Little Things

Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


17. The Second Date

Harry’s POV   

“Today, amusement park, 6 pm. Can’t wait! xx”  

It was finally the day of our second date. We agreed to meet at the entrance at 6 pm. I planned everything. After the last interview of the day, I jumped into my car and drove home. I tried to put on some average clothes that could easily melt into the crowd since we were going to be in public. I had quite a few problems with that, but I can’t take her to a field every single time, right? So I’ll try to keep it cool. I even put on a beanie at least my curls would be covered this way. I changed the usual blazer into a casual still general jumper and jeans. I ruffled my hair and checked my watch. Perfect, let’s go. I arrived a lot earlier cause I wanted to buy our tickets, so we wouldn't have to stand in the line when she arrives. I paid for the tickets, then went to the “secret” spot we set our meeting. It wasn't secret to be honest, it was one of the old statues that decorated the park. But this lion one we talked about was really old and the took place on the east side of the park where there weren't many people. I felt awkward just standing there alone, so I pulled out my phone and went on twitter. About 10 minutes later I was still staring at the phone, when someone tapped my shoulder.

“Oh my God you are Harry Styles, omg please have my babies!” I exhaled a little louder than I should have, not caring to show my frustration. I turned to face the supposed crazy fan but found a cheekily grinning Jenny instead.

“Haha, nice try! But it’s a really rude thing making fun of your own kind.”

“My own kind?! Pff excuse-me?” I laughed at her mock-offended face then hugged her.

“Here’s your ticket.”  

“You shouldn't have bought my ticket.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Have you never been taken out by a true gentleman? We pay on the dates and you’d better get used to it.” she laughed and thanked me. I intertwined my arm with hers and we both walked through the arch that was used as the entry.  

Hundreds of people got in sight of them. Children laughing, screaming and crying. Parents taking photos or arguing with their kids. Teenagers drinking, laughing, dancing. There were so many people, and it all was so noisy, but in a good way. Children’s laughter really did light up the spirit. Suddenly I felt Jenny coming closer to me. I smiled as I felt her soft hands brushing against mine. But my smile faded away when I saw a little bit of panic in her eyes.

“Are you OK?” I had to lean really close to her ear, cause otherwise she wouldn't have heard it.

“Yeah…umm…I’m just…well I kinda get nervous in big crowds. But I’m ok, I promise!”

I took her hand in mine and ran my thumb across it soothingly. She smiled up to me and blushed. God how much I loved when she blushed!  

“Come on! Let’s go to the haunted trail!”

While we tried to break through the crowd, I’d never let go of her hands. I thought she’ll break away once we get out of that mess, but she didn't  That made me smile. We walked into an old, dark castle hand in hand. The perfect thing about that was only determined numbers of people could go in there at the same time. Since we were alone, just the two of us, and we didn't mean to go inside with strangers we managed to start our trip on the “Path of death” alone. The first roomed seemed to be abandoned, but as we headed to the next room random things started to move/scream/light up. At the first furnish, which was a moving chair, Jenny almost jumped out of her skin, then we both broke into fits of laughter. The second room was the mirror’s room. It was pretty easy to get lost, but we managed to reach the door. I creaked open the door to see something like a jail. There were grids everywhere, and behind the grids actual living, moving persons in scary costumes. They tried to reach us, they screamed and tried to touch us. I looked down at her, she was looking straight into my eyes. She sighed and grabbed my hand tighter.

“Let’s go!” she said and we both began walking towards the “monsters”. At the most scary part, where the path was so narrow that we couldn't get through without touching those people, one of them called me.

“Are you Harry Styles? My daughter loves you could you please sign this to her?” While I signed the man’s plastic axe, Jenny was literally crying of laughter. I joined her while I grabbed her hand again, and lead her out of the castle.

“Well…I don’t think his boss would be pleased with him. People aren't supposed to come out of here laughing. So, what’s next?”

During the next hours we went on every single thing that had nothing to do with stability. We sat on high towers that fell back so fast you couldn't feel the seat underneath you, and we played a lot with the fair-games. I even won a little figure that could be put on the key-bunch, I gave it to Jenny.

“How about we go to the big wheel? It’s so nice from the top in the evening!”

“Yeah, sure let’s go!”

We bought some popcorn and sat into the little wagon. The whole turned lasted for 30 minutes.

“It’s beautiful. And there’s no crowd. Yay!” she laughed.

“Yeah…can I ask you a question?”


“How do you deal with not being able to hang out with your friends and do nothing all day during summer?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, guess you work then, don’t you?”

“No I don’t. The owner has a daughter and during summer she’s the one who works.”

“Oh…you’re strange.”

“Why?” she asked chuckling.

“Well normal teenager work during summer not during school.”

“But you worked after school too.”

“Yeah, but I worked in summer too.”

“You’re the weird one!”

“Me?!” I fake-gasped. She started laughing and throwing popcorn to me.

Thus the big popcorn war began.

“Ok, ok stop! Oh my God my hair is full of popcorn.” she laughed.

I felt a few in my hair too, so I ruffled it in the usual way.

“What?” I asked as Jenny stared at me.

“It’s even cuter alive. I’m overwhelmed!” we burst out laughing again.

“You know the lads and I are gonna be out of town for a few more days, we’re leaving on Friday, and I was wondering if we could meet before that.”

“Yeah, I've got a break. Since we’re gonna take the final exams soon, we got one week off. And I won’t go to work cause I need to study, but yeah, I’d love to see you before you leave.”

“Great! Then would you like to come for a date with me again?”

“Definitely!” she blushed. “Any special thing about the scene?”

“You wanna keep that a secret again?”


“No!” she laughed. The ride was over and we were heading towards my car but we still fought about the spot being a secret or not. She was really-really stubborn.

“Ok, ok I give up! So how about the beach then? No crowd, no fans?”

“Perfect!” she smiled.

“But I've got one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“Let’s have a bonfire and some marshmallows”  

“Deal!” I laughed.

I drove her home, and escorted her up to the front door. I still held her hand and she intertwined our fingers like couples do. She blushed like crazy and I gave her a kiss on the cheek, hugged her and wished her a good night. I watched her walk inside, then drove home. Since it was pretty late I didn't expect Louis to be his annoying self and to start questioning me, he was already asleep. I went up to my room, and slowly went to sleep.




“Haz! Haz! Wake up! You might wanna see this.”

“Louis? What? Why did you wake me up?”

“Check these pictures!” he shoved his phone to my face and my jaw dropped.


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