Little Things

Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


33. Nerves

My mind slowly came back to consciousness, but my eyes remained closed. Memories of last night flashed back to my brain, every kiss, every word said, every sensation, the tangles, the love, everything. When I opened my eyes a huge smile was plastered across my face. How could I not be happy? I looked over to the other side of the bed, where Harry was sleeping peacefully. I didn’t often wake up next to him, let alone before him, so I turned to my side and studied his perfection in awe. I didn’t even realize our hands were connected. Even in our sleep I couldn’t let go of him. They were close to his face, gracefully lying on the pillow between us. Seeing like that, it was quite uncomfortable, but I needed to be attached to him. Little snores left his slightly opened mouth, making me chuckle. His hair was even messier, curls standing in every direction. I closed my eyes, re-living some of the most perfect moments making sure that smile would stay for the rest of the day. I could almost feel his hot breath on my neck, his fingers on my hip, his eyes staring into mines. He was so gentle and sweet, still passionate and breathtaking the whole night. I felt him stir beside me, so I opened my eyes and waited for his emerald ones to see the sun, which soon happened. He blinked a few times before laying his orbs on me smiling.

 “Morning beautiful!” he mumbled as he stretched and with his free hand pulled me into his side fully.

Along with a giggle, I said it back before pecking his neck and mumbling an ‘I love you’.  

“Wow, you’re cheerful and it’s morning. What happened?”

 “You happened.” He smiled down at me and leaned in for a kiss.  

“I love you too.”

For a few minutes I just lay on his chest and pulled my fingers over his star tattoo.  

“What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing and everything”  

“Really? And how exactly do you do that?’ he chuckled.

 “I’m just enjoying the moment okay? Why ruin it with thinking? And at the same time, I can’t shut the memories of last night out. It was perfect.” He kissed my temple and began running his hand over my uncovered arm after a shiver run over me.  

“Are you cold?”

“Not really. But you can come closer.” he chuckled and pulled me closer, even though I was already practically lying on him.  

“I don’t want to go home. Like ever.”  

“Yeah, it’s nice here, isn’t it? Unfortunately we have to go soon.”  

“I know. I’ll miss here.”  

“We can come back sometimes. Mom would kill to have us again.”  

“I’m so happy she likes me.”  

“I knew she’d do.”  

“Talking about her, shouldn’t we go over?”  

“Yeah, we should.”

Opposite of what we should’ve been doing, he hovered over me and crashed his lips against mines. For a few minutes I pulled his neck closer, but soon pulled away with a giggle.  

“We should go.”  

“Fine.” he sighed and sat up to get dressed.

I tried to get off the bed with the blanket around me, which ended up in some very ridiculous looking movement.  

“What on Earth are you doing?” Harry laughed.

“I’m trying to get dressed what does it look like?”  

“Anything, but getting dressed. Just leave it on the bed, it’s not like I’d see something I haven’t seen before.” I felt my cheeks grow crimson red, making him laugh.

It was either my stubbornness or my insecurities that lead me to fight my way over to the bathroom with a pile of clean clothes in my hands. A few minutes later we were walking towards the house, holding hands, ready for a day with Harry’s lovely family, who by the way suspiciously eyed my constant grin and our more-than-usual cuteness.  

Much to my dislike, two days later we were all standing in the front door, saying goodbye.  

“Are you sure you have to leave?”  

“I wish we could stay mom, but I have to go back to work, plus we celebrate the band’s second anniversary next week.”  

“Promise me you’ll call and visit us as soon as possible.” Anne said, while having her son in the tightest hug ever.  

“Of course mom, don’t worry.”  

“And you sweetie”

-she started turning to me-

“we need to meet up again. It was lovely to meet and have you!”  

“Sure, it was wonderful to meet you too.” she hugged me and kissed my forehead.  

“Take care of my baby!”  

“I will!” I hugged Gemma, while Anne grabbed Harry again and mumbled something like ‘treat her right’ in his ear.

We all hugged one more time, then Harry and I got into the car and drove away. After a little silence, he turned to me.  

“Sleep at my place?”  

“Harry I just spent a week with you and your family, do you think my mom will let me sleep at your place?”  

“But it’s so good to wake up next to you! I got used to it; I won’t sleep well without you anymore!”  

“Aww, just one day okay? I’ll ask tomorrow.”  

“But love…!” he whined.

“Fine. You’ll stay with me on Monday anyways.” He said it like it was the surest thing, although it surprised me.

Monday was the 23rd of July, also known as the 2 year anniversary of One Direction. I knew they were going to have a huge party that I thought was no way I was going to.  

“Am I?”  

“Of course! You’re celebrating with us. Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle are also coming. I’d like you to come, too. If you want to of course.”  

“I…I’ve never been to such a big party. With famous people. Are you sure you want me to go? I’m fine with staying at home.”  

“Of course I’m sure! You’re coming, end of story!”  

It was late in the afternoon when we got to my place. Harry helped me get my luggage into the house and with a pout said goodbye. I found family dinner extremely awkward since my parents tried to get me to tell everything that happened in Holmes Chapel, but all I said was ‘it was perfect and his family is very nice’. I didn’t really want to get into the details of the time spent there, mainly one special day. After a nice bath and some more time with my family, I went into my room, mainly to talk with a few people including Sissy and Eleanor. I called Eleanor because I was quite nervous of that party on Monday. I didn’t know what to wear, or what to expect. We agreed on meeting up the next day, while the boys had a meeting with their management. So the next day, I went to Starbucks, where I pointed her. We ordered our coffees and sat down in a booth.  

“So? How was your time in Holmes Chapel?”  

“Amazing, really. They were all lovely and well…it was simply perfect!”  

“Are you blushing?” she smirked.  


“Yes you are! What happened during that week?”  

“Nothing! I mean…well…okay this is really not why we’re here!”  

“Okay Ms. Red-cheeks, I’ll drop it!” she smirked knowingly.

“So I think I have a dress that’d be perfect for you!”  

“Nah, I’d get old before I fit into your dress.”  

“It’ll be good, trust me. Do you want to come over and try it on?”  

“Sure, why not?” Eleanor’s place was beautiful.

Everything was in perfect harmony and her petite apartment was very modern. She had a huge wardrobe with the most beautiful dresses ever. For a girl, it was heaven itself. She rummaged through the shelves until she found what she was looking for. She left the room, leaving me there to try the black, glittered mini dress on. I was sceptic about it, it was absolutely amazing but I wasn’t sure if it was for me. I put it on and walked outside to El.  

“So? What do you think?”

 “You so need to wear this. You look stunning! Harry’s jaw is going to drop!”

“Thank you! But isn’t it too short?”  

“It’s perfect! Not slutty, but sexy enough.”  

“Thank you, you’re the best.”  

Much to Harry’s and my dislike, we couldn’t spend the weekend together like we planned to do. My mom freaked out when I told her I wanted to miss another family visit, this time we were going to my grandma. Mom told me I only could go to the party if I visited granny, so I had no choice. I’ve never really liked going there, not because I didn’t love them or didn’t have a good relationship with them, but because my grandma was suffering from depression, and it had its effect on me too. I could deal with her talking about awful things to me, telling me how she wanted her life to end, but it pissed me off when she did that to my sister. She’s 4 years old for God’s sake. Once in a while mom let us stay home, but she made sure we visited her enough times. Thus my weekend passed in a depressing mood. I didn’t tell Harry, but he could sense on my voice and mood that something bothered me. I was over the moon when on Sunday, in the early hours of the evening, my parents dropped me off at Harry’s place. As soon as I got inside his house, he embraced me in a tight hug.  

“Hey!’ I giggled.  

“I missed you.” he mumbled into my hair.  

“Hey Jenny!”  

“Hi boys! How are you?”  

“Good! Eleanor asked me to tell you she’ll come over and will bring you something for the party tomorrow.”  

“Okay, thanks.”

“What is it?” Harry looked at me confused.  

“She made me promise I won’t tell you. Sorry hun.”  

“Are you hungry?”  

“Not really. What are you guys doing?”  

“Video games. Wanna join?” Niall asked.

“I’m not making a deal with you again!” Louis interrupted, making me laugh.

“Sorry guys, you can’t have my girl tonight.”  

“You heard him. We’re going to have to postpone this.” Harry began pulling me towards the stairs, while I waved goodbye to the grinning boys downstairs.

In his room there were drinks and snacks already waiting for us.

“Ooh are we going to watch a movie?”  

“Err…not exactly. Maybe later.”  

“Then why the food?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“When my sister was stressed, we always ate during her ranting. I know there was something wrong with you. I thought maybe you want to talk about it.”

With a sigh I sat down on his bed, trying to decide weather I wanted to talk or not. He climbed up next to me, and grabbed my hand.  

“It’s a family thing. Why ruin the mood with it?”  

“It wouldn’t. Try to think about it as making our relationship stronger.”

How could anyone say no after that statement? Or how could anyone ever say no to those beautiful pair of pleading eyes? You just can’t.  

“I don’t want to bore you…”  

“You won’t. Now spit it out.”  

“Okay. So as you know we were at my grandparents. And I don’t really like going there, because my grandma is mentally sick. A little. She has depression, she’s senile and suicidal. She…she has tried to…you know. Two times already. It’s shocking. She has her husband, her kids and grandkids. How could she be so selfish to leave everyone here? And if that’s not enough, she talks about it to me. And to Laura. I can handle it. But I won’t sit there and watch as she fills my sister’s mind with these horrible things.”  

“What does she say to you?”  

“Things like…she wishes she’d be dead and that she won’t be here for too long. That she’ll go soon and how easy it’d be. It’s hard to hear. And I just don’t know what I should say. I’m afraid, because I’m a lot like her. My personality. But I don’t want to be like her.” My voice cracked as I thought about all the horrible things that can occur in my mind through the years.

Tears were sticking my eyes and eventually rolling down on my cheeks. Harry, seeing that, lay down and pulled me very close to himself, rubbing soothing circles on my back as I was talking.

“She doesn’t even realize but makes my grandfather’s life so much harder. It can be hard being with her for too long. She can just go crazy in a matter of minutes. I…I’m scared I’ll be like that one day.”  

“You won’t, I can promise you that. Don’t be scared. I’m here. Believe me, all you did was making my days better. You don’t show any sign of what you just described. I love you baby, and I’m so sorry.” he said as he gathered me in his arms, tightening his grip as tears slowly fell on his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry you have to go through this. I’m here for you okay? Don’t forget that.”  

“Thank you.”  

“Now, don’t cry! It makes my heart ache. Do you want to watch a movie? Or just talk?”  

“Can we stay like this for a little?”  

“Of course. I like having you close.” He began playing with my fingers in silence.

It wasn’t an awkward silence, it was a comfortable silence. One that let me know he was there for me. He listened if needed, he talked or just cuddled if needed. I slowly began calming down, just with the help of his presence.  

“This is probably my favourite part of your hands.” He said, pointing to the tiny birthmark on my thumb.

“Actually, I love all of your birthmarks. You have so many, and most of them are so small. They’re cute. You’re all being is cute.”

His face brightened as I let out a chuckle, happy to see me happy again. For the rest of the night he was comforting me, even though I no longer felt sad. I can’t be completely sure, but I think he wanted to make me feel safe. He cuddled me more than usual and although we always slept spooning, it was tighter this time.  



The next day was pretty much a rush for the boys. They had to run some last minute errands for the party, so they weren’t home much. Harry, however, didn’t want to leave me alone, so he made sure the girls came over. We were just chilling out a little, until it was time to start getting ready. After I had a shower, they practically jumped on me, starting with Eleanor pushing that beautiful piece of clothing into my hands.  

“El!” I whined.

“What is it honey?”  

“I can’t wear this!” I pushed the bathroom’s door open and stopped in front of them.  

“Why not?”

“Because it’s too short! It just slides up whenever I walk!”

Danielle stood up with a sigh and pushed me in front of a mirror.  

“Look at yourself, you’re stunning! Harry won’t be able to take his eyes off you, isn’t that great? You have to wear this. You don’t have a choice!”

With a sigh, I sat down on a chair and let Perrie curl my hair until the others dressed up.  

“You girls know that I could do this myself, right? You don’t need to deal with me.”  

“Shut up and let me put your lip-gloss on!” I giggled before let them work their magic on me.

We were almost ready, when we heard the door open.

“Helloo, we’re back!”

“No, no no! You can’t come in yet!”  

“But…I need to get ready!”  

“Okay, then just wait until we go into the bathroom, and don’t come in!” I found it pretty funny hiding in my boyfriend’s house from my boyfriend, but I saw no point in protesting.  

“Girls, we should leave now!”  

“We’re coming!”

Before we exited the bathroom, I put on my at least 4 inches high-heeled shoes that was surprisingly comfortable. I was the last one to enter the hall, where the boys were waiting. I saw Harry checking me out from head to toe, taking in my curly hair, my smoky eyes, my short, black dress, and my heels, before he whispered a wow. I chuckled and buried my face into the crook of his neck, trying to hide my blushing cheeks.  

“You look…wow…absolutely stunning.”  

“Thank you.” Only then did I realize that the others had quietly sneaked out into the cars, leaving us having a cute moment.

 “I’m going to have to keep my eyes on you all night. Not that I mind it.”

I smacked him playfully, before pressed my lips on his. It was a weird kiss, because I didn’t have to stand on my tip-toes, I was tall enough in my shoes. After pulling away, Harry put my coat on my shoulders, wrapped his arm around my waist and led me out into the car.  

“Time to start the party!”

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