You Promised. A Harry Styles Fanfic

Lily seems like your average 17 year old girl, happy, beautiful, smart, and has many friends. But only one of them knows what is really going on, the abuse. Since her mum died her dad has been hitting her. She hides the scars and bruises well though. One day he goes to far and Lily runs away. She finds a place to stay but will one choice ruin her chances of living a normal life?


2. Hey There.

Harry's POV

It was 11:34 at night but I really couldn't sleep. I was wide awake in my room, sitting on my bed, just going on twitter and such. A while later I was still unable to sleep but then I heard the big clock downstairs start to chime and I jumped. Midnight. I really need to sleep. Now. I shut off my phone and clicked off the light on the bedside table. I snuggled under my covers and shut my eyes, trying to sleep. It didn't work well...


Lily's POV 

I was lying on the cold, hard bench, trying to get some sleep but I kept hearing noises and let's face it...who would be able to sleep out here. It was early June so it wasn't too cold but there were bugs, birds and animals and who knows what else just lurking in that woods off in the distance waiting for me to fall asleep so they could come out and eat me. I don't know why though because I'm mostly just bones. I never got to eat much since my father was...well you know. I couldn't stand it anymore so I got up and grabbed all my stuff before crossing the road and over the the house. It was a nice house but the closest house was probably 60 meters down the road. I walked around to the back and saw they had a big pool. That was a surprise. They also had a small, swinging bench right against the back of the house. It was pretty big so I laid down on it, setting myself up for a bad nights sleep. I felt kind of bad just sleeping here at a random persons house but I really had no other choice. 


Harry's POV

I was still awake, my eyes closed though, just laying in bed thinking of the boys and everything I guess. Then I heard a creak of the bench down next to the pool. It had a distinguished sound so I could tell when it swung. I ignored it, assuming it was the wind but it kept creaking every once in a while. I was really freaked out so I walked over to my window facing the back of the house.

"What the hell is making that noise?" I yelled, hoping not to hear some evil cackling come from down below. That wasn't it at all.

"Erm, I'm really sorry, I just needed a place to stay and the park across the street is too creepy. I didn't mean to intrude.." I heard someone say. Then a young woman stepped into view. She looked to be about my age. She had long, wavy, caramel hair that flowed all the way to her hips almost. She was a littler taller then most girls but very skinny. I looked at her in awe. She looked like she had come from a nice family and wasn't supposed to be sleeping on benches in peoples back yards. 

"Why are you sleeping on that bench, love,"I started, "May I ask your name?" I said trying to look nice. She didn't look frightened that I caught her or stunned because I'm, well, Harry Styles. She just stood there looking kind of blan.

"Um well I'm really sorry. This is quite awkward. I'm Lily,"She said smiling slightly. She seemed quite nice and I think she knew who I was because she was smiling. Usually if someone is caught sleeping on a random bench at a random house they'd be scared. But she seemed fine.

"I just really needed to get out of where I'm from so I ran and this is where I ended up when it started getting dark. I'm still really sorry." She said looking down a bit. 

"Lilly, how old are you?" I asked, not trying to sound creepy.

"17." She said. I ran back to my room and then out my door and down the stairs to the kitchen. I opened the door that lead to the back yard.

"I think that bench is a little uncomfortable. Would you like to stay a night here? Or however long you need to get back on your feet." I said looking at her and smiling warmly. She didn't respond. She just stood there, staring. Then I realized that I hadn't put a shirt on. I was only in my boxers. My face turned red and she started to chuckle.

"Do you want to stay or not?" I asked trying to cover myself as best as I could without being obvious. She turned around and picked up all her stuff. Then instead of turning away and leaving she came towards me.

"Not unless you put some clothes on sometime, buddy-boy." She said winking and laughing. My face turned even more red and I walked into my house, her close on my heels, and up to my room. Gemma and my mum were in their rooms so my room was the only one left. 

"I'll sleep on the sofa-sleeper!" She whisper called and placed her stuff on the ground. I smiled at her cuteness. She laid down and pulled her blanket over her. I crawled into bed but I could hear her groan then switch positions every once and a while. 

"What's wrong?" I asked getting up and walking over to her. She took a deep inhale and waited a few seconds before lifting her shirt up to reveal a large, swollen bruise on the side of her stomach. I gasped a little, shocked, and asked her how it happened.

"Long story that doesn't need to be explained now. Maybe another time." She said before pulling her shirt down again and cuddling under her covers. She didn't explain to me, but I knew exactly what that was. And I also knew that with it being that big and swollen she at least fractured her ribs. I went back to my bed but all I could think about was who did that to her. And how if they come near her I'm going to hurt them more then they hurt her. She's just a small, weak, defenseless girl and that shit wasn't right. 


A/N: I'm Lauren and I love writing these so please keep reading and I hope you like it. This chapter is kind of long but I think it's a little interesting. Please comment and tell me if there relationship should blossom soon or wait some time and have a little drama happen first^.^ THANKS LOVELY'S<3 

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