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Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


34. Jekyll and Hyde

Arriving at the club was just like in those cool Hollywood films. Paparazzi trying to get the best pictures of all the famous people arriving, shouting questions as if their lives depended on the answers. The celebrity got out of the car, flashed his or her beautiful smile, waved a few times and casually walked inside the secured building. Sounds easy. The only problem is that I wasn’t famous. I wasn’t used to this, and I wasn’t supposed to be used to it. I wasn’t flawless. I got scared of the big crowd that separated the entrance and us. Seeing Niall’s hand reach for the car’s door to push it open made my heart beat twice as fast.

“It’s going to be okay. Just hold my hand and don’t answer the questions.” Harry mumbled into my hair before he got out of the car and held his hand out for me.

I grabbed hold of it and followed him into the chilly night air. Until that I didn’t even realize fans were also there, but their screams made it obvious. Being the last ones of our small group had one benefit; we had Paul to walk with us. More precisely walk next to me, protecting me from the flashes.  

Telling me not to answer any questions was redundant; I couldn’t even catch one among the shouts. When we finally got inside, Harry took off my coat and put it into the cloakroom before we joined the others. During the first god knows how many long minutes I felt as lost as a bambi in a forest fire. I barely got introduced to someone when a different person came up to greet Harry.

“Hey come with me.” Niall whispered as much as he could over the loud music.

I looked at him questioningly, and then at Harry, who nodded so I took off with Niall.

“You looked as if you were stranded like a beached whale.”

“No, I…well…okay it was horrible. Literally suffocating. Thanks for saving me. But where are you taking me?”

“Harry wanted to surprise you, but seeing he got bombarded by people, I thought I’ll introduce you.”

“So you took me away from the people I was about to be introduced to, so you could present me to someone else? Where’s the logic in that?”

“The logic in it is that you’re going to love me for doing it.”

“Why, who’s it?”

“You’ll see…ah there he is! Hey Justin!”

“Justin? You mean Bieber?”

“Mhm. There he is. Hey man!”

They greeted each other then turned to me.

“Justin, this is Harry’s girlfriend, Jenny.”


I mentally slapped myself for sounding like someone who was about to faint, but honestly, can you blame me?

“Nice to meet you!” That sounded a lot better.

“You too. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure, thanks.”

We sat down and began talking about any random thing that came into our minds. We even exchanged phone numbers, so I was extremely happy with my newly made friendship. I was laughing at a joke he told me when a pair of arms slipped around my waist. I looked up to see Harry grinning down at me.

“Hey mate, I see you two got to know each other. Mind if I steal her back?”

“Not at all. We’ll talk sometimes!”

“Sure! Bye!” When he left, I practically jumped into Harry’s arms.

“Oh my god why didn’t you tell me he’d be here?”  

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well you succeeded. Thank you.”  

“You’re welcome. Sorry about earlier.”

“No, it’s okay. Where are the others?”

“I don’t know, but let’s not find them. Let’s dance!”

“Uh…I can’t dance.”

“Says the girl who performed with a dance group…”

“But that’s different! Different music and moves.”

“You of all people should know that I can’t dance at all. But still, I want you to come to the dance floor with me. We’ll just copy the other couples around us.”

With a sigh I gave in and let him pull me into the crowd of dancing people. When he reached the spot he wanted, he turned to face me and pulled me into his chest.

“Maybe I lied before. I know a few steps, just let me move you.”

He put his big hands on my hip and began moving it along with the music. I reluctantly placed my arms around his neck and let him take full control over my body. The thin layers of our clothes brushed against each other’s as our bodies moved. I felt the heat rise between us, making my curls start to hang out themselves. Harry’s precious curls couldn’t avoid the effect of the heat either; they stuck to his forehead with moisture. After many songs, I got thirsty, so I stopped and leaned close to Harry’s ear.

“I’m thirsty. Can we go get a drink?”

He nodded and began leading me towards a separate booth where Eleanor and Louis were sitting.  

“I’ll bring you something just stay here.” He pecked my lips and took off towards the bar.

“Enjoying the party, young lady?” Louis wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“Shut up daddy!”

He gasped making El and I chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” Niall asked as he plopped down next to Lou.

“Nothing. Where were you?”

“Just hanging out with Justin. By the way, I think someone owes me a thank you.”

“Right. Thank you Niall for introducing me to Justin. You’re the best.”

“You’re welcome. Do you guys want something from the bar?”

“Not me. Harry’s already bringing me a drink. Speaking of him, where is he? He should be back already.”

I rummaged through the place around the bar with my eyes in hope of finding him, when I spotted someone I’d have never expected to see.

“Why is Caroline Flack here?”

The question broke out of me before I even had a chance to think about it, or to control the way I said it. Maybe a little less jealousy wouldn’t have hurt.

“She’s a friend of Nick and Olly.”

“Yeah but…I mean who the hell goes to a party organised by their ex?!”

“Take the level of your jealousy to a little less obvious one.” Louis chuckled.

“I’m not jealous!”


“I’m not! Maybe just a little…or a lot. But look at her giggling all seductively. Fuck she’s gorgeous.”

“Wow that’s impressive.” The boys laughed.

“Jealousy and swearing. Are you planning on getting wasted too?”  

“Leave the poor girl alone!” El stood up for me.

“Seriously?! Is he really bringing her here? Who the hell introduces their ex and their current partner?” I mumbled.

‘Just be nice!’ I thought as I put on a fake smile.

“Uh guys? Someone wanted to say hello.”

Part of my anger flew away as I sensed the discomfort in Harry’s voice. Everyone awkwardly greeted her, then her glance stopped at me, and the air froze around us. Seeing she wasn’t going to make a move, I stood up and held out my hand for her.

“Hi, I’m Jenny. It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too. Well I just thought I’d say hello when I bumped into Harry.” she laughed placing one hand on his bicep.

Niall found the situation pretty amusing, and he didn’t fail to let out a chuckle as I shot Caroline a nasty glare.

“It was wonderful to see you again. I’m going to go back now, bye!”

As soon as she left a frown replaced the smile while I plopped down on the seat with my arms crossed in front of my chest.

“The new Jekyll and Hyde ladies and gentleman!”

“Louis!” Eleanor exclaimed.

“What?” Harry asked confused, while he handed me my drink.

“Nothing. Thanks for the drink.”

He sat down next to me and put one arm around my shoulder. To be honest, my mood decreased a little as I thought back to what just happened. I didn’t want to be a jealous girlfriend, but seeing them together just made me sick and very-very angry.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked as I was sipping my drink.

“Yeah, I’m okay, I just need to use the bathroom. Eleanor would you please come with me?”


“So…” she began as we stood in front of the mirrors in the girls’ room.

“I see you’re not happy that the green monster exposed itself, right?”

“I just…I didn’t want to react the way I did.”

“I think you were pretty mature when you greeted her.”


“Yeah. And don’t worry; everyone would have been jealous in that situation. But hey Harry loves you. Now let’s get back. God knows what they’re doing there without us.”  

When we got back to our booth, we found everyone there.

“Great timing!” Liam said as he handed El and me a glass of champagne.

We both sat down and looked at Liam, who was about to say a toast.

“Now that we’re all here, I don’t want to say any sentimental things, only a few words. I can’t believe it’s been two years since we got put together. It’s been amazing and I couldn’t have asked for better people to achieve this all with.”

All the boys joined him in a big hug, while the girls and I just smiled at them proudly.

“And of course we owe the amazing people around us so much.” Harry said sitting down next to me and kissing me softly.  

“Cheers!” the sound of glasses being knocked carefully together filled the small booth.

After having a cheerful conversation with the others, Harry and I decided to head back to the dance floor until we both were too exhausted to keep going.

“Should we go home now, love?”

“Yeah. I can’t feel my legs in these shoes.”

“Come on then!” we said goodbye to Niall, Lou and El, who decided to stay more.

Harry got our coats and led me out to the car.

“I have to admit, the stamina of the paps is quite impressive.”  

“Yeah it is.”

He opened the door for me and in twenty minutes we were opening the door of Harry’s flat. I quickly kicked off my heels and hung my coat up when I felt a pair of long arms wrap themselves around my waist.

“Much better.” His warm breath tickled the skin behind my ear making goosebumps appear on my skin.

“I prefer your small figure without those uncomfortable shoes.”


“Because then it’s easier to do this.”

Out of the blue, he lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom, where he put me down on the bed and hovered over me. His soft lips quickly attacked mines, his tongue almost immediately entered my mouth, but instead of continuing the way I expected, he pulled away.


“So let’s talk about that Jekyll and Hyde thing Louis mentioned before.”

“That was nothing.”

“Are you sure?”


“They told me you didn’t like that Caroline showed up.”

“Of course they did.” I rolled my eyes.

“You know I love you, right?”


“And you trust me, right?”

“Of course I do! But…I don’t know. It was bad seeing you together. I hate to admit but she looks amazing. I thought maybe you…” My sentence got interrupted by his pink lips.

“No maybes, no buts, no ifs.” He confirmed each word with a peck on different parts of me.

“If it makes you feel better, I hated seeing you laughing with the Biebs.”

“Yeah, of course.” I laughed.

“No, I’m serious. You’re my fangirl not his.”

I erupted in a fit of loud giggles before I flipped him over and took the soft skin above his collarbone between my teeth. I sucked on it, grazed it with my teeth and flicked over the bruised skin with my tongue, until the noise I wanted to hear left his mouth.

“I love seeing you in suits.” I whispered looking over his shirt, the buttons on the top already unbuttoned.

The white texture hugged his features so delicately, it made me cringe. I lowered my gaze following his never-ending torso, until the fabric disappeared in his pants. My heart jumped as his long fingers traveled through my bare legs that I straddled him with.

“You’re beautiful.” he whispered.

He sat up and closed the gap between us placing one hand on the small of my back, while the other played with the hem of my dress. Our second time was much better. Less discomfort for me and more pleasure for both of us. I just felt so in love with him. So happy. Laying in his arms was paradise itself. Very unusual for myself, I woke up quite early again. After lying lazily in the bed just enjoying the morning I decided to go downstairs and make breakfast for us. I grabbed one of Harry’s shirt from his closet and threw it on hugging it close to myself for a moment, just enjoying its smell. Downstairs, I switched on the radio and began making waffles. Soon I heard heavy footsteps stumble down the stairs and smiled as the familiar arms wrapped around me.

“Morning.” He mumbled into the crook of my neck, his breath tickling my neck making me giggle.

“Can I just wake up to this every morning?”

“Hmm I thought you like waking up next to me…”

“I love both.”

He sat down and watched me as I poured the last dose of butter out from the bowl.

“Do you want to come with me to the studio today?”

“Are you allowed to take people there?”

“Who cares?” I giggled.

“So do you want to come?”

“Sure. But I have no clean clothes here.”

“Just wear your leggings and my shirt. I’ll lend you my beanie for the perfect hipsta’ look.”

“Deal!” I laughed.




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