"Sometimes the pain we feel is a sign. We dont always know what this sign is, but it tells us something. We cant always live i imagination. We cant always live in our fantasy world. We end up hurting even more. Imagination is killing me."

New town, new school, and vivid memories. Kimberly returns to her old town. Shes miserable. Memories , images, start popping in her head. Its telling her something. She doesn't know it...yet. The house she stays in echos voices at night, haunting her. And when shes alone, the house slowly shakes, and a feeling some how somewhere someone is out there, waiting for her, giving her signs. Kimberly meets old time friend George Ellis. But something about him, and everything going on isn't right. Kimberly remembers a thought about George. Isn't he suppose to be dead?


2. Nice To Meet You?

"Sometimes darkness and being alone is the best thing in the world." 

I finally got to the airport. It took about an hour to get there. The taxi driver was really disturbing. He had a huge pimple on his forehead. He had really yellow teeth and bad breath. Also, the most disturbing thing about the driver was that he had a terrible smell like he had been living in a sewer for the past 5 years. That doesn't matter anymore. I would be going somewhere far worst than him. The airport was pretty big. There were lots of English girls in here. Some of there accents are really unpleasant to hear. As for my mother, she had a beautiful accent. Since I moved to Alabama, my English accent didn't stay. But I refused to talk like the people in Alabama. I dont like their accents so much. 

I pulled my luggage to see when my plane would get here. I have to wait about 45 minutes. I decided to wander around. A guy with blonde hair and brown eyes bumped me in the head with his by accident. It hurt a a lot. "Son of a- watch were your going boy." I said holding my head. 

"Sorry miss, my apologies." the boy said. He was from England. His accent was beautiful. And, I know I dont really like to be around people but I couldn't say he was horrid looking, he was..I guess you can say a little stunning. 

"Just be careful. Im not in a good mood." I said with a sigh. I started walking away but the boy decided to walk with me. Wonderful. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. I really didn't feel pleasant today. I already miss grams a ton. "So, lovely young lady, I'm George." He said smiling. 

"Hi George." I said. I didn't even bother telling him my name. I saw his face. A bit confused why I wasn't being so nice. Well, let me just say, Im not the kind of girl people like to be around. Fine, I'll admit. Im pretty rude and mean. "And, your name would be?" George said.

"Oh god, why do you care? It's not like were going to see each other again."

He had a smirk on his face. "You never know. Where you headed to?"

"Ecore England." 

"Ah , Ecore. Beautiful place. Looks like where going to the same location little lady. So, your name would be?" 

I was a bit shocked. He was going so fast into everything like we were friends. To be honest, even though he is one of the best looking guys I've ever seen, I didn't want to be his friend. Nope. 

"Im Kimberly." I said sounding like I was being tortured. I went to take a seat. My stomach was grumbling so loud. I held my hands on my stomach and moaned. "Are you hungry?" he asked me.

"Maybe a little." I confessed. George got up and stuck his hand out. "Well then, lets go get some food then shall we?" George was being a real kind gentlemen. He reminded me of my first love. Although my first love wasn't as kind and charming as him. My stomach felt like it was going to eat itself, so I held his hand and we headed for a sandwich shop. My tongue started to water, I was so hungry. I went in line and looked in my pockets. Shoot. No cash. "Uhm George, I think I wont eat right now."

"How come?" 

"Well, I kinda have no cash.." 

"Dont worry I'll pay." he said. Well all righty then. My phone started to vibrate. It was grams. I answered it with a smile. "Grams, hi! Oh my god I miss you already." I said. And I really did. I always took care of her. I dont like being away from her. "Aw, I've missed you too my darling. Have you left for your flight yet?"

"No, not yet. Hows everything going so far?" I asked.

"Well...not that well actually." she said. My heart stopped for a second. My face became red. I saw George's facial expression. He was worrying to seeing my reaction . "What? Grams, are you okay? What happened?" 

"I had a heart attack darling. I was lucky Mrs. Denman was with me or, I might have been a goner." I almost started to cry. She was almost a goner. I started imagining worse things that can happen when I leave. What if no one is there the next time she has a heart attack? What will happen then? I started thinking of the worst, but then I realized, I needed to calm down. Grams is a strong lady. "Oh my god grams. Im glad your okay. Be careful next time okay? I want you to rest okay?" 

"Yes my dear. I thought I'd just let you know. Well , Im going to let you go know. Goodbye." then she hung up. I took a seat at one of the tables at the sandwich shop. George came bag with 2 foot long sandwiches. A small tear ran down my cheek. "Hey, Kimberly, are you okay?" he said wiping my eye. "Uhm, I would usually say yes and act like Im okay, but to be honest no, Im not okay. My grams just had a heart attack. She could have died. And know that Im leaving she will be all alone. What happens if something worse happens and no one is there for her?"

"Dont worry. Your grandmother will be all right. She's powerful and can work through anything. Just keep that in your head." he said. He gave me a hug. I dont really like it when people hug me, but I needed it right now. So I hugged him back even tighter. "Kimberly, may I sit with you on the plane?"

I smiled. It was an actual real smile. And that hasn't happened for a long time. "Sure."

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