How I love Him

After her dad was killed by her ex boyfriend who promised to come looking for her, Cassie moved to Doncaster form America, and she hates it. But she meets a bot who just might be able to pull her out of the dark place she is in.


1. My dad

Cassie's POV
It was four months ago. I walled into my old house to find my dad lying on the floor with a gaping hole in his chest. I screemed at the sight of him. I turned around to run out of the door to find my mum. But I was stopped by Eddy, my ex boyfriend. He smiled a devilish smile at me and pulled out a gun. He put the gun to my chest and pushed me back into my house. I saw my mum out of the corner of my eye and stared to cry. She pulled out her cell and I knew she was calling the police. I broke up with Eddy about 3 weeks befor this because he was too controlling. He told me I would regret breaking up with him, and I did.
" I told you you would regret dumping me. Did I not? " he asked.
I didn't reply and he dug the tip of the gun deeper into my chest. " didn't I?" he yelled
" Yes!" I almost yelled whilst tears streamed down my face. I turned my head to look at my dads lifeless body next to me. The tears started to flow faster out of my eyes. I looked back at Eddy.
" Do you want me back now?" He asked with a smerck.
" Never!" I yelled at him.
" wrong answer!" He chuckled to himself. And barred the gun deeper into my skin. I could feel my flesh being tared apart by the tip. He pushe me into the wall behind me and I screemed in pain as the cut became deeper. As he leaned close to me the door opend and in came the police.
" Eddy Carver you are under arrest for the murder of Calvin Rant and the assault of Cassie Rant. As they put him in cuffs and he yelled after me " I'll be back for you!" he yelled as he was being pulled out of my house. Another man walled in and took my dad away as he apoligized and shook my hand.
I haven't seen him since that and I hope I never do again. He went to trial and has 15 years to life in prison. My mom and I are moving in a new house next to my moms sister. She was so lonely after my dad was killed. I new it was my fault and I felt so bad. I loved my mom and hated seeing her like this.
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