Little Things

Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


13. The Concert


“Let’s get in the line before the crowd gets bigger.” I said.

Susan and I walked closer and searched for our tickets. There were screaming girls everywhere, and I started to feel uncomfortable. I didn't really like crowds. I’m not claustrophobic or something, just really hate being surrounded by hundreds of people. We were queuing for more than 30 minutes and when we finally got in, I was incredibly grateful that the place was seated. I wouldn't have last if I couldn't sit down a little. 

“By the way, I brought a sketch book, and I thought we could write something and show them.” Susan said.

“Ok, we’ll see.” I grabbed my camera, and switched it on.

The spirit of the arena was amazing. We were chanting loudly: ONE DIRECTION! until the little movie on the screen started. Everybody screamed and stood up. I put my jacket into my bag, and started to sing with the lads, as soon as they walked out and started to play What Makes You Beautiful. When they saw me, Louis sent a cheeky smile, Niall poked Liam and Zayn and pointed at me, and Harry just smiled cutely. I smiled back and continued singing. When we reached the chorus, I couldn't hold it back anymore, the fangirling took over me and Susan and we both started jumping, screaming, singing, and dancing crazily. The feeling was incredible, it was totally different seeing them performing, than seeing them in person. When Harry’s solo came, they all stopped, Harry stood in the middle, in front of me, and looked straight into my eyes. I couldn't move, I felt like I was going to melt. „Baby you light up my world like nobody else The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell You don’t know ,Oh Oh You don’t know you’re beautiful”

When they started fooling around again, Susan grabbed me, and began screaming at me: “OMFG did you see it?! Harry was singing to me, OMG!” I knew he’d like me, I can’t wait to meet him.” I wanted to protest, but just shrugged it off, and said: “Of course he was…” 2 or 3 more tracks later she poked me, and gave her pen and scratch book to me.

“Let’s write something to them.”

“Go ahead!”

“I don’t want to. You do.”

“OK, but then hold the camera.” I found a plain page, and started to write ‘NIALL’ and to the next page ‘JUMP!’. The song was perfect, Up all night, so I held it as high as I could. Louis noticed that I was holding a paper with Niall’s name, and nudged him. He looked at me, and when he read it, I turned to the next page that said ‘JUMP!’. He smiled and nodded, then jumped as high as he could. The girls started to scream all over the place. I put the things away and got my camera back. After the song, they all sat down and started to read the tweets. While Liam was answering one, I saw Harry typing on his phone, then looked at me, and shook it. I checked mine, and saw a message from him.  

“Come to the back of the building after the show. Not where our bus is parking, the other side! PS: You are gorgeous!”

I smiled at the ground, then wrote back:

“Thank you! Do you mind if I go with my friend? BTW my sister sent something to you guys haha:D The concert is amazing”

“No problem. Guess ‘I don’t know you’ then, right? “

“Yeah, it’d be better if she didn't know…not exactly my best friend…”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a long story. Now go back to sing!:)”

They continued the show, with some slow songs. They were so much more touching and emotional. This whole experience was indescribable. After the last song they said goodbye: “Thank you for coming, you guys were amazing. Good night!”

As they walked off the stage, the girls started to run out in the hope that they can catch them at their bus. Susan wanted to go to the same direction, but I pulled her away.

“What are you doing?’” she asked.

“Let’s go to the other side.”


“Trust me!”

Hardly, but I was able to drag her away. When we arrived, they were waiting for us.

“OMFG!” she started to run over, while I walked casually.

“H-hi Harry!” I rolled my eyes; of course, she’d go straight to Harry…

“Hey girls!”

“Hi!” I said when I reached them. Harry smiled at me carefully, and wanted to say something but Susan didn't let him.

“Can we please take a few pics?”

“Of course!”

“Jen…Oh by the way, I’m Susan, but you can call me Suzie or Sus! Jenny give me the camera, I’ll take a pic of you first.”

“Huh? Oh yeah…” I searched and handed it to her.

“Who do you want to take it with?” Liam asked.

“With all of you of course!” Harry quickly walked next to me, Niall at my other side, Lou next to Harry, Liam and Zayn next to Niall. I felt Harry’s hand slid down to my waist, and I felt my cheeks burn. We smiled, Niall even said “cheese” and then I took the camera. Susan walked over and smiled.

“Harry?” She hugged him very tightly, and I took a picture of them. I put it away, and walked up to them.

“So girls, do you want to hang out a little?”

“Of course!”

“Let’s walk then!”

Before anyone could even move, Susan grabbed Harry’s hand and pulled him away. The 2 of them were walking in front of the 5 of us. Niall and Lou were next to me, our arms intertwined by the elbow. I laughed at it, but didn't break away.

“So did you like the concert?”

“Of course I did, you guys are amazing. BTW nice jump Niall!”

“Thanks” he laughed.

“Umm..where are we going?”

“To the Starbucks ” Harry said.

“All of us?”


We continued walking. Susan was totally flirting with Harry, she was practically climbing on him!

“So…” Lou started.

“Guess he’s her favorite  right?”

“Umm…yeah. I don’t even know what to say, I don’t see the point of making a picture with only one of you.”

“Are you jealous?” he asked and laughed.

“Nooo! Haha, omg why would I be?”

“Well look at them…”

“So?” “Haha, nothing.”

“Lou, told me you’re dancing.” Liam said.

“Yeah, but it’s just a hobby. Don’t even try to mention Danielle and me in the same sentence.” we laughed.

“Stop joking! I need to ask something really important!” Niall said.

“Do you like Nandos?” We all burst out laughing, but I managed to answer.

“Yes, and I also like turtles, carrots and Zayn.” He glanced at me surprised.

“What? I’m not vain, so I’m not gonna say mirrors.”

“Haha, I’m not that vain.”

“Ooh, please!”

We laughed again. A few minutes later, we reached the Starbucks, and I stopped, remembering the last time I've been there with Harry. He saw my hesitation, and smiled.

“You know what? I’m gonna buy the drinks, and we can go somewhere else. Is that OK?” I smiled 


“So what’d you like to have? Caramel cream frappucino?”


“How did you know? That’s her favorite ”

Susan asked raising one eyebrow. Harry and I both realized he said too much.

“Umm…well most of the girls want that. So what’d you like?”

“I’ll just go with you and help get them.” she said. They both walked inside and I stayed with the others outside.


Harry’s POV 

Susan and I walked inside. Well, the night wasn't going the way I expected. She didn't leave me alone for a minute, but I couldn't do anything about it, cause Jenny wanted to keep us a secret, but I just really wanted to spend a few minutes with her. I ordered the drinks, and I saw a chance as we received the first 4 cups.

“I’m gonna take these out for the others. I've already paid for it, so you just have to wait for the rest OK?” 

“Yeah.” she said, a little disappointingly but I didn't care. I walked out, and saw them all laughing. She was simply beautiful. Her hair even longer than it usually was due to the straightening. Her left shoulder was uncovered and it really drove me insane. I wanted to kiss her so bad.

“Here are your coffees.” I handed them, and smiled when I accidentally touched her hand.

“Where did you leave her?” Zayn asked.

“She’s waiting for the rest.”

“She’s too much, I know and I’m really sorry. I had no idea she’d act like that.” Jenny said.

“Well, I could spend a few minutes without her hanging on me, but…haha. Don’t be sorry!”

“Anyway nice saving! “Most girls want that.”  

“Yeah, sorry about that, it was close.”

When Susan came out, we all stopped talking. I started to drink my coffee, while she handed the rest to the boys. We all walked towards a little park, Susan and I a few steps ahead. She told me about herself, but I didn't really pay attention, I could only hear the laughter that came from the others. They had a great time, and I was jealous. The park was quiet, and although it was clouded, we could still see a few stars. There were some benches, so we sat down. Susan, me, Jenny and Niall sat on the first one, the others sat on the next one. We asked the girls about their days, but it was only Susan, who talked, and it pissed me off. She seemed to be so confident, with a strong personality, while Jenny was shy, and insecure. It wasn't hard to see that Susan knew that, and used it. What’s more, when she talked about their past, when they were classmates, I felt like she wanted to make her feel embarrassed. She talked about how clumsy Jenny is, and I caught her blush several times. I didn't know if I should say something against it. I wanted, but in Susan’s eyes, it was the first time we met. I've been brought back from my thoughts when Niall said something funny. I didn't hear it, but everyone was laughing.

“Oh my God Jenny, do you remember when…”

“In 8th grade?”

“Yes! You know that thing during English lesson.”

“Yeeah, omg that was soo embarrassing and hilarious!”

“Umm…guys, I feel like we've been locked out of the conversation.” Liam said. We laughed, and Susan started to tell us their story, but when she got to the funny part, I guess, she started laughing and poked Jenny to continue, who was holding her stomach, while was laughing so hard, I wasn't sure she was still breathing. She took a deep breath, and continued the story, but she also stopped and kept on laughing. At that point, we all laughed. There was nothing funny, just the way she laughed. It made others laugh too.

“Ok Jenny, remember, you have to breath.” Niall said, but he also laughed. 

“OK, I’m gonna be serious.”

The girls exchanged a look, and burst out laughing again, but this time, Jenny was crying. She slowly calmed down, and wiped away her tears with her mascara, that flowed down.


“Hey Harry, do you want to walk?” Susan asked.

“Umm…” I couldn’t answer, she dragged me away. I saw the boys sat next to Jenny, and they continued talking. I was angry now. Why did she drag me away? After a few minutes, I looked back, and saw Jenny explaining something while pointing to the sky.

“Hm…she likes these astronomical things. I find it pretty boring.” Susan shrugged. I looked at her in disbelief. She definitely wanted me to think that Jenny’s lame.

“Let’s talk about us. I saw you were singing to me during WMYB.”

“Actually, I wasn't  I sang to Jenny.”

I knew it sounded rude, but I just didn't give a shit.

“To her?” The disguise in her voice made me squeeze my hand into a fist.

“Yeah…to her.”

“Well…” she searched for something in her bag.

“I’m way better company than her, so if you change your mind…”

She handed me a paper, with her twitter and phone number.


Jenny’s POV 

“And that’s the Centaurus”

“I’never see them” Zayn pouted.

“It took me quite a lot of time, but now I can recognize a lot.”

While Harry and Susan were walking, I stayed back with the boys. They were really nice, they asked a lot about me, and told me a lot about them.

“What are you doing guys?” Harry asked when he came back, Susan a few steps behind him.

“Jenny showed us a few constellations. She’s really smart.”

“No, I’m not.” I blushed.

“I’m just interested in the topic.” I smiled and glanced at Susan. My smile immediately disappeared, when I saw her death-glare towards me. She looked away, before I could ask what’s wrong. I decided to leave it, until we’ll be alone. I checked my watch.

“Umm… I should go soon. My mom will freak out, if I get home too late.”

“Wa can take you guys home.”

“No, thanks. I mean I don’t know if Susan…but I’m gonna be fine with the bus. I still have about 25 mins.”

“Are you sure? We don’t want any of our fans to walk alone this late.”

“You’re sweet, but I’m gonna be fine.”

Actually it was quite late. I knew I won’t get home before midnight, and I hated travel at night, but I didn't want them to take me home. I started to shiver, luckily I had my jacket in my bag.

“Could you please hold it for a second?”

I handed my coffee to Niall, and took my jacket on. I caught Harry’s expression, when I pulled my hair to one side, and I found it pretty funny. I giggled, but also blushed, while I took back my cup and thanked him.

“So now what?”

“There’s a play-field a few minutes away.”

“The swing is mine!” I shouted as I ran towards it.

“Hey! Cheater!” Harry shouted and ran after me. I've always hated running, but I wanted to beat him which was extremely hard. He was 3 times faster due to his super-long legs, but I managed to win.

“I…WON!” I barely could talk, I was totally out of breath.

“Not many girls can tell that.” he laughed.

“I know you let me win.”

“Maybe” he winked.

“Want me to push you?”

“I think I’m old enough to swing alone, haha.”

“You’re just afraid, I’ll push you too high.”

“Well, I can see myself being pushed out of this swing.”

“I’d never hurt you.” he said.

He was so close to me, I could feel his warm breath on me. He took a step backwards, as the others arrived. I smiled, and started to swing, After a while, he stopped it, and reached for my hand.

“Hey!!!” I pouted.

“Come to the teeter with me.” He pulled me over, and sat down.

“Umm..Harry. I don’t think it was made for teenagers.”

“Oh come on! It’ll be fun!” I sighed and sat down to the other side of it. He pushed himself up and I reached the ground. Then I pushed myself up, but he didn't let me fall back. The teeter was pretty high, my legs couldn't touch the ground. I started to frolic, and he laughed.

“Hey, let me down!”

“No. It’s funny.”

“No, it’s not.” I said, but he just laughed. I waited a little, then tuned back to the others.

“Can I have a little help?” They laughed but Louis came to help me. I smiled and slicked my tongue out to Harry, who was still laughing. Before Louis reached us, he let me down. I quickly stood up, but Harry protested: “Where are you going?!”

“Do you really think I’d trust you after this?” I laughed.

“Anyway, I should go back to the bust station now.” I looked at Susan, who looked like she wanted to punch me.

“Are you coming with me?” I asked. She turned around and started to walk.

“Do I have a choice?” she mumbled. She walked in front of us, which made no sense to me.

“What’s her problem?” I asked not loud enough for hear to hear it.

“Umm..I think it’s my fault. I’m sorry.” Harry said.

“What do you mean?”

“She thought I was singing to her, and I…I was a little jerk when I told her I was singing to you.”


“I’m sorry, I didn't want her to be like this to you.”

“Don’t apologies  She shouldn't act like this. I didn't want to come with her in the first place. But she asked me and now…argh. Whatever. Let’s talk about your trip. Where will you go?”

“To France. It won’t be a big deal, and we probably won’t have time to enjoy it.”

“Have you ever been there?’


“But you learn French, right?”


“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce sor?” (Do you want to sleep with me tonight?) Harry asked, and laughed at my shocked expression.

“I’m just kidding.”

“Can you speak other languages?”

“Spanish and Hungarian.”

“Tú hablas español?” (You speak Spanish?)

“Sí. But I’m still learning and it’s pretty awful at the moment.”

“And Hungarian is like a native language to you, right?”

“Kinda. My mom used to talk to me in that language, until I learned it. And she does the same with my sister. Oh, I almost forgot!” I searched for the drawing and gave it to Harry.

“She’s only 4 years old, so yeah…It meant to be you guys, my sister and me.”

“It’s really sweet, tell her we loved it!”

“She’ll jump out of her skin.” At the station, Susan went straight to the bus. I sighed and turned to the boys.

“Guess it’ll be a super-awkward 40 minutes. Thanks guys for the ticket and the coffee and everything!”

“No problem.” I hugged them all, and said goodbye, but before I left, Harry stopped me. He looked at the others, who smiled, waved and walked away.

“Sure you don’t want a ride home?”

“You’re worried about me?”

“Yes. It’s late. I don’t like the idea of you walking home alone in the middle of the night.” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!”

“Text me when you get home?”

“You’re worse than my mother!” I laughed.

“I’m serious.”

“I will.”

“Thanks. Good night!”

“Bye, have fun in France!” I walked to the bus, and searched for Susan, she sat at the back. I wanted to sit next to her, but she put her bag to the seat, so I couldn't sit down. I wanted to shout with her, but I just took a big breath, sat down behind her, and texted to Sissy.

“Are you still awake?”

“Yeah, how was the concert?”

“Amazing, but Susan…,”

“Now what?”

“She got angry with me, because Harry wasn't interested in her, but in me. I just argh…I’m soo angry now! I let her come with me and…”

“I’ll sleep at your place tomorrow, Ok?” We’ll talk about it.”

“Ok, go to sleep then!xx”

“Night! xoxo”

When we got off the bus, Susan didn't even say a word, just walked away. I felt the tears gather in my eyes. I hated it. I quickly walked home, and went up to my room, trying not to wake anyone up. I changed to PJ’s then grabbed my phone.

“I’m home, ready to sleep! Thanks for everything! Sweet dreams!xx”

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