Little Things

Jenny is just an average teenage girl who works at a pet store. One day while she's working though a certain boy and his friend appear in the shop. They talk for awhile a start to become really good friends. But will something spark between the friendship? If so, what would others say? How would they react? Would things go good? Or bad? You'll just have to read the story if you want to find out ;)


1. Unexpected

*It’s time to get up in the morning…*  

This is how my days start. At 6 am, my phone starts to play the Wake Up Song by the 1D boys. It always brings a smile to my face while I stop the alarm. I checked the calendar: 16 March, Friday. Finally. I've been waiting for this day, because my best friends, Violet and Sissy were going to sleep over at my place. I loved these nights. Just us, girls watching films, listening to music and talk, talk, talk. Proudly that I didn't oversleep, I got out of my warm and soft bed and went downstairs to make my coffee. Without it, I was useless. The house was quiet. My job-obsessed father’s already gone to work, and my mom and 5 years old sister were still sleeping. After I had the hot liquid in my hands, I walked back up to do what I do every day: crawl back under the sheets, watch cartoons, log onto tumblr and twitter and drink my coffee. I took a nice flowery top and a pair of plain jeans out from my closet after I finally won the battle against my own laziness and climbed out of bed. Because of nature blessed me with not just an incredibly unbearable personality, but also an awkwardly sensitive skin, I couldn't use too much makeup. I only used mascara and lip-gloss. It had to be something very special to use more. After I curled my lashes and put the mascara up, I placed a pink flower to my long, brown, wavy hair. I picked my bag up, switched of the TV, and went to have something to help me stop the growling sound my stomach made. I made some cereal then got my black ballerina shoes and my black cardigan. I checked myself in the mirror and walked to the door, searching for my headphones to listen some of my favorite music, One Direction of course. When I arrived at the bus stop, I saw my best friend-in-the-past. Her name is Susan. We were best friends until high school. Now we hardly ever talk. When I saw her I smiled.

“Hey, Suzie!”

“Hi” she mumbled.

This happened every day. I was so sad, because I still loved her and wanted to be friends again. But she’s changed so much. She became friends with some bitchy girls and now…I always expected something, just a few sentences, but she never said anything to me, so I just went back to the music. A few minutes later, the bus arrived. I searched a seat at the back and stared out trough the window. Of course, Susan sat down next to someone else…

“Hey girls!”  I said when I saw my friends standing next to our lockers.

“Hey! So I hope you have the films”  

“Of course I have them.” I smiled. They loved our sleepover parties as much as I did.

“Let’s go!”- Violet said as the bell rang.

We got into the class and sat down. The school was boring, as usual, but during maths, Sissy and I had a laugh attack. It was really hard to hide from the teacher and it didn't help when Violet didn't understand what we were laughing at. After Sissy realized she totally missed the new chapter, she focused on the board. I was bored so I just let my imagination fly away. I was planning my day: 2 more lessons, lunch with the girls, work from 3-8 pm at the pet store, then wait for the girls, catch the bus and go home. They both lived in London, so we could go to my place together. 2 hours later, I was having lunch with Sissy.  

“They are so sweet.” I said, while we were looking at Violet and her boyfriend, Dan.  

“Why don’t we have a boyfriend Jenny?”

“I don’t know Sissy, but why don’t you go out with Chris? We both know that he’s in love with you.”

“But he’s so not my type.”

“Oh come on…Whatever I have to go, because I’m gonna be late. We’ll talk about it at night.”

“OK, bye!”  

Luckily, the school was in the middle of the town, so I didn't have to walk too much to the store. When I arrived, Kylee, the girl who worked before me, was packing. She was a really nice girl, we usually talked a lot.

When she saw me she waved and smiled: “Hey girl! How was your day?”

“Hi Kylee, boring. How are you?”

“I’m fine. Go get changed, cause I have to leave early today.”


I went to the staff’s room to get my uniform. It was a red shirt and a pair of white sneakers. I didn't mind work in it, because it was comfortable and I preferred my street clothes with the smell of my perfume, not with the smell of animals. I went out, said goodbye to Kylee and started to write my homework. I stared at my maths book and after 5 minutes, I gave up. I put them away and switched the radio on. In the store, there was a cat, a ragdoll I loved the most. I picked her out of its place and played with her every day. I've never understood why was she still without an owner, but at least I could treat her as my own. I walked back behind the counter with her, stroking her white, shiny fur. As I was playing with her, somebody walked in. I looked at the door and saw 2 boys confidently walking towards one of the corridors. I said hello, and they mumbled something as return.  

They seemed to know what they were looking for, so I just let them look around and stayed with my precious kitty. A few minutes later, one of them walked towards me. He was wearing a hooded jacket so I didn't see his face until he reached my desk.

“Excuse-me, could you please help me?”  

I looked up from the cat who was rubbing her head to my palms. When I looked at him, I couldn't believe what I saw. He took off the hoody, so I could see his perfect curls. The boy was staring at me, with a smile that made me melt. Then I finally found my voice:

“OMG You’re Harry Styles!!”

His smile became wider as he sad: “And you’re beautiful.”

It made me blush, so I looked down, trying to hide the huge grin on my face. I wanted to shout and jump,I was actually sitting in front of Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. 

“Are you a fan?”

“Yes.”I smiled at him.  

“Do you want me to sign something?”

“Um…yeah” I leaned down to get a paper from my bag, but then I realized I let the cat go. I quickly reached for her as she tried to run away.  

“Oh no sweetie, you’re not going anywhere.” My face dropped as I realized I’ was talking to an animal in front of Harry, so I looked at him, searching for any sign of weirdness but instead there was a huge grin on his face. Of course…he likes cats. I gave him a paper and a pen, and he signed it. His handwriting was jumbled, almost illegible but who cares? I actually got what I was dreaming about for months.

“Thanks! So how can I help you?”

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