sunset bullivard

My name is alaina im 17 years old, i live in London, England. My life turns upside down when i meet five lovely lads, you may know them from... one direction. Im trying to make my big break in the music industry.With the help of the boys i should make it through, but what happens if i fall in love with one of them....


2. gorgeous....

For the past three days all i could do was think about Harry, his hair smile, eyes, everything. We have texted ever since that day in the cafe, but we haven't hung out. Till one day i got a text that said 'wanna go to a concert tonight?' 'sure' i typed back. 'I'll pick u up at 7'

By the time Harry got there i was putting last touches on my make up.He knocked on the door "up here!" i yelled from up stairs. I could hear his foot steps as he walked up the stairs. i walked out of the bathroom and ran smack into Harry. He just smiled at me, "I have to get dressed" i said "You can wait in here." and i lead him to my bedroom, he sat on my bed as i walked in to the walk in closet. I grabbed a white skirt that was short in the front and long in the back. I paired it with a light blue tank top and tucked it in with a brown belt. I put a head band across my forehead on my long brown hair.I added some accessories, and put some cute sandal flats.I opened the closet door to reveal my outfit.I spun around smiling i stopped and he smiled and said " you look gorgeous."

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