By Your Side

This is a poem about waiting, waiting for someone to love you. Its about waiting for the one you love to realize you are perfect for them, waiting for them to notice you, waiting for them to open their eyes.


1. Waiting

Every hour is another letdown, 

Because while I smile, you frown.

Each day is a painful reminder,

'Cause I know instead of me, you want her.

Each week I drown in pity,

Because next to her, I'm everything but pretty.

Every month I suffer this pain, 

Utter hopelessness washing over me like rain.

Now, years later, I still know its true, 

We would be perfect, I'm just right for you.

Yet your choices are still prejudiced,

Based on who's most popular and sluttiest.

So I just fall behind,

Hoping someday you'll come to me in line.

How patiently I've waited,

while all those other girls you've dated.

Still a'waiting my chance, my turn,

Hoping your heart I somehow earn.

Praying maybe you'll realize,

I'm the one meant to be by your side.

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