Little Things

Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


31. Wise Woman

“Can you set the table, please?”  

“Yeah. It smells good, love.” Harry and I were making dinner to my family to get them in a good mood, so I would get a great chance to ask them if I could visit Harry’s family in Holmes Chapel. I was already running late with it, I had two days until the day the leaving was planned. Harry kept nudging me for days after they came back from Aunt Paige, but I just didn’t find a good time. Right then they were at the zoo with my sister, while Harry and I made a 3-course meal. I heard the car stop in front of the house and hurriedly placed the steaming soup on the table. I stood behind it, next to Harry who put his arm around my waist.  

“Hey! How was the zoo?”  

“What’s going on?” Mom eyed us suspiciously.  

“Well…we made you dinner!”  


“No particular reason…okay, okay. We’d like to ask you something, but let’s have a seat. I hope you’re all hungry!” We served the meals and filled the glasses until it was time for dessert.  

“Okay, it was all very delicious, now spit it out!”  

“Well…” I started and reached for Harry’s hand under the table. He intertwined our fingers and rubbed small circles on the back of my hand with his thumb. He always did that when he knew I was nervous. I didn’t know how he knew when I wasn’t feeling comfortable, I thought it wasn’t visible. I also didn’t know how he found that method, but it worked.

“So you guys have already met Harry and got to know him, but he also has parents who’d like to know who their precious son is dating. And you might know that Harry doesn’t get the chance to go home very often, so when he does, he spends there more than one day…”  

“Get to the point Jenny.” mom interrupted.  

“The point is, he’s going home on the day after tomorrow for a few days and Anne, Harry’s mom wants to meet me. So, can I join him?” Mom and dad exchanged looks while I held back my breath.

“Just think about it from their perspective. You’d want to meet me too.”  

“How long?”  

“Well Harry has the whole week off and I’m sure he misses them.”  

“So a whole week?”  

“We didn’t fix it yet.” Harry started.

“We have the week and my family will gladly have us there, we can stay as long as we want to.”  

“Please mom! You know Harry enough to trust him and we’re going to his parents for God’s sake!”  

“Ask your father.”  

“Thank you!” I yelled knowing he’d let me go.  

“Hey, I didn’t say anything yet.” My face fell and I became nervous again.

“Yes, of course you can go.”  

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I hugged them both and began dragging Harry upstairs.

“We’re going packing!” I made him sit down on the bed and stood in the closet.

“Okay, I need your help. What should I wear?”

 “Why does it matter?”

 “Why does it matter?!” I looked at him in disbelief.

“Harry, I want your family to like me!” He extended his arms towards me and pulled me on top of his lap.

“They will no matter what you wear.”  

“It’s nice of you to say that. But I still want you to help me. Please?” 

“Uh, fine! You’re impossible…Now let’s see.” He digged through my closet and throw a peach coloured dress and a light denim jacket at me.

“You can wear these. Now, can we watch a movie?”  

“Nah-ah. We’re going to pick out clothes for the rest of the week.”  

“Noo.” he groaned.

“Love, you look absolutely stunning in everything. Mom won’t judge you by your clothes. Please! Cooking all day made me tired.”  

“Aw my poor boy.” I said sarcastically.

“Fine. I’ll bring some snacks, choose a movie!”   Two days later, in the early hours of the afternoon, Harry was parking in front of my house, putting my bags in his car.  

“Have a great time!”  

“Thanks dad. Bye guys!” I hopped in the car and waved as Harry drove off. As we got closer to Holmes Chapel, his hand found mine and he started rubbing it.  

“Why do you do that?” I questioned.  

“Oh…sorry I thought you liked it.” He mumbled and pulled his hand back.

“Don’t! I do like it. It calms me down. I was just wondering where it came from.”  

“I don’t know. Your skin’s just so soft. It feels nice.”  


Harry’s POV

Silence filled the car for a few minutes, making me glance over at Jenny. She was playing with the hem of her skirt, biting her lip. My mind just couldn’t apprehend how she could ever feel nervous about someone not liking her. Just a simple glance at her took my breath away. The dress highlighted her curled hair that fell over her shoulder, her glistening lips instinctively curled into a small smile and her eyes shone like millions of stars on the pitch-black sky. How could anyone not like her? Soon we turned onto the street of my old home, the familiar view making goosebumps appear on my skin.  

“Here we are! Are you ready?”

“Not really.” she whispered, grasping my hand tightly.

“Just stay by my side, okay?”  

“Always.” I kissed her cheek and opened the door. She met me in front of the car, instantly reaching for my hand. I gave it a squeeze before opened the door and pulled her inside.  

“Helloo, we’re here!” I shouted. I heard rushing footsteps come towards us from the kitchen, then spotted my smiling mom opening her arms for me.

“Harry, darling I missed you so much!” she engulfed me in a bone-crushing hug, then turned to Jenny, her features softened when she noticed how nervous my girlfriend was.

“And finally I get to meet you, sweetheart. Harry told me a lot about you.” It made her ease up a little and smile as they greeted each other with a hug.

“Now let me see you…” mom stepped back and examined her.

“Darling you chose one lovely girl to yourself. Come on, dinner is ready and Gemma and Robin are setting the table. I put my arm around Jenny’s waist and followed mom into the kitchen. There I spotted the familiar happy faces and the excited pairs of eyes first meeting my feature then following my arm taking in the other, small and fragile silhouette next to me. I unwillingly let go of her waist, knowing it gave her a slight feeling of safety, to return the sudden hug from my sister. After greeting everyone I placed back my arm and turned to my family.  

“Everyone, this is my lovely girlfriend of soon 3 months, Jenny. Jenny, I know you know them but my mom Anne, my sister Gemma and my stepdad Robin.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” Came the unsteady voice from beside me.

“You too, darling. Come on, don’t just stand there, sit down!”

Mom and Robin sat down on the other side of the table, in front of us while Gemma sat next to Jenny, on the side of the table. Mom was gentle with the amount of her questions, although I knew she was dying to know more. By the end of the dinner, I felt the situation being pleasant enough for me to leave and get our belongings inside from the car. Robin came to help me, leaving the ladies alone in the kitchen. When we came back, the nice view of them 3 laughing along welcomed me.  

“I see you’re all getting along well.”  

“Yep. They were just telling me some very nice childhood stories.” Jenny giggled.  

“Oh God. I think it’s time for me then to give you a tour around the house.”  

“Are you relieved yet?” I asked her as we made our ways upstairs to my old bedroom.  

“A little.”  

“Well then I guess you won’t like the idea of me introducing you to my old friends?”  

“Them too?”

“Well, yes, but we don’t have to meet them if you don’t want to.”  

“No. We can! I want to know them, just…you know me. I’m too anxious. But sure.” I opened the door to my room and let her in.  

“So…yeah. This was my room.” She giggled at the action figures and turned to the one-man bed.  

“I’m guessing we’re not sleeping here.”  

“Well, no. We’re sleeping out in the bungalow.”

“Aw really? That’s a special place.”  

“Thus you fit there.” I whispered in her ear as I wrapped my arms around her waist. I didn’t see her face, but I knew she blushed.

“Come on, let’s get back down for a little more, then we can go out.”  

A little later while Gemma and Jenny were having a conversation in the living room, I was in the kitchen helping mom with the drinks.

“So? What do you think about her?”  

“Why do you ask that Harry? I’ve hardly ever seen you being in love with anyone so much. My opinion shouldn’t matter. But if you want to know, I’m happy for you two. You chose a decent girl. I’m going to be honest with you, I had doubts when you told me back then how young she is, but it was all a waste of time. She’s polite, respectful, sweet, have plans and she loves you so much. Gemma and I were talking about that while you showed her around. She follows you everywhere but still knows where the line is between loving and clingy. She could be a little more confident, but now it’s your task to make her feel good enough to be confident. Take care of her, son. She’s a keeper.”

“Thanks mom, it means a lot to hear that my beloved mommy likes my choice of love.”

I hugged her and enjoyed the perfect moment. When she said ‘take care of her’ I knew she already did care about her. We walked back to join them, Gemma sitting in an armchair near the couch, showing some old stuff to Jenny, who sat on the couch. I hopped down next to her, my arms instantly adjusting to her frame. The whole day made my eyelids heavy, so while the ladies around me were chatting, I placed my head on her shoulder and let the calming sensation of her fingertips caressing my arm around her pull me into a light sleep.  

A chuckle, that I recognised as my mom’s, dragged me back to reality.

“Come on, Gemma. Let’s postpone this conversation for tomorrow and let them go to sleep. I see Harry’s quite tired.” Mom kissed my cheek and hugged Jenny saying goodnight to both of us. I led her out into the bungalow that was already made for us; the fridge was full and the bed was made. We didn’t really talk until we both changed into our PJ’s and crawled under the soft blanket. She curled up to my side and began drawing patterns into my skin.

“I hope you’re not one to steal the blanket.” She joked.  

“Just come closer if you’re cold.” I winked.

“You know, mom really likes you.”

“She does? Did she say something to you?”  



“You’re so impatient! She said something about you being perfect and…”

“What?” she interrupted as she sat up and looked at me in the dark.

“And you’re telling me this just like that?”  

“Well it’s not something new for me.”  

“Aww…I love you Harry.”  

“Yeah, she said that too. And added that I love you so much. She’s a really wise woman.”  

“She is. And the mother of the best guy on Earth.”  

“A little cheesy but I won’t ruin the moment.”  

“Aw you just did!” She laughed and hit me playfully.

“I won’t even cuddle you.” She grabbed the blanket and turned away from me, taking it all with her.  

“Hey, you’re a blanket thief!”  

“And you’re a mood ruiner!” I laughed and cuddled up to her, planting soft kisses on her neck.

“Okay, maybe you can get a little piece of it.”  

“Oh how generous you are.” She turned back to face me and kissed me.

“Good night.”  

“Night, love.”  

“Hey Harry?”  

“Hm?” I mumbled, half asleep.  

“This place is so intimate and special…”

My eyes popped open at the way she said special. I clearly remembered telling her she deserved something special when things got heated between us.  

“Y-yes it is. Why are you saying that?”  

“Well…I just. Uh…I thought maybe…never mind. I know you’re tired, we’ll talk tomorrow. Sleep tight.”

With that she turned her back at me and sighed heavily, leaving me there confused. Was she just implying that she wanted to have sex with me?

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