Little Things

Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


18. Rumours

Jenny’s POV   

The warmth of the sunlight that sneaked into my room through the window woke me up. But surprisingly I wasn't mad at all. In fact I felt like the happiest person alive. Birds were singing on my balcony, break was in front of me, nothing to worry about. The thought of the previous day conjured a constant, wide smile on my face. I flashed back to our first date, the perfect first date. He was an absolute gentleman, I was falling for him…hard. I stretched as I sat up, and went down to the kitchen, where I found my whole family.

“Goood morning!” I sang.

“Whoa what happened to you? Where’s your usual grumpy self?”

“Ha-ha very funny!”

“How was the date?”


“Would you tell us a little more about it?”

“Nope. It was really good and I’m going out again sometimes during next week.”

“When will you introduce him to us?”

“That’s a little early don’t you think? I’ll see…”

I went back to my room with my coffee, and jumped into the bed. I grabbed my phone and plugged it since its battery died. I switched it on revealing 5 missed calls and 3 messages. I read the last message at first. It was from Harry, and it said:  

“I’m sorry. I didn't mean it, I should have thought about it at first:/”  

I was beyond confused. What was he talking about? I went to the first message and read all of them.  

“Hi! I’m really sorry that I have to ruin your Sunday morning, but you have to know. Check twitter!”  

“Did you check it? Or…look I’m sorry, please call me when you get this!”  

Well it still didn't make any sense to me, but I went online and logged onto twitter. I didn't see anything weird, until I checked the trends. On the second place #Harryandthemysteriousgirl was trending with two more 1D related trends: #HarrycheatedonLouis and #1Dramaintheair. What the hell was going on? I clicked on the first trend revealing thousands of tweets that contained that expression.  

“Seems like Larry Stylinson’s been destroyed.”  

“Who’s that bitch?”  

“lol guys calm down, probably just a whore. Harry’s horny since Louis’ with Eleanor.”  

Then I finally found a useful tweet with a picture. I opened it and my jaw dropped. It was a picture of Harry and me in the amusement park. No way! It was taken during the first 5 minutes or so. Are we really that unlucky? On the picture, Harry and I stood really close to each other, my hair luckily covered my face, but this was the moment when Harry said something and had to lean to my ear. In the picture, it seemed just like he gave a kiss on my cheek. I called Harry.

“Hi! Thank God, I thought you might don’t wanna talk with me again.”

“Hey! Don’t be silly, I was just sleeping. I don’t really mind as far as no one can recognize me. And by the picture I’m actually looking at would be pretty hard. It’s a good thing I've got long hair.”

“Yeah, but I’m so so so sorry!”

“Harry, it’s not your fault! And nothing happened! Don’t apologize.”

“But I shouldn't have been so stupid to take you to a public place, I…”

“Hey! Stop it ok? Don’t exaggerate!”

“Then how about the next date?”

“Yeah, we should decide the day.”

“So you wanna come?”

“Oh come on Harry! Just forget it ok? Of course I wanna go. So…how about Wednesday?”

“Perfect for me. I’ll pick you up around 7.”

“Great! Have a nice day!”

“You too! Bye!”  

I put down the phone and chuckled to myself. He’s so sweet, he was worried but it’s really not a big deal. However, my smile faded as I went through more and more tweets. They don’t even know me, they don’t even know what was going on at that moment. What would have happened if he actually kissed me, or if my face was recognizable  I decided to just leave it. I’m not gonna let some crazy directionators ruin my pink-clouded world. I logged onto tumblr, where I faced with the same thing. My dashboard full of Harry, questions and heartbroken girls. Even my ask box was full of people asking for my opinion. While I was trying to write something decent to the questions, that eventually turned out to be something that no human living can ever understand, my phone rang.

“Hi Sissy!”

“Hey! Do you know that you’re all over the internet? The heat magazine even has an article about you two.”

“WHAT?! wh-what do you mean…how…”

“Relax! Except for your back and hair, nothing of you is visible.”

“Then how do you? Argh…you’re confusing!”

“We bought that shirt together remember? And I knew you were the one with Harry. But don’t worry! I don’t think anyone else could find out that’s you!”

“You just caused me a heart attack, you idiot! Do not ever scare me like that again!”

“Haha, sorry. BTW I wanted to ask that when will we go shopping for the prom?”  

“Isn't that a little early? We've got more than a month!”

“I know, but I don’t want others to get all the nice dresses!”

“We have time calm down! Anyway omg imagine!!! Harry asked me out again!” I screamed.

“Really? Ooooh it’ll be your third date!” she sang

“I knoooow! I’m soo excited and nervous I mean…you know he’s Harry Styles, the heartthrob and the ladies man etc. and we still just hold hands and hug and stuff. Do you think I’m stupid?”

“Why would you be stupid?”

“Well…don’t you think it’s a little…slow?”

“Look cupcake…”

“Cupcake? omg it’s been years since you called me like that pancake!”

“I know” she laughed

“but I found our old “mission diary” do you remember that? We used to write all of our dreams and goals in life in that. Your code name was cupcake and mine was pancake.”  

“Of course I remember! Omg I miss those times haha. We held so many PJ parties in that fort thingy.”

“Yeah…so I decided I’m gonna call you cupcake again!”

“Omg please don’t.”

“Don’t even try to change my mind cupcake!”

“Ok, then pancake. So back to my love-life…”

“Oh really. So I think there isn't such thing as too slow. Ok, there is but you have to decide. I think it’s still not late. And your case is totally different. He’s famous and I’m sorry but he can get any girl.”


“Sorry, cupcake! Be careful with him, try not to fall for him too hard!”

“ I've already fallen for him the first time I heard his angelic voice.”

“Oh God not again…!”

“But seriously…I think he’s already proved that he’s not the player you thought he is.”

“Proved with what?”

“Well, you know how busy he is. He still found time almost every day to visit me. And he respects my pace, he didn't force me to kiss him or something. And when he held my hand yesterday, he was so gentle, looking for any sign of objection.”

“I’m still not convinced. But I see how happy he makes you so I’m gonna shut up. But be careful please!”

“I’ll be. Thank you. u know I love you, right Pancake? I’m gonna change your name in my contact list to pancake. It’s hilarious.”

“Same here cupcake! I gotta go, talk you later! Love you!”



Harry’s POV   

Well that’s just my luck. They catch us during the first few minutes, pictures are all over the media and for the next few days, we only have interviews.

“Man, you really have to calm down. If you walk in there like this, they won’t even have to ask. It’s on your face. Calm down! Do you know what will you say?” Louis asked while we were waiting for the interviewer to call us in on Monday afternoon.

“Yep. I just need some water and I’ll be fine.” A few minutes later a man came, and escorted us to the room where the interview took place.

“And right now, I can greet the biggest boy band in the whole universe; it’s One Direction!”

We casually walked inside, greeted the interviewer and sat down.

“So guys, it’s an absolute pleasure having you here right now. It’s crazy what’s going on out there. Do you always have that big crowd wherever you go?”

“Yeah, I know it’s amazing. Our fans are incredible! No matter what, rain or heat, they are unstoppable.” Liam said.

“Yeah, daddy direction over here usually complain about not wanting them to get a cold.” Louis laughed.

“And you recently were in France, working on your new music video, right?”

“Yeah, More Than This. We’ll release a teaser soon.”

“Great! And you also have tracks for a new album. Tell us about that!”

“Well, we’re going to record it in Sweden. We’re all very excited, it’ll be a little different, a little more from us, and we really hope our fans will like it!”

“I’m sure. They literally rushed to get your tour DVD’s. Now let me get to a more interesting topic. Every fan wants to know who’s single and who’s taken? Louis, you are still in a relationship with the lovely Eleanor Calder,right?”


“Tell us about you two. How’s the others see her?”

“She’s a really nice lady. She’s just like Louis, they perfectly fit.” Zayn said.

“Aww I see. And Liam you’re dating the gorgeous Danielle Paezar.” 


“You two have been in a relationship for quite a long time. Two years, is it?”

“Yeah, it’s been great!”

“Are the two girls close to each other?”

“Yeah, actually they get on really well. They usually hang out together.”

“That’s very nice. And now. We've got rumors about our Zayn and Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. Do you still hang out?”

“She’s a really good friend of mine. We go to see a movie if we can but that’s all.”

“So you’re still free?”


“I’m sure the fans will jump out of their skin. And now Niall! So many people ship Nemi. What do you think about that?”

“Well, that’s funny cause I've never actually got the chance to get to know her, so I’m still single.”

“But if you got that chance, would you say you’re taken?”

“That’s hard to say. She’s a really nice girl but I don’t really know her. Now all my love is taken by the fans, the band, my family, and friends and of course Nandos.”

The whole audience burst out laughing, but I just pretended it. I knew what was coming, it was all like a slowed down film. The interviewer turned to me, his eyes glistening with curiosity, a picture of Jenny and me popped up and I gulped. It was the picture that looked like I was kissing her cheek.

“So the only one left here is Harry. You’re the hardest to follow you know? First Caroline Flack, then some random girls here and there, then Taylor Swift, and Emma Ostilly. But obviously this one girl in the picture is someone new. Is there anything you wanna share with us?”

“Well at first I’d like to clear this up. I don’t really know what Taylor Swift is doing on that list, she’s clearly a wonderful person but as it is with Niall and Demi, I've never got the chance to get to know her. And about Emma, she has a boyfriend and she’s just a friend.”

“Well we all know that. We are interested in this one girl! Who’s she?”

“Well…umm…she…like…she’s just a good friend.”

“Anything special?”

“So basically…we just… get on really well. She’s a…really nice person. A…good friend.”

“Oh…well that was for today. One Direction, thank you for coming! Good bye everyone!”

Well…that was awkward. Please let it be Wednesday already! I want to see her again, and I want to take this all to the next level. I already had something special in my mind. Just let it be Wednesday!!!

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