down. I took a good look at him, he had brown curly hair and beautiful emerald eyes, his smile made me melt and his body wasn't that bad either. "Whats that book your reading there?" he asked. I looked down at my book totally forgetting that i was reading my favourite novel. "The Hunger Games." i replied. "Never heard of it but my friend Niall would like it if it has anything to do with food." he said and smiled. I laughed, and he gave me a questioning look, so i explained the book to him. After i finished he gave me a look and said "Sounds weird." I smiled a little at that. "Alaina!" a man shouted from behind the counter, "That's me." i said to the curly head stranger. "Aw to bad i had a nice time talking to you." he said, i smiled and replied "I liked talking to you to." I gathered my stuff, walked up to the counter and got my order. I walked out the door and left the stranger behind. I was half way to my car when a hand touched my shoulder, i turned around to see emerald eyes and a bright smile. He took a piece of paper out of his pocket and said " If you ever want to talk," and he handed me the slip of paper, he started walking back to the cafe but turned around and added, "My names Harry by the way."

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