Little Things

Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


9. Just An Average Day


Jenny’s POV 

I caught my bus and had a seat next to the window. I felt my cheeks burning. I couldn't believe what I've done. I hugged him. I've never thought I would be brave enough to do that, but at that moment I felt the need to be close to him. I was so afraid that he wouldn't hug me back, or he’d push me away or something, but he didn't  He wrapped his arms around me, and it felt so good. I was terrified that he might hear the beat of my racing heart, or see my rose-red cheeks. Through the window I could see him smiling and waving at me. I returned both. On the way home, I was listening to my ipod, thinking about the day. Suddenly my stomach jumped as a thought crossed my mind and settled down. What if those girls noticed me? I know they were looking at us, but they were obviously interested in Harry. However, I was with him, they could easily think that I was his girlfriend or something. And what if they took a picture of us? What if they put it online? What if someone recognize me? No, that can’t happen! I hate the attention and I don’t want a big fuss about something that’s not even true! I pushed these thoughts out of my mind and buried them at the back of my brain.

When I got home, my mom” greeted” me: “Where were you?”  she asked a little angrily.

“Hi mom, how was your day? I was with a friend, sorry!”

“You should have called me!”

“Mom, I’m not a child anymore! Why can’t I stay out a little? It’s not late, why do I have to inform you about every single movement of my day?”  

I knew I shouldn't have said that, but I've always been bad-tempered, and she’s always so strict and unreasonable. It was only 8 pm.

“You’re supposed to get home 2 hours ago!”

“2 hours?! 1 hour ago! Mom, please don’t exaggerate!”  

”What’s going on here?” my dad appeared.

“Mom is angry with me because I came an hour later.”

“She should have called me…”

“Betty, she’s not a kid anymore, you have to give her space!”

“She’s only 16!” she said furiously.

“Yeah, mom I am. But do you have any idea what teenagers usually do nowadays? You shouldn't be like this! My grades are good, I work, I don’t drink or smoke or something, and you’re always angry with me when I spent too much time in front of the computer. Now, I went out with a friend and it’s also a problem. You should decide what you want, because it’s not the best way to come home!”

I ran up to my room, and slammed the door. I couldn't believe. What have I done? Why can’t I have a normal relationship with my mother just like in any other normal family? She made me wanna leave as soon as possible. Two more years and goodbye! I knew I shouldn't have talk like that, but I've always been more mature than the others in my age and always wanted to be independent. But when I thought about this, I always pictured my fathers sad face. He never wanted me to leave, but he’d never hold me back. We barely fought because my attitude was just like his, so we both knew when to stop. The other thing, my sister. She looked up to me, and although she was just like my mom, and we always fought, I knew she felt the same way as my father. I switched the computer on, but the growling sound that came from my stomach distracted me. I didn't want to go out of my room, but I was starving. I decided to go make something fast, then come back. It would've worked perfectly, if they weren't in the kitchen. I made no sound, just grabbed a bowl, put some cereal and milk into it, then took a spoon.

“I’m sorry honey!” mom said.

“Never mind.” I mumbled and went back. I switched the TV on, hoping she wouldn't come after me, because I wasn't in the mood to fight again. My perfect day has just been ruined. I rolled my eyes as I heard the steps on the stairs, then the knock on my door. She came in and sat next to me.

“I’m really sorry! I shouldn't have yelled with you, it’s just not that easy to see you grow up this fast and to see that you need us less and less as the days pass.”

H“Aww mom! It’s OK, but next time please find another way to express your feelings, and don’t ruin my day with a fight!”

“Haha, OK. Who were you out with?”

“Umm.. with a friend.”

“With a boy?” 

“Mom please…I want to watch the TV!”

“You were with a boy, weren't you?”

“Mom, please! OK I was, but I’m not telling you anything!” I pushed her out of my room, but not angrily. We were both smiling, but I felt a little awkward.

After I finished my dinner, I went to my blog. Oh God! I haven’t been there for days. I made it a few months after I became a 1D fan. I wrote imagines, one shots, and fan fictions. I loved being there, because fans from several countries followed and messaged me. I checked my messages: 72! OMG, it’ll take hours answering them. I've always answered. I had quite a lot of followers, and I loved every single one of them. The 1DFamily was the best family. So many kind people! I opened the messages; there were a few asking for one shots, a few “I love your blog” messages and a lot of “Are you OK? Why aren't you here?” messages.

I decided to explain the situation in a post: “Hey everyone! I’m so sorry, I know I haven’t been up for days, but I've been a little busy. Thank you for your lovely messages, there’s nothing wrong, I’m fine! To make it up to you, I’m gonna upload a few imagines and might start to write the personal one shots you asked for! Thank you for you patience. Love, Jenny xx”

I spent hours writing, and I managed to upload a new part of my fanfic. After 10 pm I went to have a shower, then went to the bed. I grabbed my phone and smiled as I remembered Harry’s words: “Text me before you go to sleep.”

I started typing: “Hey, so I’m in bed, ready to sleep:D What are you doing?”

“Chilling out with the lads! Go to sleep then, see you tomorrow! Good night xx”

“Sweet dreams!”

Before I fell asleep I had a little fangirling ritual, which contained a little song: “He’s gonna see me tomorrow yay, yay, yay!”


The next morning I woke up to the sound of my ringtone. I answered it: “Hello?” I barely could talk, I was still half asleep.

“Where are you?” Sissy asked.


“You’re late! It’s 7:55”

“OMG what?! Then I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it to the 2nd lesson, but I’ll try my best. Just try not to say I’m absent.”

“OK, but hurry!” I jumped out of my bed, picked out random clothes, then ran to the bathroom.

10 minutes later I was running to the bus station and in the end I made it to the 2nd lesson. In the school I told everything about Harry and I to my girls, and surprisingly they weren't fed up with me and my stories. They were happy to see me happy, as I already said, true best friends. After school I went to work, and as Harry promised , he came to see me, and spent the whole afternoon with me…again. During the day I realized that I no longer saw him as Harry Styles from One Direction. I treated him as any normal person, as a friend. I also felt comfortable with him. The first time we met, I was nervous and tried to hold myself together, tried to control things, so… I tried no to scare him away. But now I didn't hold back anything. When there was something funny, I didn't just giggle, I laughed the way I usually do, which is loud and mainly a squeal not a laughter. But he didn't mind it. What’s more, he mainly laughed at my laughter. When it was time, we said goodbye with a hug, then I headed to my dance lesson.

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