How I love Him

After her dad was killed by her ex boyfriend who promised to come looking for her, Cassie moved to Doncaster form America, and she hates it. But she meets a bot who just might be able to pull her out of the dark place she is in.


3. I'm Cassie.

"My name is Cassie." I said backing away form him. "I just moved here from America."
"Oh okay. What grade are you in?" He asked.
"I'm a sofmore in collage. I start at DCC(Doncaster Comuntiy Collage) tomorrow" I said.
"Me too!" he yelled. I jumped with fear a little. "Oh sorry." he whispered.
"It's okay." I said. " Okay well I got to get back home." I said whilst walking away.
"I'll see you at school tomorrow, right?" He half asked half stated. I turned around.
"Ya I think so." I said
"I hope so." He said with a wink. I turned and walked home. I smiled to myself. He was cute and he wanted to see me tomorrow. My heart started to thump like crazy. Fear crept into my head. My breth started to deepen. The last thing I rember is hitting my head and blackness.
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