"Sometimes the pain we feel is a sign. We dont always know what this sign is, but it tells us something. We cant always live i imagination. We cant always live in our fantasy world. We end up hurting even more. Imagination is killing me."

New town, new school, and vivid memories. Kimberly returns to her old town. Shes miserable. Memories , images, start popping in her head. Its telling her something. She doesn't know it...yet. The house she stays in echos voices at night, haunting her. And when shes alone, the house slowly shakes, and a feeling some how somewhere someone is out there, waiting for her, giving her signs. Kimberly meets old time friend George Ellis. But something about him, and everything going on isn't right. Kimberly remembers a thought about George. Isn't he suppose to be dead?


1. Change

"Fear is something people dont like to feel. People feel that fear, ruins them. But for me, fear is a beautiful and magical thing."

I've been living in this state, Alabama since I was 13. Im 17 now. Alot of things happened here. I met my first love. Found a friend. I hated it here. Thank god I'm moving. Although I dont know where, but wherever Im going , I know it cant be as worse as Alabama. Every place is filled with misery anyway. Wherever you find happiness, a huge chunk of torture will come into your life. I packed up my things. I didn't have much stuff because I didn't live with my parents. I lived with my grams. She was one of the few people I cared alot about. I love my grams so much, and to be leaving her breaks my heart. I carried my suit case out of my room. The evil old black cat walked up to me. I bend down to pet her. "Hello Misery." My grams got her especially for me. I named her Misery because she was all black and didn't do much. Like she was depressed. "Even though your really evil, and scratch my legs alot, Im going to miss you. Dont you give grams a hard time. She loves you and I know you love her." I gave the old kitty a kiss on the top of her head. I stood up and went into grams room. She was really old and weak. I was worried about her. When I leave, no one would be here for her. "Hey grams. I have my things. Im going to miss you and Misery alot to be honest." Grams smiled at me. She could barley get up so I just sat next to her on the bed. I gave her a big hug. "Oh Kimberly , darling, I love you so much my dear. I hope you know this." 

"I do. Grams, can you please tell me where Im going?" I sighed. 

"Oh, I guess so. Remember when you were just a little chap, and we lived in a very small town with a very small population? The place your going is where your mother grew up. I know you dont really fancy this town, but I know you remember this place." grams said. My eyes widened just a little bit. I knew exactly where she was talking about. "Im going back to Ecore, England?" I put my hands on my face and took a deep breath. I really did not enjoy it in England. Those stereo types you've heard about England being so boring and the people being horrible, I guess you can say its all true. 

"Oh darling, I know you dont like it there, but your mom needs you right now." grams said. 

"She doesn't need me! I'm a piece of trash in her eyes." I got up from the bed and ran my fingers through my hair. This is a big change in my life. 

"Oh sweet pea you know thats not true. Its not true at all." Grams tried saying with a smile.

"No, grams, its all true. If mom cared about me, she would not send me here to live with you! Okay, a girl needs her mom! I needed my mom, but I haven't seen her in 4 freaking years! But you know what, my mother, means nothing to me at all." I took a big breath. I slowly tried to calm myself down. I was now biting my nails. I must have put some stress on grams, and I dont want to leave her like this. 

"Darling, I know you feel that way now, but trust me, your mother may not be all rainbows and sunshine but she does love you. Your mother loves you. Now, I dont wanna keep your mother waiting. Its going to take a while to get you back to Ecore. I love you so much. Dont you forget your grams."

"I wont. I promise. I couldn't even forget you if I tried." I gave grams a tight hug, and then let her go so she can breathe. "Goodbye grams." I stepped out of room, walked downstairs and took a good luck at the house. I was going to miss this house, and grams. Just not this state. Misery came up to me and purred. "Bye kitty." I slowly turned the doorknob, and walked out. That was it. I would now be gone. Goodbye grams. Goodbye Misery. Goodbye to the only friend I had. Goodbye to my first love. Goodbye Alabama.

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