Little Things

Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


26. "I'm Afraid Of What I'm About To Say


Harry’s POV

“Dude what’s your problem?” I was sitting in my room with a guitar in my hands, papers in front of me, looking miserably, deep in my thoughts.

“You love her, right?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“You think so? Read what you wrote there! Have you ever noticed how you two act around each other? Okay I really don’t want to say that, and if anyone ever learns about it I’ll kill you, but you’re like Bella and Edward in twilight. Don’t look at me like that, Eleanor likes that movie.”

“What is it supposed to mean?”

“You move together. Like at the barbecue, she went to have a drink, you went with her. She held your hand almost all night. I don’t know man, but it’s clear you love each other! When you wrote that…did you mean it? Did you mean the words?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Then what’s the problem? Sing it to her and she’ll be in tears!”

“I just don’t want to scare her away. She took everything so slow…”

“You’ve been together for like one and a half months, you’ve been dating for a few weeks before that and you know each other for… whatever months. She won’t run away you idiot! Anyways, Eleanor’s out with her and Danielle, you can ask for their opinion after they came back.”

“Fine. Can you get Niall for me, please? I keep missing the last chord.” I was trying to learn the song I wrote for Jenny on guitar but I had some troubles, so Niall had been helping me. He showed me how to hold it right, and listened to it to make sure I got everything right. When I finished singing the song, I looked up to see El and Dani standing in the doorway.

“Did you write this?” Dani asked. “Uh…yeah.”

“Harry, she’ll love it! This is perfect, so sweet!”

“Shouldn’t I just wait with it?”

“Look. I’m guessing you want the night to be perfect, right? She’ll be on a prom with her friends and then with you dancing in the moonlight. I don’t think any other girl’s boyfriend would put candles all over the backyard just to make sure his girlfriend’s secret prom is perfect.”

“Any other girl’s boyfriend would take her to an actual prom not just a ‘sorry I can’t take you out because people would attack us for photos, so come to my backyard and dance with me’ kind of prom.”

“You’re Harry Styles for God’s sake! She already loved you before you met!” Louis interrupted.

“That’s not the same.”

“You said, that she’s different. She loved the picnic under the stars idea, right? I don’t think she’s that kind of a ‘posh restaurant’ girl. She’ll love it!”

The next time Jenny and I met, I tried to be more couple-y to see if she was okay with it. I held her hands more, I kissed and hugged her more, I went over her place more. We tried to avoid publicity until we found out what we were going to do. Interviewers watched me with their hungry eyes just to get some petite information about her, but I stayed at the usual line: “We’re just really good friends.” Websites and magazines were full with our pictures and questions, fantasies about who she could be. One day before her dance lesson started, I insisted on her coming over to my place, so she didn’t have to wait for hours in the school. She arrived in a nice hoody on, trying to step into my house without anyone noticing. After I closed the door behind her, I took her bag, placed it down on the armchair, took off her hoody and kissed her gently. She smiled and mumbled a “hi” against my lips. I told her to make herself home until I grabbed some food and the remote to start the movie. She cuddled up to my side and rested her head on my shoulder. I placed my arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

“How was your day?”

“Long. I started with a practice and finish with one. It’s just so exhausting. And this rainy weather doesn’t help either. It’ll rain all week. I could fall asleep right now on your shoulder.” 

“Well what’s holding you back?”

“I don’t have my bear. I don’t sleep without my bear.” she giggled. “Seriously though, I’m okay with just chilling out here. But how was your day?”

“Busy. Actually I also could fall asleep right now. I woke up at I don’t even know, 5.30?”

“Why so early?”

“Long way to the radio station.” I began stroking her back through the movie. I couldn’t hold back the smile that was forming on my face as I felt her breathing slow down and saw her blinking sleepily. My hands climbed further, ‘till I reached her hair and started twirling her waves around my fingers.

“Stop it.” She whispered, her voice slightly hoarse from being half-asleep.

“You’re going to make me actually fall asleep.”

“That’s okay. You’re cute when you’re sleeping.” She sat up and kissed my cheek.

“Can I have a coffee, please?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart. Stay here.” I went out to the kitchen and a few minutes later arrived with a steaming mug of coffee that I handed to the sleepy looking Jenny on my couch. She was cuddled up to her warm hoody, making me smile.

“You’re adorable.” I whispered and kissed her cheek as I sat down next to her. She thanked me and started sipping the hot liquid.

“You know…” I started.

“you could…uhm…sleep here. If you want to.” She looked at me half surprised, half shocked.


“Well you know, you’re tired and your lesson is quite late. You can sleep here, it’s easier than taking that long ride home.” She processed my words and smiled.

“Maybe another time.” My face dropped a little feeling slightly hurt because of the refusal.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be pushy or something…” 

“No, no you weren’t, But, I don’t have anything here. Like you know, stuffs for school, clothes and all. But thanks.” She pressed her lips on top of mines lovingly and I felt myself relax. 

“So it means that if you had those stuffs here, you would spend the night with me?”

“Uhm…sleep with you? Yeah, I think so. But just sleep.” She blushed.

“Of course, just sleep.” I smiled. We continued cuddling until she had to leave.


Jenny’s POV

“He asked you to spend the night at his place?” Sissy asked shocked as we were heading up to my room on the day of the prom to get ready.

“Yeah, but shh. If my mom hears it she’ll freak out. Okay, so dad’s taking us to the school at 7.30 pm, so let’s start.”

“Can you do my hair, please?”

“Sure. How?”

“Uh…good question. I have no idea. Be creative!”


“What are you doing with yours?”

“I’ll straighten it, do a bow with curly ribbons. How about we do a half-side wavy hair for you?”

“Okay, go ahead!” Half an hour later I sprayed hair spray all over Sissy’s hair to make sure it’ll stay the way we want it to be.

“Okay, my turn. How is it possible I can do a hair bow to myself but you can’t curl your hair?”

“That’s because you are you, and I’m me. You know me. I’ll put on the dress while you’re doing your hair.”

“Wait! I need you to hold a mirror behind me.”

“For what?”

“So I can see what I’m doing! Please.” With a sigh she stood behind me with a mirror and I began straightening my hair. It took me quite long since I had long hair, but we were in time. When I was ready, I started doing the bow that was much harder, but didn’t take so long. I curled its ribbons and turned to Sissy.

“Is it okay?”

“It’s awesome. Come on, let’s put on the dresses!”

“You look wonderful!” I gasped as Sissy came out of the bathroom in her dress.

“So do you! Harry’ll love it.”

“I hope so. Hey…do you think I’m stupid for having so strong feelings for him already?”

“If it comes to boyfriends, you need to find someone else to talk to. But I think that you’ve always been like this. Always so caught up in things. And once you’re in love, you really are in love. Remember Tyler from primary school?”

“That was just a crush.”

“But what a strong one. And who knows, he might feel the same. I mean what you told me he said to you recently. I’m not an expert but it pretty much seems like he does feel the same. And you’re kind of new to him, aren’t you? You said he had affairs with older women. You’re younger…new challenge. Guys like challenges, aren’t they?”

“So you’re saying that if I’m not a challenge to him anymore, he’ll get bored of me?”

“Gosh, no! Stop being paranoid. I’m saying that you love him he loves you. End of story. Now go do your makeup before we overanalyze your whole relationship!”

“Darling you look beautiful! You both are beautiful.” My mom said as Sissy and I went downstairs, ready to leave.

“Wait, I’ll take a picture!”

“Mom! We have to go!”

“Just one picture.” She took it and showed us.

“You know I’ve always imagined you on this picture with a boy…”

“You know Harry can’t take me. Dad, can we go?”

“Sure. Come on ladies!”

We got in the car, more excited than ever. To make time go faster, I began taking pictures of Sissy and I. I loved taking pictures, saving memories and tonight was definitely going to be a great memory. The parking was full. Girls in the most beautiful dresses were walking happily towards the door with their arms intertwined with their partners. It would’ve been even more amazing if the sky wasn’t cloudy.

“Thanks for the ride dad.”

“Sure thing. Call me and I’ll come back.”

“Oh, no need to. I’ll meet Harry afterwards.”

He raised his eyebrows but I walked away with Sissy on my side before he could’ve talked. Stepping into the gym that was lit up and decorated so much, you couldn’t even tell it was a gym, the loud music burst into our ears, familiar faces waved and smiled at us and the beat ran through our bodies. I grabbed Sissy and pulled her onto the dance floor, having a great time with my best friend. At 11 pm, I pulled her over to the table where the drinks were and looked around.

“I have to go now, Harry will be here for me any minute.”

“I hate you for leaving me alone!” Just as she said that, a flash blinded us and a smiling boy appeared in front of us.

“Actually I’m not. Hi Scott!” Scott was a very handsome boy who was the photographer of the school. Sissy looked at me suspiciously waiting for an explanation.

“I didn’t want to leave you alone, so I asked Scott to replace me tonight. Have fun guys!”

I walked away before she could’ve protested and headed to the door. I saw Susan making fun of me with her new friends because I left so early, but who cares? It was just a stupid school event while I had the perfect boy waiting for me outside. I walked to the place he used to pick me up a little farther behind the school. I instantly spotted him leaning smiling against his black Range Rover. As he noticed me, he pushed himself away from the car and reached his hand for me, which I gladly took. He spun me around, making me giggle and stared into my eyes. My breath hitched as he slowly leaned closer to me. Our eyes were still open and we were inches away when a flash made my heart stop. It took me less than a second to snap my head towards the source of it, still dozens of panicking thoughts ran through my mind. I saw the same horror in Harry’s eyes before we turned away.

“Sissy for God’s sake do you have any idea what a heart attack you caused me?!” I snapped at my best friend who held her camera smiling.

“Sorry, but your mom was right. You needed a picture of you and your boyfriend on the night of the prom. And look at this, so perfect. Okay, I leave before you kill me with your eyes.” She giggled and walked back to the school.

“Sorry about that.”

“That’s okay, she’s right. We need pictures.” He smiled and gave me the kiss Sissy interrupted before.

“You are so incredibly breathtaking.” he whispered.

“Come on, let’s go!” He opened the car’s door for me and soon we were heading down the road. 

“How was it?” “It was fun, but I couldn’t wait to see you,”

“Aw that’s only because I have a surprise for you, isn’t it?” he asked jokingly.

“No, of course not!” I giggled.

“Where are we going by the way?”

“To my place. And as soon as we got in the house you close your eyes, okay?”

“Got it chief!” we laughed and talked until we got to his house. It was dark, so I guessed Louis wasn’t home. When we stepped inside I didn’t even get the chance to close my eyes, Harry immediately covered them with his hands.

“Is it really necessary? I hate it, I’ll fall!” I whined.

“Did you fall the last time I covered your eyes?”

“Well no, but…”

“No, buts. Trust me!”

“I trust you, it’s me I don’t trust.” he laughed and carefully led me outside. It wasn’t hard to guess, since I heard the back door open and close and I felt the chilly weather.


I nodded and opened my eyes as soon as Harry took his hands off me. I’d seen his backyard before, but it was like he took me somewhere else. Hundreds of candles lit up the place giving a romantic atmosphere to the place. Soft music came from inside the house and a guitar was placed next to the table with champagne. 

“Oh my…did you really just put out and lit these candles? This must’ve taken you hours! It’s absolutely beautiful.” He led me to the table and told me to wait until he gets something. I was admiring the view until he came back and blinded me with a flash.

“What are you doing?”

“Making these moments last forever by taking pictures of them.” He snapped one again.

“Stop!” I whined covering my face.

He pulled my hands away and lifted my chin whispering a low ‘don’t’ against my lips. The kiss got more heated just to be interrupted by a flash from my right. I smiled but didn’t break away, until he snapped one again. This time I pulled away and rested my forehead on his while I laughed, then tore the device out of his hand as he took a picture of that moment too. As revenge, I began taking photos of him, laughing as he made the silliest faces.

“Okay, that’s enough. Now…so the surprise.”

He gestured me to sit down while he grabbed the guitar with his shaky hands and took a seat in front of me. He seemed to be nervous, he even took a deep breath before he spoke.

“So I wrote you a song. It’s not ready yet, but it has what I have to say. Do you want to hear it?”

“Of course!” I gasped. I was beyond excited to hear it, I had to bite back the huge smile that was forming on my lips. He began playing on the guitar, but stopped and before starting again, planted a kiss on my cheek and giggled at my blushing face. I’d never seen him playing on a guitar before, so I was already impressed. But when he sang the first sentence my heart skipped a beat and not just because of his angelic voice. 

“Every time I close my eyes I see your pretty face. The sun is shining when you’re smiling, There’s no cloudy days. I just gotta tell you something, Girl, I’m tired of runnin’ I only got 3 words to say.”

My chuckle- earned by the line starting with ‘girl’- faded away as he said ‘3 words to say’. I bit my lip and waited the following lines without breathing.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment, Girl, you got me open, Darling, You’re the only girl for me. Baby I’m afraid  Of what I’m about to say. So I’ll take a breath,  And tell you what I feel for you babe: Every time I close my eyes I see your pretty face. The sun is shining when you’re smiling, There’s no cloudy days. I love you,  I love you,  I love you, love you, I love you. Do you feel the same?  I love you,  I love you,  I love you, love you, I love you. Tell me: do you babe?”

He played a few more chords then stopped and looked at me hesitantly.  

I had tears in my eyes and one hand covering my mouth since he first said those three words to stop myself from gasping loudly. My heart was racing, butterflies went crazy in my stomach and I felt like fainting. I couldn’t believe he felt the same. And he told me in a song! I realised I should probably say something, he was already nervous before starting, and now I just sat there covering my blushing and smiling face without a word.

“I…oh my god…I”

There were so many things I wanted to say, but I didn’t know what to start with and I felt like the words wanted to come out at the same time. I wanted to thank him and tell him how much I loved it, but more importantly, I wanted to tell him I loved him. Not finding the words to say, I decided I’d show him instead, so I leaned forward, cupped his face and kissed him hard. He smiled into the kiss and pulled me onto his lap, relieved I felt the same.

“I love you too.”

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