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Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


36. The Olympics



“I called Paul, he’ll be waiting for you at the back door. I need to park at the front.”

“That was unnecessary. We’re not a secret anymore.”

“Would you like to go through the crowd?”

“You’re right…thank you.”

“No problem, love. Could you take the coffees we bought with you?”


When the car stopped my hands reached for the door to open it, just to be stopped by Harry’s. I turned to him confused to find him staring at me lovingly. That kind of staring that makes me forget everything. He pulled down one side of the beanie and tucked my waves behind my ear.

“I’ll be right in.”

I nodded and got out of the car, still mesmerized by him. After I closed the door I realized I forgot the coffees, so I opened it again…as I said, makes me forget everything. Paul was there to take me inside to the boys, just as Harry promised. After passing a few rooms and an unbelievably long corridor, I finally spotted them goofing around. Except Niall, who was playing on his guitar.

“Morning boys!”

“Hey! What a surprise and you brought coffee! You should visit more.” I laughed as I handed out the drinks.

“Had fun yesterday?” I blushed as I felt them eye my shirt, Harry’s shirt. 

“How about you Tomlinson?”

“I slept well, thank you very much.” I rolled my eyes at his tone and plopped down next to Niall on the couch.

“Is it for the album?” I asked referring to the tune he was practicing a few moments ago.

“Yeah, I’m going to play in a few songs.”

“That’s awesome. Can I hear one?” he put his drink down and began strumming on the instrument.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his fingers as they worked magic on the strings making beautiful melodies fill the studio. He stopped when Harry stepped into the room ready to start working.

“That was amazing Niall. I can’t wait to hear you all sing.”

“In like 5 minutes sweetie.” Harry sat down and nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck. I started giggling as he exhaled onto my skin and pulled away.

“Stop, you know that tickles me!” he just smiled smugly and scooted closer so I stood up and looked around in the room instead.

On the walls there were papers with dates and pictures of the boys at award shows and other important events. I looked at the dates and my eyes widened.

“You’re going to perform at the Olympics?”

“Um yeah…”

“Why no one knows about it?”

“It’s a surprise kind of thing. When they publish the list of the closing acts we confirm it, but until that we’re just hiding.”

“But what’s the point of it? That’s amazing! I mean the Olympics! Wow…just wow.” the boys chuckled and went back doing whatever they were doing, but Harry came up behind me, his hands flying to their usual place. He rested his chin on my shoulder while I scanned the wall. On the left side of it with big letters was a title that made my stomach flip: ‘Take Me Home Tour’. The first dates in the late months of autumn, starting in America and it continued all the way until the summer of next year. Places all over the world were lined up one after another. The hands on my waist pulled me closer to the body they attached to, and their grip became tighter on me.

“It’s going to be a long tour.” I whispered.

“We’ll be home for Christmas and…I’ll fly you out, we’ll talk and…”

“I know.” I turned around and cupped his face getting a taste of how much I was going to miss him. By his reaction I knew he was going to miss me too. I pulled his face closer to mine by his neck and pressed my lips on top of his. He smiled into the kiss and rested his forehead on mine after we broke away.

“I love you.”

“I love you t-“

“Okay lovebirds, time to work!”

Harry groaned as he walked over to join the boys while I sat down on the couch. They were discussing something about a song with a man I didn’t know. The first one to enter the recording booth was Liam. He put on the headphones and the music started. 

“Whenever I close my eyes I picture you there…”

I got caught on the new tunes. They all sounded so different…in a good way. Harry’s deep, raspy voice made me shiver during all 3 songs they sang that morning. All of them sounded perfect. I could tell they all were really excited about the next months coming and while a part of me was happy for them, the other was more scared. Scared of the big distance, the new people they were going to meet, the time, the fame. The future was scary for me, so I chose to enjoy every second of the present, making all kinds of plans with my boyfriend. We were inseparable, spending as much time together as possible. I usually joined them in the studio, sometimes I even went to interviews and other places. But the best was definitely the Olympics. Even the fact that I was invited and wanted to go and support them was amazing. The rehearsals were excellent and you couldn’t tell how nervous they were. However on the day of the event it was more than obvious.      

When I woke up that morning, the bed was empty, which was something rare and something that made me frown. I climbed out of it and walked downstairs to see at least 3 kinds of food on the table.

“Christ are the boys coming over for breakfast?”

“Uhm no? Is this too much?”

“Naah just a little.” I said wrapping my arms around him.

“How long have you been awake?”

“A few hours now.”

“Honey you should’ve rested!”

“I couldn’t.”

“Come on, let’s eat then.”

I could tell he was more than nervous. He was barely able to hold the fork normally.

“You know what, I’m not even that hungry.”

“You have to eat. Please. And then we’ll do something relaxing okay?” he reluctantly lifted the fork up to his mouth and ate the little piece of bacon.

After unwillingly shoving more food into his mouth he put the plates away, while I walked up to him and hugged him from behind.

“So what do you want to do today? Go for a walk?”

“No. Let’s stay inside, please. Until I have to pick mom up.”

“Okay. Then a movie?”

“Mhm.” we walked back up to the bedroom and put on a random movie.

We both knew none of us were going to watch it, Harry was too tensed.

“Come here.” I patted the bed between my legs and began massaging his shoulders after he climbed over.

“You’ll be great. More than great. You’ll just go out and have fun. And I’ll be sitting in the audience with your mom and Gemma and we’ll be the proudest females on Earth.”

“But what if I mess up?”

“That won’t happen. Just look at me when you’re nervous okay? I know you can do it.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I know you. I know you’re amazing and I trust you. To prove that I promise if you mess up I’ll shave my hair.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Maybe a little. So remember, if you still want to play with my hair before falling asleep you have to do good!”

“No pressure…”

“Hey, stop worrying!” he sighed and let me massage the stress out of his tensed shoulders.



A few hours later he went to pick up Anne and Gemma. He only had time to drop them off and for me to wish him good luck and kiss him, then he had to leave for the last rehearsal. 

“It’s nice to see you again darling!” Anne greeted me. 

“You too, both of you. And you look absolutely amazing. If you excuse me, I’m going to go get ready real quick. I had to calm Harry down all day, so I didn’t have time for that.”

“Go ahead, we’ll be in the living room.”

I quickly ran upstairs and into the bathroom to have a quick shower and put on my violet dress. I straightened my hair and put on some makeup before I joined the others downstairs. 

“You look beautiful!”

“Thank you! When do we leave?”

“In an hour, darling. Until then, how are you and Harry? Is he treating you right?”

I chuckled at the way Anne asked that question and sat down next to her.

“We’re great and I can’t even think of one single bad thing about him. He’s amazing, so caring and loving. Just like his mom.” she smiled and hugged me.

“I’m so glad he finally found someone who makes him so happy. He talks about you a lot.”

“You’re making me blush!” we talked for the rest of the hour, then we called a taxi and left. It took a good 40 minutes to get inside the venue because of the huge crowd.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the boys before the show, so I sent them a message instead. Close to our seats were sitting Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie, all very excited to see the performance. When it finally started and the boys’ car rolled out I saw Anne’s eyes getting glossy with tears. Gemma and I both hugged her, and we continued watching them sing like that. When they stopped and walked off the mini-stage, I caught a glimpse of Harry’s beautiful green eyes. He looked at me while singing, thus he let me know how nervous he felt. I smiled and blew him a kiss before he climbed back to the vehicle and disappeared from the audience’s eyes. We couldn’t wait until they finally got to us, so we could congratulate to them. While I hugged the other boys, Anne was practically pushing the air out of Harry’s lungs with her tight embrace.

“I’m so proud of you!”

“Thanks mom.”

“Look at my little baby being a superstar. I love you so much.”

“I love you too mom.” After giving a kiss on the cheek for both Anne and Gemma, he finally got to me.

“I guess I’m keeping my hair?” I smiled.

“Indeed you are.”

“You were incredible out there.” I whispered into his neck as I hugged him.

“I’m really proud of you.”

“Thank you. It means a lot that you’re here to support me.”

I kissed his cheek and pulled him down into his seat before the people around us could’ve started complaining. He intertwined our hands and we continued watching the performances. 

After a while, we all took off to have a few drinks as celebration. Everyone came, family, friends, girlfriends. Even Ed joined us, which was an absolute pleasure. Anne and Gemma stayed at Harry’s place for the night, so we didn’t stay out too long just to be able to catch up with them a little. Only a little though, because all 4 of us were incredibly tired. Before going to sleep, we all agreed on a nice trip to Holmes Chapel before my school and Harry’s tour began. I said goodnight and walked upstairs, leaving him with his family a little, knowing how much they missed each other. I was half asleep when Harry climbed into the bed next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into his chest. Even in that half-dead condition, I could clearly feel his lips curl into a smile on my skin.

“Feeling a little euphoria?”

“Yeah. I think I just realized what happened. We performed at the Olympics. In front of the whole world!”

“Well that was quick dummy. You did and you couldn’t have been better.”

“You’re beautiful when you’re asleep.”

“I’m not asleep yet, cause you’re always talking.”

“Sorry.” he chuckled.

“Good night angel.”

“Angel? That’s a new one.” he chuckled again and nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck. 

“Sweet dreams.”



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