Little Things

Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


23. The Perfect Dress

 “Hey guys!”

I greeted them with my tomato red face. They came over and hugged me one-by-one, asking how I've been. “

I've been good, thanks.”

“We could see that” Louis winked which earned muffled giggles from the others and a slight hit to the shoulder from Harry.

“So what do we eat?” Niall asked washing his hands together.

“The chicken is still in the oven, so why don’t we go to the living room until it’s ready?” Harry said gesturing us all over to the huge black leather couch in the middle of the living room. An arched door frame led to the spacious living room. The walls were white and there were big windows with a place to sit in front of it. The grey curtains were closed, the elegant, but small chandelier gave the lights in the room. In front of the big plasma TV was a black, leather couch with two black, leather armchairs at the sides.  Louis, Harry, me and Niall were sitting on the couch while Zayn and Liam were sitting on the armchairs.

“Jenny, I have to tell you that Harry can’t stop talking about you” Louis said.

Harry and I both turned slightly red and a small smile appeared on my face as I looked at him raising one eyebrow.

“Oh man come on!” Harry whined.

It made me giggle knowing it’s not just me who’ll suffer from the boys cheekiness during dinner.

“But seriously!” Niall continued.

“We know about your ankle, your eye, your exam, your mom and pretty much everything.”

“Hey shouldn't I be the one gossiping about you to millions of girls who’d think I’m living their dream? And they say girls like gossiping…”

My sentence earned a few giggles which helped me ease up a little. By the time the chicken was ready, we were practically lying all over each other, laughing. The dinner was just as pleasant, as the previous time, we enjoyed the meal together, as friends. I felt especially close with Niall, cause we found out we have so much in common.  

“I see you love bracelets just as much as Harry.” Liam chuckled.

“Oh well I do love them, but I usually don’t wear this much. I like to think they bring me luck so I put my favorites on for the exam.” “Is that Harry’s bracelet?”

“Oh yeah, he gav-“

“Is that a Justin Bieber bracelet?!” Niall interrupted me.

“Oh yes it is!” I giggled.

“I’m a fan since 2008.”

“Oh god…” Zayn mumbled.

“Niall found someone to fangirl with.”

“Did you see Never Say Never?”

“Of course! It’s awesome and just wow. Oh my God the part when he gets sick!”

“I know! Do you have the book?”

“Yep. My friends brought me as much JB stuff as they could find for my birthdays. I have at least 3 different necklaces and bracelets; I have a bag and a photo frame, the albums and the book.”

It was really hard to stop talking about my Justin obsession with Niall, since he was almost the only friend of mine, who was also a fan. None of my closest friends liked him, only a few girls from dance, but it wasn’t the same. Although, after Niall and I went through our best fan-moments, I managed to change the topic, so I could get to know the others too. They were all very nice to me, however I couldn't run away from Louis’ comments. A few hours later, the boys left to give me and Harry a little spare time before I had to go home.

“Bye guys!” I waved from the couch.

“See? I told you it won’t be bad.”

“Sorry about the JB thing. I got caught in the moment.”

“It’s okay. I’m glad you and the lads get along well. And you sure stole Niall’s heart tonight. You can cook and love Justin. I have to keep an eye on that lad!” I playfully hit his shoulder and giggled.

“What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Well after school I’ll probably be looking after my sister or planning prom things with Sissy.”

“Who are you going to prom with?”

“No one. I felt weird when guys asked me out recently, since I’m with you, and Sissy got a great excuse like this because there’s a guy who fancies her but she doesn't want anything from him, so now she can say she won’t go with him cause we’ll go together. I wish you could come but…

“How about I’ll make it up to you by having a private prom just you and me, under the stars?”

“Aww that’d be so romantic!”

“Then, after the prom.” He kissed my forehead and hugged me.

“I hate to say this, but I should probably go.”

“I know.” he sighed.

“Come on, I’ll take you home!”

“You don’t have to, I can just call my mom.”

“It’s okay sweetheart, I’ll take you home.”  


The next day during lunch, Sissy and I was sitting at a table, staring at Violet, who was at another table with the girls, Sissy and I hated the most.

“I just don’t get what she wants with them!” Sissy complained.

“Well she’s always wanted to belong to their group…”

“Yes, but can’t she hear what they say about us behind our back? And the word ‘us’ includes her too!”

“I know…guess she tries to impress them. I really don’t know why aren't we enough for her.”

“Yeah, but if she expects us to wait for her with opened arms when they kick her out…Anyways, prom! How about we go shopping on Friday?”

“I can’t, sorry! 1 month anniversary…”

“Aww! I’m happy for you, I hope you know that!”

“Of course I know. And I love you for that. How about we go shopping today? I have to go to the pet-store around 6 anyways, so we could spend the time dress-hunting.”

“Sounds good for me! Let’s go!”

We spent hours walking from one shop to another, trying on tons of various beautiful dresses, but when I finally found a decent one, Sissy didn't like it, so I put it back. She had a great sense of style, and she never failed, when it came to dresses that suited me.  

“Sissy! I’m tired!” I whined after we came out of another store, empty handed.

“Can we go to Starbucks before the next store?”

“Sure. I’ll treat you a coffee, since I made you put that dress back!”

“Yeah, what was your problem with it? It was beautiful!”

“Beautiful, but not perfect! Trust me, when I say we found it, every guys’ jaw will drop!”

I just sighed as I followed her inside. It felt so good finally having a little rest as we sat down with our orders.

“What color do you think would fit me?” She asked.

“Well…uhm maybe blue. That red dress looked amazing in that store but you have to admit pancake, you’re too pale to wear such a strong color ”

“I know… You know, your brown hair would look gorgeous with a pink dress.”

“But I want a dress I can wear when I meet Harry after the prom. I want to look perfect for him.”

We continued searching for the perfect color between giggles and pouts. We didn't even realize how long we've been sitting there; we had a well-deserved best friend time. Because of school and Harry I met Sissy less, so we had a lot to talk about. After a second of silence, when we both drank from our drinks, she nodded towards the counter and asked: ‘ Isn't that Harry?”

I turned around and saw Harry with Louis queuing in sunglasses and beanies.  

“Yep. Come on, I’ll introduce you!” I quickly looked around searching for any sign of cameras, then grabbed Sissy and pulled her towards the boys. For anyone else, who recognized them, it looked as if we were fans.

“Hey boys!” I greeted them cheerfully. They both turned around and smiled. Harry’s hands began reaching for me, but he quickly realized we were at a public place, so he pulled back and greeted us. Sissy must have noticed, because she giggled.

“Guys, this is my best friend, Sissy. Sissy they are Harry and Louis.”  

“You have no idea how much I've heard about you guys. And it’s not because I’m a fan.” She glared at me playfully, earning a giggle.

“Nice to meet you Sissy!” Harry said smiling.

“What are you girls doing here?”

“Having a little time-out, before we attack another store. What about you?”

“We had a break, so we came for coffees.” As we were talking, people started staring, obviously recognizing the lads.

“Uh….you’d better order and leave, before you get attacked by fans.”

“Yeah. I’ll call you later?”

“Sure. Bye guys!” Sissy and I went back to our table while the guys signed some papers and got their orders.

“He really is cute.” Sissy said.

“I know. He’s just perfect. I seriously don’t know how I got so lucky to have him.”

A few minutes later, we continued our way through the shops.  

“Sissy, I have to leave soon. It’s quarter to five, I have to be at the store by 6.”

“I know, just one more shop, please!”

I followed her inside the next boutique that was big and bright. It had the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen. I was looking at one pair, when I heard Sissy’s quite loud gasp.

“Jenny! Come over here, hurry! Look what I've found, perfect for you!” She was holding a beige dress which had golden straps that formed an X at the back. It also had a silver line at the waist.

“Wow…this is….I love it!”

“Well what are you waiting for?! Go try it on!”

She handed me the dress and pushed me towards the changing room. I examined the dress for a few seconds, then took off my clothes and put on the dress. It was the perfect size, I had to admit, it was worth leaving that other dress behind.  

“Are you ready yet?”

“Yep, come in!” Sissy opened the door and came inside the changing room.

“Wow! You have to buy it! It’s perfect. Do you like it?”

“Like? I love it! I just need a pair of high heels for it. I can’t leave it behind.”

“Harry will faint if he sees you dressed like this.”

“He’d better not!” I chuckled.

While she went back to find herself the perfect dress, I changed back to my own clothes, then joined the hunt. It didn't take half an hour until we found the perfect one for her too, It was a strapless dress, that’s lower part was black and the part from the waist was colorful  After she tried it on and we both made sure it was the perfect dress, we visited the shoes section. 20 minutes later I was rushing to the pet store with my brand new dress and a pair of beige high heels.  

“Hello George!” Entering the pet store, I saw my boss sitting behind the counter.

“You wanted to see me?”

“Yes, Jenny. Thank you for coming. We need to get your papers done, since you’re not working here anymore, right?”

“Yes.” Because of my leg, I thought I’d better stop working in the store a few weeks earlier.”  

“Well, I already have everything, you just need to sign these papers and take your last salary. It was a pleasure working with you, as usual.”

“Thank you.” I signed the papers and put the money away.

“Hey is the ragdoll cat back yet?”

“Yes actually, but I need a place to put her for a few days, maybe weeks. We can’t really put her back to the others yet. Can’t you take her home for that time?”

“I…uh…I don’t know. My mom doesn't really allow animals in the house, and she definitely needs a place inside.”

“Please. I don’t know where else to put her.”

“Uh…fine. I’ll just convince my mom somehow. Where is it now?”

“Back in the staff’s room. Thank you, you’re great!”

I walked back to pick the cat up, while called my mom to give me a ride. Ten minutes later I said goodbye to George, and walked towards my mom’s car. “What is that in your hand?” She asked with a slight irritation.

“This is a carrier and a cat inside, mom.”

“I see that. And why are you sitting in my car with a cat?”

“It needs a home for a few days. Please mom, she was really sick! I couldn't let her stay somewhere improper.”  

“Fine…for a few days only!”

“Thank you mom! Uh did I mention she needs to be inside?”

“What?! No, definitely not!”

“But please! You won’t even notice her, she’ll be in my room. Pleaseeeeeee!”  

She let out an annoyed sigh and kept driving, which meant, I won! At home I set up everything for the cat, then plopped down on my bed and texted Harry.  

“ Hey, I have to babysit a cat for a few days. Wanna come over sometimes?xx”

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