sunset bullivard

My name is alaina im 17 years old, i live in London, England. My life turns upside down when i meet five lovely lads, you may know them from... one direction. Im trying to make my big break in the music industry.With the help of the boys i should make it through, but what happens if i fall in love with one of them....


3. one direction... duh

When we got there, there were thousands of people screaming, mostly girls. They were all screaming so loud i didn't know what they were saying. Two large men lead us in to the arena, i look down and i realize that im holding Harry's hand, i probably grabbed it in the crowd. I wondered, Why are we in here, but then i heard a husky Irish voice say "Harry your late for rehearsal." And then it hit me he was in One Direction the most famous band ever, i guess i didn't even realize it because its so impossible. A blond boy emerged from the curtain followed by three more boys. Harry walked me up the stage and introduced each one, the blond was Niall, Liam looked like a puppy as he shook my hand, Zayn smiled politely and as for Louis he engulfed me in a big hug.When he pulled away he had a big smile on his face "So Alaina we've heard so much about you finally Harry has brought you to meet everyone! But we must get to practicing you could wait there."he said  pointed to the front row. After 2 hour rehearsal i had memorized most of the songs, the boys and i went backstage and lounged around for awhile, Liam started doing a twitcam so i decided to join him, it was lots of fun until they kept asking if we were dating. I answered with politely saying "No girls hes all yours." this got a couple of laughs from the boys. Paul came in telling us that it was time for the concert, the boys walked out of the dressing room but Harry stayed behind. "Your going to miss your own concert." i said to him with a smile. "I just wanted to tell you  that im glad you came tonight." he replied. I blushed a little "awww". I gave him a hug and walked him to where the boys were. All the boys smiled at me, a man with a clipboard came up to us and said we had 30 seconds. Niall started jumping up and down wa'll the other guys laughed at him. Harry took my hand and i looked at him and smiled. Then the music started and he kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear " See you later" he smiled and ran on the stage his curls bouncing around his face. I walked back in to the dressing room and got on twitter. I had gain over a thousand followers since this morning. I looked at the trends and saw that #halaina was trending. so i tweeted ' @Harry_Styles did you hear we have a nickname, so cute but sorry guys we're just friends. x' Alot of people replied saying they shipped it or they didn't. I got tired of twitter so i texted my best friend, Madi. 'hey gurl whats going on?' i sent it. 'Nothin much, ive heard alot about you and a very cute curly fella.' ' Harry? yeah we met at starbucks hes super sweet.' 'are you crushin?' she asked. 'Maybe' i replied with a smile. "Who are you crushing on?" i hear a man ask. I turn around to see...

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