How I love Him

After her dad was killed by her ex boyfriend who promised to come looking for her, Cassie moved to Doncaster form America, and she hates it. But she meets a bot who just might be able to pull her out of the dark place she is in.


7. What is She so scared of???

Louis walked me back to his car. We were still holding hands. I love the way his hand felt in mine. He gave me a warm feeling in my stomach almost like butterflies. I felt like I was getting too attached to him, but I would not fall in love with this boy. I told my self that after what Eddy did I would never fall in love again. But since I woke up next to him in the hospital I feel like I need to be with him. He oppend the door for me and I got in the car. He walked around the car to the drivers side. He sat in the car and we drove to his house. We could have walked because we live in the same neighborhood but he didn't want me too because I just got out of the hospital. We pulled in to his driveway and he oppend the door for me. I got out of the car and he walked me in to his place. I was a little scared to see who lived here with him because I knew it was not just him. The place was huge. It had a white fence all arounfpd the outside that you had to know the password to get into. He oppend the front door with his key and led me inside.
"Louis!" I heard a mans voice yell. I became a little scared and I know it sounds childish but men scare me now. All of them except Louis.
"I'm home!" Louis yelled. I heard a stamped of foot speeps come down the stairs. And oh my gosh all 4 of the other boys from one direction came down stairs. They run up to us and I shivered from fear. Louis noticed and put his hands on my waste and pulled me to him. I was so glad he did. I needed him to hold me, he understood why I was so scared while no one else did. I wrapped my arms around he's abdomen and shivered again as all the boys come closer asking Louis questions. "GUYS!" Louis yelled. The boys stopped talking all at once. "Would you all just shut up?!" he asked in a quiter tone.
"ya man, sorry." The boy I knew to be Liam said. "Thanks man, this is Cassie." Louis introduces me.

Cassie shuttered as the boys ran down to us. I pulled her to and she gripped at my stomach. I hid the pain her nails digging into my skin was causing me. I finally got the boys to shut up. "Thanks man, this is Cassie." I said to the boys. They all looked at her. Harrys mouth was hanging open. Ya she was beautiful and i knew thats what he was thinking too, but if she lets any of us have her, Its me. I thought about that, no that's not fair if she wants to be with one of us she will pick I would never make her love me.

I looked Cassie up and down she was beautiful more than likely the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Louis was one lucky guy to have her hanging on him like she is. I couldnt help but wonder why she looked so scared of us but not Louis.

Cassie held tight to Louis and looked so scared I wondered why she was so scared of us?

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