Little Things

Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


12. Who To Go With

That night when I got home, I ran up to my room, took the tickets out of my bag and started fangirling. Then I grabbed my phone and called Violet.

“Hey! How are you?”

“Hi Jenny, fine. What’s up?”

“Umm…I was wondering, are you free tomorrow?”

“No, sorry. We’re going to visit my gramps after school and we won’t be back until Sunday.”


“I’m really sorry. But what did you want to do?”

“Oh, it’s not important, have fun!”

“Yeah, as far as getting up early and hearing your brother complain about not being able to get online is count as fun. But thanks. I gotta go now, see you tomorrow!”

“Love you!” I hung up the phone, and sighed. Convincing Sissy to come with me will be much harder.

“Hey Sissy!” I said in a suspicious voice.

“Hi! What are you up to?” she knew me too well.

“Well, I was wondering…what do I have to do to make you come to a 1D concert with me?”

“Uhh..are you serious? I thought you didn't have tickets.”

“But now I have 2. Please come with me!”

“Can’t you just go with someone else?”

“Oh, let’s see…NO!”

“Did you ask Violet?”

“She has a family program.”

“Go, find someone else!”

“Please Sissy don’t make me go with Susan”

“Uhh…Fine! I’ll ask mom if we have any plans and if I’m free, I’ll go with you. But you owe me big time!”

“I love youuu!” I sang.

“I’ll call you back in 5 minutes.”

“OK” 5 minutes passed, but Sissy didn't call. I was so nervous, I was walking back and forth in my room, with the phone in my hand, then went down to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

“Are you okay, darling?” my mom asked.

“Sissy didn't call yet, I asked her to escort me to the concert.”

“Why don’t you go with Susan? She likes them too, and you always upset because you two drifted apart.”

“Argh, mom you don’t understand.” She urged me to continue.

“She always leaves me behind, but you know that. Remember when she asked me to go to her place for a movie-night? I was so happy that finally SHE asked ME to meet her, and in the end she cancelled it in the last minute. I’m always just a back-up for her, she uses me.”

“Then why are you trying so desperate to be friends with her again?”

“I don’t know” I sighed.

” I miss those times. She was my best friend, and guess I’m too naive.”

Just as I finished my phone rang.

“Finally Sissy! What took you so long?”

“Sorry, mom was on the phone. But I’m free, so guess I go with you.”

“Yay! I love youuu!”

“You’d better do!” she laughed.

“I’ll tell you the details tomorrow.”

“OK, bye!”

I was fangirling, then went to study, played with Laura and before bedtime I went online. I checked my twitter and another wave of happiness hit me, as I saw that the rest of One Direction followed me back.

“OMG! Guess twitter isn't the right place to fangirl anymore:D But anyway: asaygweq!!!:DD” I tweeted and laughed at myself.

After that I went on tumblr and wrote a long post about how excited I was, then I went to sleep. The next morning I got up extremely early. I couldn't sleep, I was planning the day.’ I’ll get home about 14:30, then I’ll have lunch. The concert starts at 8 pm. I have to catch the bus at 18:30, that leaves me 3 and a half hour.’  

A little later I had breakfast, dressed up and made everything in time. As I was standing in the bus stop later, I made sure to avoid Susan, because I knew she’d get the reason why I’m so happy out of me. Luckily one of her new friends arrived, and I knew she wouldn't talk to me like that. On the way I couldn't think about anything else, but the concert. I had Sissy’s ticket in my bag, mine was back at home, lying on my table. I was thinking about my outfit. What should I wear? I want to be pretty, but not provocative or something. Of course I’ll dance or jump like an idiot, so I shouldn't wear high-heels. Then: ballerina shoes, or sneakers?  It’s gonna be a hard decision. I got off the bus and walked into the school. As soon as I walked through the door, I spotted Sissy. I smiled but she didn't smile back. She was…feeling guilty? I made my way to her, I said hi and handed her the ticket, but she didn't take it.

“Please don’t say that you can’t come.”

“I’m so,so,so,so,soo sorry! We totally forgot about my aunt’s exhibition. Mom told me this morning.”

“And what am I supposed to do now?!” As I said it I heard a gasp next to me. I turned my head and saw Susan standing right next to me, her widened eyes on the ticket, her mouth’s wide opened. ‘Dammit’  I thought.


“OMG JENNY LET ME GO WITH YOU!” I looked at Sissy, then back to Susan. I sighed and handed her the ticket.

“I’m gonna go with bus at 18:30. You’ll come with me, or…”

“Of course I come with you!” She said, then hugged me and said goodbye.

“I’m not happy you’ll go with her.” Sissy said quietly, her voice and expression full of guilt. She’s never liked Susan, and the way she treated me but it was kind of her fault.

“I don’t really have a choice.”

“Just don’t let her fool you OK?” I smiled and hugged her.

On history lesson, I couldn't hold it back anymore: “Sissy, I need your help. I don’t know what to wear.” She laughed and put her books away. Wow! Sissy the nerd refused paying attention for me. She must have felt guilty. I smiled back.

“Have you got any ideas?”

“Well at first I need to decide: ballerina shoes or sneakers?”

“Hmm…well I think ballerina shoes. With that super tight jeans. You know the one that has zippers at the ankle.”

“Yeah, that’d look good. And what about the shirt?”

“Wear that off-the shoulder T-shirt.”

“The red one? I don’t know, my whole shoulder’s uncovered in that.”

“That’s the point! You have to be sexier than Susan, although it’s not hard. You’re always prettier than her.”

“Don’t be mean!”

“It’s the truth! Ok, I don’t like her, and yes, I’m biased with you, but everyone else would say that.”

“You know I don’t like to hear these things, I still consider her as a friend.”

“That’s a big mistake! She knows it and uses it against you.”

“Ok, whatever. Can’t we just leave it? Let’s talk about my hair.”

“Straighten it!”

“Ok, thanks. You helped a lot.”

Thanks to Sissy’s bad feeling, I wasn't bored all day. She wanted to know every single detail about Harry and me. Violet was happy that she had something to listen to instead of the teacher, so I kept on telling my story the whole day. Of course, I didn't work in the afternoon, I texted my boss, who always had a back-up girl. He knew that I couldn't work every day, so he found a girl who accepted the condition that she only has to work when I’m not free. I didn't even have lunch at school, as soon as the bell rang, I said goodbye and ran to my bus. I was perfectly in time. When I got home, the house was empty. Thank God, it remained empty until 4 pm. I made my lunch and sat down, just before my phone rang.


“Hi Jenny, it’s Suzie. So we’ll go at 18:30?

“Yep. Meet me at the bus station?”

“Of course. I can’t wait to finally spend some time with you.” I rolled my eyes.

“We have to talk about the rumors ”

“What rumors ”

“You didn't hear it? The whole twitter is full of rumors about Harry and a girl.” My stomach flipped. No it can’t be.

“What girl?”

“I’ll tell you on the bus, I gotta go now. See you later!”

“Yeah, bye!”

My hands were shaking. Did those girls took a picture of us the other day? Is that girl me? No, I don’t have time for this now. I ate my meal, then picked out my outfit and went to have a bath. It was so relaxing. I didn't care about the rumors  just laid in the hot water with some slow music on. About 30 minutes later I got out and took my underwear and robe on. I searched for my denim handbag, and put my stuffs in it: purse, beauty case, paper, pen, camera. Although I already had 2 of their signatures, Susan didn't know, so I had to act like it’ll be my very first time seeing them. Then I combed my hair, and dressed up. I really liked that outfit and was so grateful for Sissy to found that out. I made my way to the bathroom, and started to straighten my hair after I brushed my teeth.

“Jenny!” my little sister came in.

“Hey, honey how was your day in the kindergarten?”

“Good. Mom said you’ll go to see the beautiful.” I laughed.

She could sing the WMYB and the One Thing by heart, but she could never learn their names. She always called them ‘beautiful’ .

“Yes, I’m going to see them.”

“Can I go with you?”

“Aww, honey, I’m sorry, but you can’t.” She almost started crying, I ran up to her and hugged her tightly. “Don’t cry, I promise you’ll meet them once. And I’ll make loads of pictures OK?”

“Okay. Can I draw for them?”

“Of course, you can! Go make it until I get ready, and I’ll give it to them.”  

She kissed my cheek and ran downstairs. I went back to finish my hair, then I grabbed my make up bag. A little eyeliner, mascara, a slight blush, lip-gloss and my favorite perfume and ready! I grabbed my ticket and my phone, put them into my bag, and went downstairs.  

“Laura! Are you ready with the drawing?”


She ran up to me and handed me the paper. I looked at it and laughed. It was a drawing about her, the boys, and me. Of course, it was a very simple one, as simple as a 4-year-old girl could make, but it was sweet. I put it away and kissed her cheek. I grabbed my shoes, and my jacket and went to the door.

“I’m going to the concert, I’ll be back late!”

“How late?” mom asked.

“I don’t know. It starts at 8, and I have no idea how long will it last.”

“Call me and be careful!”

“God, mom. I’ll text if I don’t forget.”

“Well, don’t forget!!”

“Mom, I’ll meet with my favorite band. Do you really think that I won’t forget anything else?”


“I gotta go, I’ll miss the bus! Bye!”

I quickly walked out, before I got angry. On the way I quickly checked if I got everything. Ticket-checked, purse-checked, phone-checked, drawing-checked…

“Heey!” I got interrupted by Susan.

“Hi! OMG I’m so nervous!”

“Me too! You’re pretty.”

“Thank you! Oh, is this the top we bought together?”

“Yeah, I found it in my closet and thought it’d good.”

“Yes, it’s good.” I smiled.

“So how did you get the tickets? I remember you said that it sold out before you could buy one.”

“Yeah, umm… I got it from a friend.”


“Um… you don’t know him.”

“Him? Maybe you’re boyfriend?” She laughed.

But there was something in that laughter that made me think that she was thinking about how ridiculous that question was. Me having a boyfriend? I was sure she thought about it, and it made me sad.  

“No. He’s just a friend.”

“So he bought them and give them to you?”

“It was a gift.” I remained silent until the bus came.

After we sat down, her sentence crossed my mind. ‘ Rumors about Harry and a girl?’ “Hey, umm…so what are these rumors ”

“Oh really. I’m surprised you didn't hear. So a couple of fans saw them a few days ago. They were sitting in the Starbucks, near the bust station.” I gulped.

“And who’s that girl? Are there any photos of them?”

“No. I’m not sure if it’s true. Harry was in the Starbucks, the fans took pictures with him, but then why didn't they take a pic. of the girl?”

“Yeah, that’s weird.” I was so delighted.

“OMG I can’t wait to see them! We have to catch them at the end of the concert. Maybe if we go outside, to the back of the building…”

“Yeah, we can try. I have to give a drawing to them, so I hope we can meet them.”

“What drawing?”

“Laura made it. She wanted me to give it to them.”

She laughed and then we didn't talk until the bus stopped and we got off.

“We should hurry, the concert starts in 50 minutes.”

“OK. Let’s go.”

We only had to walk about 10 minutes and when we arrived, my jaw dropped. There were so many girls. We walked to the end of the queue and waited.

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