You Promised. A Harry Styles Fanfic

Lily seems like your average 17 year old girl, happy, beautiful, smart, and has many friends. But only one of them knows what is really going on, the abuse. Since her mum died her dad has been hitting her. She hides the scars and bruises well though. One day he goes to far and Lily runs away. She finds a place to stay but will one choice ruin her chances of living a normal life?


3. Getting Closer.

Lily's POV

I woke up in the room alone. I got up and walked over to the door and peeked my head out. I heard talking coming from downstairs.

"Harry, do you even know the girls name?" I heard a woman say.

"Yes mum I know her name. And it's not like she was wearing black leather clothes with loads of makeup and black hair. She looks like a sweet, innocent girl and she was sleeping on the bench for heavens sake." I could tell that was Harry. I smiled at the fact he was trying to defend me.

"Mum I think he's just doing it because she's a girl and you saw her, she's really pretty. Harry, what if it had been a teenage boy out there?" A girl said. She sounded older but not as old as the first woman. It was probably his sister since they both said 'mum'.

"Gemma, shut up. I'm not a douche and if there were a boy out there I would have let him in too, just maybe made him sleep on the couch down here..."Harry trailed off. I chuckled. I must have been a bit too loud because Harry's head turned and he looked at me. I felt a pink blush come to my face because now he knows I was probably listening the whole time. He walked up the stairs and over to me.

"You heard that, didn't you?" He asked as he reached me and stood in front of me. I nodded my head slowly and he let out a small laugh.

"Harry what are you doing?" I heard the younger girl say. Only Harry had seen me because the two of them were off farther. Harry held out his hand and I hesitantly took it. We walked over to the stairs and when we got to the bottom he let go of it before the women could see.

"Mum, Gemma, this is Lily." Harry said as I came out from behind him. I gave them a slight wave and they younger one, Gemma I'm assuming, mouth dropped. I started to get self concious and I wanted to run back to Harry's room and hide under the bed.

"Hi Lily, I'm Anne, Harry's mother," Said the older woman, Anne, as she stuck out her hand for me to shake. I took it and shook it before returning back to my spot next to Harry. The other girl still didn't say anything, she just stood there, silent. After what seemed like a decade, she finally said something.

"Um well I have to go to work. Nice to meet you Lily," She finally said as she grabbed her coat and keys and ran out the door. Harry could see I was upset.

"It's okay, she'll warm up to you. She likes being the only girl in the house." He said giving me a soft smile. I gave him one back but I knew he could tell it was fake.

"Well Lily since we just met why don't we all go out to eat or something so we can get to know each other. Go get ready and we'll leave in 20 minutes, okay? " Anne suggested.

"Sure, I'll go get dressed," I said in a quiet tone, still a bit shy. I went up to my-- Harry's room and pulled out a floral, high-low dress that I had packed. I don't know why I packed it but I pretty much just threw all of my clothes into the bag. I went into the bathroom to change and when I came out, Harry was sitting on the bed waiting.

"Ready to go?" He asked, standing up. I nodded and he held out his elbow. I linked mine around it and we walked down the stairs. We headed out the door and into the car where Anne was waiting. I wasn't ready to tell anyone about what happened yet but if I were to tell anyone I think I could trust Harry. I hoped at least.
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